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Neighbours Episode 1708 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1708
Australian airdate: 24/06/92
UK airdate: 01/06/93
UK Gold: 19/05/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Bruce Richards: Maurice Marion
Receptionist: Rob Catterall
Waiter: Jeff Richards
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy hasn't heard anything from Phoebe's Trust Fund solicitor yet, she keeps being fobbed off. Phoebe and Todd tell Dorothy that they've decided that when they turn 18, they're going to get married. They also want to get a place of their own. Dorothy warns them against being *too* independent, she's happy to help out.
DOROTHY: Just don't rush into anything. Not until you've really thought things through.
Dorothy tells them that they'd better break the news about the baby to Jim and Helen soon.
Nudist colony
Lou is unpacking the car.
MADGE: I told you, Lou, I am not going to spend a single night under that roof!
LOU: Oh, come on, love, I'm sure you'll really like it!
MADGE: You lied to me!
LOU: Well, just a *little* bit, maybe.
MADGE: You said we were coming out here because of business!
LOU: We were! I mean, we *are*.
MADGE: Oh yeah, business(!) I know why *you're* here. To see the sights(!)
Lou insists that it's a personal invitation - his customer owns the place. He thinks that Madge must be just a little bit intrigued(!) Lou says they don't have to hang out in public areas, they can just stay privately together.
Madge finally staggers up to the nude receptionist (well, he does have shorts on) and turns her back. Lou signs in.
Lou's customer (Bruce) sees them and comes over to greet them. Madge shakes his hand behind her(!)
BRUCE: Now that we're here, we'll look forward to seeing a lot more of you!
Todd thinks he should have told Jim and Helen about the baby earlier. Todd thinks Helen will be OK, but that Jim will go mental. They resolve to go over after dinner.
Brad is pleased that his new board is going into production. Cameron and Gaby are hanging out. Doug comes out with Pam and says he has an announcement to make. He explains about the retirement village project - Barbara has withdraw her funding. Now they're in dire financial straits. He apologises to them all, saying things will be very, very tight. In the meantime, he'll try to rustle up some new building jobs. They all offer to help out financially too, after all they all live under the same roof.
Dorothy, Helen, Jim, Todd and Phoebe are all together.
JIM: Well, you've got our attention.
HELEN: Yes, won't someone tell us what this is all about?
JIM: Dorothy?
DOROTHY: It's not really for me to say.
HELEN: Todd?
TODD:(nervously) What we want to tell you is that..
PHOEBE: I'm pregnant.
JIM: What?
PHOEBE: I'm going to have a baby.
JIM: Holy Moses.
Jim puts his cup of tea down.
JIM:(to Dorothy) I was against this...liaison right from the start, you know!
DOROTHY: I'd say recriminations were a little pointless at this stage, Jim.
PHOEBE: We, we do love each other...
TODD: Yeah, we'll manage somehow.
JIM:(getting angry) How on *earth* do you think you're going to support a child? Do you have any idea what sort of commitment that requires?
PHOEBE: I've applied to have some of my Trust money released.
DOROTHY: We should hear back about that shortly.
JIM: You already knew about this?
DOROTHY: Yes, but not for very long.
JIM: It's crazy, having a baby at your age. Absolute madness.
TODD: Yeah, well, there's not much we can do about it now, is there?
JIM: Of *course* there is! There are other options, you know. And I think you should both give them some serious consideration.
Nudist colony
Lou is stripping off(!)
MADGE: Dorothy was right. A great place to "hang out"(!)
LOU: She's a card, the old Dorothy!
Madge wishes Dorothy had warned her. Lou tells Madge to come to the "Getting To know you party" tonight, but she refuses.
LOU: There are other activities, you know. Look at this (he looks at a leaflet)...bush- walking, murder nights!
MADGE: Oh, yeah, and I know just who I'd like to start with(!)
LOU: Old time dancing, disco!
MADGE: Are you out of your mind? Can you see both of us, starkers, trying to do the limbo?!
LOU: Ah...yeah. The limbo might be going a bit too far.
MADGE: At least we agree on something!
Madge tells Lou she's going home. He accuses her of being a party pooper.
MADGE: I am not walking out that door without my clothes on!
LOU: You really should let your hair down, Madge! You don't know what you're missing!
He shakes his bits at her. Yuk.
MADGE: If that's the best that's on offer, I'm not missing much, am I(!)
JIM: I'm not saying it's definitely the way to go, I'm just saying it should be considered. For everyone's sake.
Just then, Lucy comes in. She senses the serious tone.
LUCY: OK, what is it? What's going on? Something's up.
TODD: Phoebe and I are going to have a baby.
JIM: And I'm saying they shouldn't rush into anything without considering all the options.
TODD: He thinks we should get rid of it.
JIM: Well, maybe I'm the only one being realistic here!
DOROTHY: Jim, it's Phoebe's body, it's her choice.
PHOEBE: And it's Todd's choice too.
DOROTHY: Of course.
JIM:(to Dorothy) I know you. You're just looking forward to playing the doting grandmother.
DOROTHY: I thought you knew me better than that!
HELEN: I think we should stop this discussion right here. If we can't discuss this calmly and rationally, we should wait until we can.
DOROTHY: It's an emotional subject, Helen, it always will be.
LUCY: I'd hate to be a mother at your age, Phoebe. Sorry, that's just the way I feel about it. (To Jim) But she should be allowed to make her own decisions without being hassled by everyone else.
TODD: And you wonder why we took so long to tell you. Come on, we don't have to listen to any more of this.
He takes Phoebe by the hand and they walk out.
DOROTHY: *Now* are you satisfied?!
JIM: I'm sorry, Dorothy, but Todd is like a son to me. I only have his best interests at heart.
Nudist colony
Madge is lying on the bed when there's a knock at the door. Apparently Lou has sent Madge some room service. The only problem is, the waiter is naked(!)
MADGE: Just leave it there!
Todd and Phoebe come in.
TODD: Let's face it, Uncle Jim's reaction was pretty much what we were expecting, anyway.
PHOEBE: I know.
TODD: Hey, remember what you said before we went over? We won't let them talk us out of what we want to do.
PHOEBE: Going it alone might not be as easy as we thought.
TODD: Uncle Jim's not going to let up on us now. We'll get a place of our own, then you'll feel better, I know you will.
PHOEBE: Maybe.
TODD: What's the matter?
PHOEBE: I'd feel awful about leaving Mim. She's done so much for me already. Maybe we should ask her if you can move in here too?
TODD: Well, I reckon we just forget all about the olds and start looking after ourselves.
PHOEBE: Maybe you're right. I love you.
TODD: I love you too. And to hell with the rest of them.
No.28, the following morning
Brad and Lucy are discussing Phoebe's pregnancy. They both think Phoebe is too young.
Paul comes round and Doug tells him that the retirement village project has fallen through. He's called Paul over to discuss the money. He asks for some extra time to repay the loan. Doug is not happy.
Nudist colony
Madge has ventured out to the lounge, but still fully clothed. She is hiding behind a magazine to avoid seeing the naked people.
Lou has a chat with his customer and then goes over to Madge and teases her a bit.
LOU: I'm going to have a shower. Want to join me?
MADGE:(firmly) No.
LOU: OK, suit yourself!
Madge gets up - it turns out she has packed her suitcase and has called a taxi to take her home. Lou protests.
LOU: But Bruce is waiting for you to join us! I had to tell him you weren't well!
MADGE: I'm *not* well! In fact, I feel quite sick after looking at so much naked flesh!
LOU: Madge, you are a prude!
MADGE: If God had meant us to walk around naked, he wouldn't have invented clothes!
Lou begs her to stay until his customer has signed and then he'll drive her home.
LOU: You have to stay!
MADGE: I don't *have* to do anything!
LOU: Alright, *please* stay! let's try and make an impression on him.
LOU: This deal means everything to me, Madge!
MADGE: Funny...I can remember you saying that about me!
LOU: You are impossible!
LOU: What can I say to make you change your mind?
MADGE: Nothing. You've said quite enough already.
Pam has come to have a word with Phoebe. Todd is there too.
PAM: I've just wanted to let you know, if there's anything I can do to help...
PAM: Yes...Lucy told me about...your news.
TODD: She had no right to go around blabbing it to everyone.
PHOEBE: It's OK. I don't really care who knows now.
Pam gives her the number of a counsellor.
TODD: Well, we've already made up our minds what we want to do.
PHOEBE: But...thanks, Mrs Willis.
She assures Phoebe that the counsellor won't pressure her, she's just there to advice and prepare Phoebe. Dorothy thinks it's a very good suggestion. Todd tells Pam that they are going to get a place of their own with Phoebe's trust money.
Phoebe thanks Dorothy for everything she's done for her.
PHOEBE: And, thank you too, Mim. I don't know how I would have survived after Dad died if it hadn't been for you. But it's time to make my own way.
DOROTHY: I understand.
Madge storms in, slamming the door in Lou's face(!) He opens again himself, in a bad mood.
LOU: So much for getting away from it all!
MADGE: You shouldn't have tricked me into going there in the first place!
LOU: And if I'd told you it was a nudist colony?
MADGE: I wouldn't have gone!
LOU: Exactly! And I'm sure you would have enjoyed yourself if you'd just given it half a chance!
MADGE: I doubt it.
Lou isn't sure what will happen about the car deal now.
LOU: The best deal of my life, ruined, thanks to you!
Cameron tells Pam and Doug that he wants to pay them some extra board money. He likes living with them, but he'll have to move out eventually because he really needs a home office now. Doug says they'll manage if Cameron wants to move out.
Paul pops round He has been speaking to the developer and they've agreed that the Robinson Cooperation is going to come in as a major investor - replacing Barbara Weir. Therefore, Doug is back in business. Pam and Doug hug in delight.
JIM: How on earth do they think they're going to manage?
HELEN: You forget that I was little more than their age when Ann was born.
JIM: Yeah, but things were different then.
HELEN: Back in the dark ages.
JIM: You know what I mean.
HELEN: We'll just have to accept the situation, Jim, and try and help them as best we can.
JIM: First there was Beth wanting to marry a guy old enough to be her father, and now this.
LUCY: Do you know what your trouble is, Dad?
JIM: No, but I have an uneasy feeling you're about to tell me!
LUCY: Wow, you must be psychic!
JIM: So? Enlighten me.
LUCY: You're always taking the weight of the world on your shoulders.
JIM: That's not true.
HELEN: She's not far off the mark.
LUCY: I know that you love Todd like he's one of us. And I understand why you're so concerned. But the fact is, Annette and Bob are Todd's real parents. The kid'll be their grandchild, not yours.
JIM: It still doesn't stop me worrying about what Todd's doing with his life.
HELEN: Jim, it's commendable that you're worried, there'd be something wrong if you weren't, but you have to learn to let go.
Jim says he'd better ring Annette, but Helen and Lucy advise him to leave it to Todd.
Todd has been looking through the paper again, but there's not much in it. Todd says it's just as well they have Phoebe's Trust Fund to fall back on.
Dorothy comes in. She's been to the solicitor's and she's afraid she has bad news. The company Phoebe's father invested in has collapsed. The money has gone.
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