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Neighbours Episode 1707 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1707
Australian airdate: 23/06/92
UK airdate: 31/05/93
UK Gold: 18/05/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Ross Weir: Che Broadbent
Boof: Stephen Hall
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Building Site
Marco and Rick are waiting for Boof. Toby arrives and insists he wants to help.
Doug has rung his contact, but apparently Barbara is in charge. Doug has spent all Paul's money, so he's in a real hole now.
PAM: Remind me to give you a good throttle one of these days, Doug Willis! After we get out of the poorhouse!
Doug looks very fed up. Pam says they'd better put their heads together and come up with a way to handle this.
DOUG: Thanks, sweetheart. I don't deserve you.
PAM: No, you don't(!)
Lou tells Madge that Marco has given him a cheque for his share of the profits from the bank robbery car. Madge says she'll bank the cheque in the morning, but Lou suggests a holiday instead. Madge says it sounds wonderful. There's just one catch, it's a health resort.
MADGE: The full back to nature thing you mean?
LOU: Er, yes, completely back to nature. You've described it perfectly!
MADGE:(pleased) That sounds blissful. And Lou, I am very proud of you for starting to take your health so seriously.
Lou says they can leave tomorrow - he's got cover at the car yard. Apparently it's called the "Verity Valley Health Resort" that a customer owns. Madge says she hopes Lou won't spend the whole holiday schmoozing the customer.
Dorothy pops around looking for Toby. Madge says she saw him earlier with Rick and Cameron's bike. Dorothy thinks something is going on - Toby has been acting very strangely.
Building Site
Rick and Toby are waiting for Boof with the bike, pretending to look scared. Rick insists they have to have Bouncer (who is barking) back before they give him the keys. Boof goes over to the hut and Marco pushes him in and locks the door. Inside, the barking dog is an alsatian!
MARCO: Got him!
The alsatian is actually tied to a length of rope, and Rick releases it a bit, bringing the dog nearer to Boof. Marco says Boof had better sign the confession they've written out.
Pam and Doug tell Dorothy that Toby was acting strangely at their house earlier too. Jill is there - she's had a phonecall from Ross who wants to meet her tomorrow before school.
Jill thanks them both for helping her, and hopes that there's some way she can repay them someday.
JILL: A chance meeting in the Coffee Shop, and all my problems are solved.
When Jill has gone, Doug says they'll just have to wear the financial loss, they can't be blackmailed by Barbara.
Pam hugs him and says sometimes she doesn't deserve him either.
Boof still hasn't signed the confession, saying he'll go back to jail. Eventually he signs it though, and pushes it under the door. They laugh that his real name is on it. Rick goes off to call the police.
Marco, Rick and Toby are home, explaining to Madge and Dorothy. Toby insists that he went along of his own accord. Dorothy says that anything could have happened and they were very foolhardly. Marco says at least it worked. Dorothy says they'd better apologise to the Willises and Cameron about his bike first thing in the morning.
Rick and Toby have apologised to Pam and Doug. They accept their apology, and Pam and Doug also apologise to Rick for thinking he was the thief. He accepts their apology too.
As they leave, Ross comes in.
JILL: Ross, darling...
ROSS: I want you to leave Grandman alone. I'm sick of you picking on her and stirring up trouble. You just can't stop hurting people and it's not fair!
DOUG: Now, wait on, Ross.
ROSS: First you made my father go away. Now you're giving Grandma a hard time too. Why can't you just leave us alone?!
JILL: But Ross...
DOUG: You don't know what you're talking about, mate.
ROSS: I do, so!
DOUG: Show him the letter, Jill. It's the only thing that will knock some sense into him.
ROSS: What letter?
JILL: No, it's nothing.
DOUG: Yes, it is.
ROSS: What letter are you talking about?
DOUG: It's from your father. And I suggest you read it before you say another word against your mum.
ROSS:(to Jill) So now you're hiding Dad's letter from me. You're doing everything you can to break up the family!
JILL: Look, it's not true. Ross, the letter was addressed to me, not you.
PAM: Let him read it, Jill. Have you got it here? (Jill nods) It's the only way.
Jill gets the letter out of her bag and hands it to Ross, who snatches it and runs outside with it.
DOUG: I'm sorry, Jill. But he's got to know the truth one day, and it's high time.
JILL: How's it going to affect him?
Madge has packed her case and is all ready to go. Lou decides to pop down to the car yard. Lou hasn't packed very much, in fact his bag is only half- full.
MADGE: You're going to need more clothes than that!
LOU: Madge, believe me, my love, we are not going to need very many clothes!
Outside No.28
Ross has read the letter. Toby sits with him. Ross says that he's always thought of his dad as a hero, but the letter shows what he's really like.
TOBY: Maybe he didn't mean it.
ROSS: Read it! He hates me. He says I'm a rotten little brat.
TOBY: Then he's got it all wrong, hasn't he?
ROSS: I just can't believe this. My old man hates me. He hates me, Toby.
TOBY: Didn't your Grandma say he was going to come and get you soon?
ROSS: She lied! She's lied about everything. Dad didn't leave because of my mum. I reckon it was because of me. He's never going to come back.
TOBY: Then you're wrong about your Mum, huh?
ROSS: How could Dad and Grandma *do* this to me?!
Jill is fretting about the letter's contents. Pam says at least Ross will know the truth. Doug agrees - having raised four kids, honest and openness is the only way to go. Jill wonders how Ross will react, and also how Barbara will react.
Ross comes in, crying.
ROSS: Mum?
JILL: Ross.
ROSS: I'm really sorry.
They hug.
JILL: Shhh, it's alright, everything's alright now.
Dorothy sits Toby down for a chat. She tells him he agreed that he'd come to her with any problems. He says that he was scared that Boof would hurt Bouncer. Also, he was too embarrassed to tell Dorothy. He promises it won't happen again, and he'll share his problems in the future.
Toby says he can't wait for Phoebe's baby to come. He'll be like an uncle! Dorothy says Phoebe will need all their support.
Lou and Madge drop in to say goodbye - they're off to Verity Valley.
DOROTHY: Verity Valley? I didn't know you were into that sort of lifestyle, Madge!
MADGE: What, health foods and relaxation, you bet I am! Do you know the place?
DOROTHY: I know *about* it, Winnie's been there a couple of times to er...dry out.
LOU: Well, we'd better hit the road, then.
DOROTHY: So you haven't seen any brochures on the place, Madge?
MADGE: No. The first I heard about it was when Lou suggested a surprise holiday.
DOROTHY: I love surprises, don't you?
MADGE: Oh, it'll be lovely just to do something different. I can't wait.
DOROTHY: Well from what I've heard, it's a great place to hang out, isn't it, Lou.
LOU: Oh, yes, yes!
Madge tells Toby to behave himself and says she'll apologise to Rick when she gets back.
Jill tells Ross that his father does love him in his own way. The first few years of Ross's life were OK, but their relationship break down for all sorts of reasons. His grandmother loves him too.
ROSS: I was thinking...can I move back with you?
JILL: Of course you can! We've got a lot of catching up to do.
ROSS: I'd like to start again.
JILL: So would I. We'd better pay a visit to your grandmother first.
ROSS: And collect all my stuff? Can we do it straightaway?
JILL: Of course.
Jill thanks Pam and Doug profusely. They tell her to keep in touch.
When Jill and Ross have gone, Pam says at least Jill has a happy ending, but Doug's business is finished.
Coffee Shop
Marco and Rick are celebrating Boof's downfall with a milkshake. Rick hopes everyone will stop thinking he's a thief now. Toby comes in and thanks Rick and Marco for helping him. Apparently the dog is called Fang (he belongs to Marco's mate who's a security guard)
On the road
Madge tells Lou that she's really looking forward to their holiday. They finally arrive and Madge recoils in horror.
MADGE: Lou! Lou, it's a nudist camp!
LOU: So? It doesn't bother you, does it?
MADGE: Bother me?! How could you?! I'm not going to spend my holiday starkers in front of a whole lot of strangers!
LOU: Well, it's too late now, love. We're here!
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