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Neighbours Episode 1706 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1706
Australian airdate: 22/06/92
UK airdate: 28/05/93
UK Gold: 17/05/99
Writer: Christine Madafferi
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Rod Baker: Chris Lloyds
Barbara Weir: Wynne Pullman
Boof: Stephen Hall
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Boof warns Rick and Toby not to say anything. It's worked out quite well for him - now he has two people working for him!
A house
Rick tells Boof he won't be taking order from him, but Toby begs him to comply so that Bouncer won't be hurt. Boof laughs and says he wants them to steal Cameron's bike for him. They protest that they can't drive, but Boof just says they'll have to push it! He'll meet them tomorrow evening at 6.30pm and swap the motorbike for Bouncer - maybe.
Jim is worried that he's alienated Beth. Lucy says if she moves in with Rod, it might not be such a bad thing so that they can test their relationship before getting married. Just then, Beth comes in looking upset and walks through without a word.
JIM: Beth? Are you alright?
BETH: As if *you* care.
She stalks off to her room.
Coffee Shop
Madge is helping Marco clean up. She tells him that the Coffee Shop figures are looking really good. Toby comes in and Madge offers him a lift home, but he says he's hanging out with Rick.
When Madge has gone, Rick and Toby enlist Marco's help. They explain about Boof and Marco suggests going to the police. However, they don't think that will work. They sit down to formulate a strategy.
Pam is not impressed that Doug has committed himself to Paul for such a large amount. Doug says it's fine - he's got a verbal agreement from good companies. Pam says that Doug shouldn't buy materials until he's signed the contract. Also, what about Beth? He says he'll consider her if he has any work.
Just then, Jill pops round. She's been to Cameron's office about the custody case - she's going to make a last- ditch offer to talk to Barbara. She doesn't think it will work though.
Beth's bedroom
Beth tells Lucy that she freaked out about sleeping with Rod because of the previous incident with her mother's boyfriend.
BETH: Why can't I let it go? What's wrong with me?!
LUCY: Nothing! I mean, you've just got to give yourself more time, that's all. With the right guy, it'll be fine!
BETH: Rod *is* the right guy! I mean, he's been so patient! How long can I expect him to put up with a weirdo like me?
LUCY: You're not a weirdo! I mean, it'd be strange not to have a few hang- ups about sex after what happened to you.
BETH: What if I never get over it? Lucy, I'm scared! What if I'm never able to have a normal relationship?
LUCY: I just think that you need more time to heal, that's all. I know I'd still be nervous about sex if that had happened to me. Have you told Rod what's happened?
BETH: No. It's too embarrassing. And I thought that once I'd married him, I'd be alright. That everything would just fall into place.
LUCY: And what if it doesn't? Beth, you just can't count on a ring and a wedding certificate to automatically change the way you feel about sleeping with someone.
BETH: What am I going to do?
LUCY: Talk to Rod. Tell him what happened. Tell him why you're so scared. Tell him you just need time to sort yourself out before committing to him.
BETH: That could take forever. What if he doesn't want to wait around for me?
LUCY: If he loves you, he'll wait.
Coffee Shop
Marco is apparently working on the first part of the plan. Toby says Dorothy keeps asking where Bouncer is. Rick assures Toby that Bouncer is OK - he's Boof's only leverage, so he won't hurt him.
Building Site
Boof is walking through the building site and Marco is following him. From a distance, he sees Boof going into a hut. He feeds Bouncer and then goes. Bouncer just whines.
When he's gone, Marco resuces Bouncer. Boof hears Bouncer barking but doesn't go back.
BOOF: Stupid mutt. No- one can hear you anyway!
Meanwhile, Marco makes a fuss of Bouncer and says they're going to teach Boof a lesson theyll never forget.
Beth's bedroom
Jim tells Beth that Rod has come to see her. She asks Jim to tell him that she'll see him later. She tells Lucy that she's not ready to talk about it yet. Lucy and Helen have a theory about Beth's fear of men. She just wants a guy who will make her feel safe and protected. But deep down she doesn't want the sex part as well. Maybe she's looking for a father, rather than a husband.
Jill and Barbara are meeting at Barbara's house. Barbara is very hostile and says she won't hand Ross back. Jill accuses Barbara of turning Ross against her and runs out, upset.
PAM: You spiteful old bully! How low are you prepared to go? You know damn well you have no legal claim on Ross! So why do you want to put everyone through the trauma of a custody case you know you can't possibly win?!
BARBARA: You haven't figured it out yet, have you dear? I very rarely lose anything. Ever.
Marco has brought Bouncer back, much to the delight of Rick and Toby. Marco has a plan - Rick is going to take the bike to the meeting spot and they'll go from there. Marco says Toby can't be involved though, it's too risky.
Jill is thanking Pam and Doug for their support. Pam thinks Barbara is truly evil - the mother- in- law from hell. Pam can't think why Barbara seems to think she can get custody.
Toby comes round looking for Cameron. Apparently he's out playing squash with Paul. He asks if he can use their bathroom(!)
While he's in there, Doug tells Pam and Jill that the job materials are ready to go, and he's signing the contract this evening. Doug says it's a once in a lifetime deal.
Rod has come to see Beth. She tells him she's suddenly got scared. He encourages her to talk to him, but she says she has to work things out alone.
ROD: This problem you need to work through, is it about marrying me?
BETH: Yes. I'm not so sure about us anymore.
ROD: Jim told me what happened with your mum's boyfriend. If you're scared of making love, you know I'll wait. And I'll do anything I can to help you through it.
BETH: It's not just the physical side of things that's worrying me now. There's a lot of other stuff I have to work out.
ROD: Beth, I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. Don't throw this away.
BETH: And I love you, too. But I need some space. I have to be sure that that when I get married it's for the *right* reasons.
ROD: But we'd already decided to get married for the *only* right reason - we love each other.
BETH: Rod, please! I need some time alone. Don't make this any harder.
Rod sighs and starts to head off.
ROD: Just remember I love you. And I always will.
When he's gone, Beth starts to cry. Jim comes in from the kitchen and comforts her with a hug.
BETH: I've made such a mess of things!
JIM: That sounds like my theme song!
BETH: I love him so much. I *know* this is hurting him. What should I do?
JIM: I'm a bit worried about answering that, Beth. Every time I've tried to advise you, or influence you, you've resented it.
BETH: That's because I didn't want advice. But I do now.
JIM: Quite sure?
BETH: Positive.
JIM: You won't yell at me, or move out?
BETH: Promise. I know now you were just trying to protect me.
JIM: The best advice I can give you is to follow *your* instincts. Whatever's the loudest message you hear inside is the right one.
BETH: Then that's what I'll do. Thanks, Mr Robinson.
Ramsay Street
Toby has managed to sneak into Cameron's room and pinch the keys for his bike. Madge comes along and Rick tells her that Cameron has asked him to wheel it to the service station for him. Madge is suspicious, but Toby backs up his story.
Madge quietly tells Toby that she doesn't like him hanging around with Rick - he could very well be the Ramsay Street Thief. Toby is offended and insists that Rick is a good mate. Madge suggests that Toby goes home to do his homework. Rick is wheeling the bike down Ramsay Street, and Toby follows him at a distance.
Doug and Pam are dressed up to meet the important client. Unexpectedly, Barbara drops around. But it turns out, that Barbara *is* the contact for the retirement village deal.
DOUG: Man, tell me I'm having a horrible nightmare.
PAM: Well, if you are, I'm having exactly the same one!
Barbara hands Doug the contract, saying there are a few extra minor conditions. Namely, she wants Doug to get Cameron to drop Jill's custody case for Ross. She insists that Ross is far better off with her. Pam says that she can't do that. Barbara says she's the major investor in the retirement village, so they'd better think it over carefully. She walks out.
PAM: She wants us to ruin Jill's life!
DOUG: Or ruin ours...
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