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Neighbours Episode 1705 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1705
Australian airdate: 19/06/92
UK airdate: 27/05/93
UK Gold: 14/05/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Rod Baker: Chris Lloyds
Boof: Stephen Hall
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Rick is not best pleased at Toby confessing that he's stolen his jacket, but Toby explains that he did it to take the heat off Rick being accused of being a thief. He doesn't tell him about the other thefts.
Car yard
Lou is not happy about the car being sold for $15,000. He tells Marco that he'll take the car back and auction it again later. Marco insists he can afford it and confesses that he's re- sold it for $18,000 to the other bidder. Lou is apoplectic with rage but Madge tells him to calm down. Lou says he'll just refuses to let the car go, but Madge tells him he can't go against an auction.
Phoebe asks when Bob's court case is coming up. Todd says he doesn't know yet.
PHOEBE: Are you sure you want to go through with this? I mean, it's a huge responsibility.
TODD: Nobody could put me off. Not even you.
TODD: No, we're going to see this thing through together. No matter what anyone says.
Madge thinks that Marco has been very enterprising(!) Lou is still miffed.
Jim pops round to see how the auction went. Madge explains what happened. Jim says he thinks the thief has had a day off today. He warns them to look out for Rick Alessi (poor Rick). They talk about Beth and Madge thinks Rod is too old for her - she should go out with Marco instead.
No.26 (Beth's bedroom)
Beth and Rod are chatting. Beth tells him that Jim wants to be friends with him. Beth tells him that she's got a job as a builder's labourer. Rod says he'd better start seriously looing for a business in Erinsborough - and somewhere for he and Beth to live.
Phoebe and Todd are going through some baby names. Phoebe suggests Marmaduke or Peregrine(!) Toby comes in. Phoebe asks him if he can keep a secret - only Mim and Paul know so far.
PHOEBE: I'm having a baby.
TOBY:(pleased) No kidding?! You mean, you and Todd...(winks)
TODD:(laughs) Yes!
TOBY: Oh, wow!
PHOEBE: Big, huh?
TOBY: Yeah, I reckon! When's it coming?
TODD: Oh, not for a while yet.
TOBY: Hey, that will sort of make me an uncle, won't it?!
PHOEBE: Yeah, it will!
TOBY: Wait till I tell - ...(remembers)...sorry.
PHOEBE: You're not going to say anything?
TOBY: No, I can keep a secret, don't worry. Oh, and I can help a lot, too. I've had heaps of experience with Sky. She's growing older now, so, be good to have another baby around the house.
He starts to head off, but then asks if they know where Bouncer is. Phoebe says she let him out about an hour ago. Toby panics and goes off to look for Bouncer.
Coffee Shop
Lou is trying to persuade Marco to split the $3,000 profit, or he might have a word with Benito about it. Madge comes in and send Lou off. When he's gone, Madge tips Marco off that Beth wouldn't be upset if he made a play for her (Er, what? Bad Madge)
Beth comes in with Rod and Marco goes over the top trying to be cheerful(!)
At a table, Gaby asks Beth if she'll be home at lunch time, so she can bring over some wedding stuff.
Todd tells Phoebe that he's decided not to finish Year 12. He wants to get a job to support Phoebe and the baby. Phoebe says he doesn't need too as she has money from her Trust Fund, but he says that money belongs to her and the baby. He wants to contribute too, and a job's the only way.
TODD: Like I said, we're going to stick together. You know, we should even think about getting married at some stage.
PHOEBE: Married? But is that such a good idea?
TODD: Well, I know most marriages don't work out these days, but...we both come from broken homes, we could probably make it work.
PHOEBE: Well, Mr and Mrs Willis are happy...
TODD: Yeah, they sure are.
PHOEBE: So, herefore it must be possible to have a happy marriage.
TODD: I guess it must be...if you love each other enough.
They kiss.
Gaby is fitting a wedding veil to Beth, much to Jim's displeasure. Toby has popped round looking for Bouncer, but nobody has seen him. He's been looking all morning instead of going to school.
In the kitchen, Rod is reading a magazine. Jim sits down with him and apologises for not being very welcoming. Rod thanks Jim for being friendly, but Jim says he still can't give Beth and Rod his blessing. Anyway, he doesn't think the courts will allow it. Rod thinks Jim's deal with Beth was therefore dishonest. He heads back to the hotel, disgusted.
Car yard
Marco tells Lou that he's going to cut him in on the deal after all, he was only winding him up before!
Toby comes along, frantically looking for Bouncer. Madge says she's taking him to school and she'll continue to look.
Beth is trying on a wedding dress now. Jim tells her she should wait until after the court has made its decision. Beth says it's just a formality, but Jim confesses that he's known all along that it's unlikely they'll grant permission. Beth isn't happy with him, and says she'll just go and live with Rod until she's old enough if it comes to it.
Todd has been out to buy Phoebe a present and she's trying to guess what it is. Eventually Todd produces a ring. He kneels down and puts it on her finger.
TODD: The reason I had to buy you something was...because I want to marry you.
PHOEBE: Todd...
TODD: Not as good as I'dve liked.
PHOEBE: It's gorgeous! But are you absolutely sure?
TODD: Yeah. Got things round the wrong way a little bit. Guess I should have asked you to marry me even before you got pregnant. Nobody's perfect, right? I don't know where we're going to live, though.
PHOEBE: Well, Mim says you can stay here any time.
TODD: She's pretty cool, isn't she?
PHOEBE: Yeah, she is.
TODD: Well...I'm going to have to tell Uncle Jim and Helen. Mum's probably going to have another nervous breakdown(!) It's Uncle Jim that really worries me.
PHOEBE: You don't have to tell them yet. Let's enjoy this before the olds spoil it for us.
They kiss, then hug, happily.
Gaby tells Jim that Beth isn't his responsibility, and even Beth's mother doesn't mind. Jim thinks Beth is after a father figure, not a husband. He's worried about Beth moving in with Rod just to spite him. Gaby says that Beth will calm down.
He offers Gaby a lift back to Lassiter's.
Coffee Shop
Madge comes in. She's been walking around looking for Bouncer, but there's no sign of him.
Gaby and Jim come in. Jim has decided to be positive from now on - positive that he's going to knock some sense into Beth(!)
Rod's Hotel Room
Beth is crying and saying that Jim is trying to ruin her life. She tells Rod that she wants to move in with him - she can't stand being away from him any longer. Rod says she can move in as soon as she likes.
A road
Toby is walking home from school looking for Bouncer. Rick comes along and Toby mutters something about some hurting Bouncer. Rick drags it out of him.
TOBY: There's this guy called Boof. I caught him stealing the WorldVision money from the Coffee Shop. He said if I told anyone, he'd hurt Bouncer. Then he got me to steal money and stuff for him...and if I didn't, he'd feed Bouncer poison.
RICK: So, you *are* the thief?
Rick says he'd better help Toby sort out this Boof character.
Rod's Hotel Room
Beth has calmed down a bit now and says they should get another room for her, but Rod says there's not much point them living together if they do that.
ROD: Relax, sweetheart. I want this to be perfect.
BETH: Me, too.
He kisses her, and lays her down on the bed, but suddenly Beth jumps up.
ROD: What's the matter?
BETH: I can't...I just can't.
She rushed out of the room and slams the door, leaving Rod looking very confused.
Boof's house
Toby and Rick are looking through Boof's gate, trying to spot Bouncer. Boof himself comes out. He tells Rick aggressively that he'd better stay out of it. If they tell anyone else, they've both had it, and Bouncer too. Now he has two guys working for him!
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