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Neighbours Episode 1704 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1704
Australian airdate: 18/06/92
UK airdate: 26/05/93
UK Gold: 13/05/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Ross Weir: Che Broadbent
Tom Walsh: Donald Hirst
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
There is a picture of the stolen car (returned yesterday) in the paper. Lou is very pleased, saying it's excellent publicity, so he's off the car yard. Madge isn't impressed, as Lou promised they could spent the day together. Lou says he's had an idea how they can do both!
MADGE: Why has my blood suddenly run cold?!
Coffee Shop
Marco tells Rick that he should have just told everyone he wasn't a thief, but Rick is still very offended. Marco says he can see why they jumped to the conclusion they did, even if it was the wrong one.
Toby comes in with Bouncer and Marco asks him not to bring him in the shop when other customers are about.
Rick and Marco talk about proving Rick's innocence over the thefts. Toby looks very guilty.
Beth tells Jim that she and Rod want to get married as soon as possible.
JIM: Well, I guess Rod feels he hasn't got too much time to waste(!)
He smirks and Beth scowls. Jim tells her that people will always allude to the age difference between her and Rod, and he thinks it's going to be a bigger problem than Beth realises. Beth says she wants to stay in Erinsborough after they're married - providing the court give her a marriage licence.
Ross comes round to see Toby. He shows him a boat he's making and asks if he has any tools. Toby suggests asking Doug.
Coffee Shop
Beth comes in and orders a cappuccino. She is in a bad mood and says Marco could be a bit more friendly to Rod. Marco says he doesn't like him(!). Beth says it's little wonder that Rod wants to live in Queensland. Marco says that Beth needs the support of her friends in Erinborough, and he'll try to get on with Rod better.
Suddenly Rick exclaims that his jacket has been stolen. Marco says it might be the best thing that's happened!
Lou insists that they have to cash in on the publicity down at the car yard. Madge says she isn't dressing up, so Lou mischievously suggests that he could give Narelle a call(!)
MADGE: Lou, there is no way in the world you are going to talk me into this! No way!
Ross and Toby comes round. They ask Doug about tools, and he says Brad's tools are probably more suitable - they can ask him later. They talk about putting a motor in the boat and head off to Lassiter's to try it out on the lake. Doug is even more enthusiastic than Toby and Ross are!
When they've gone, Pam gets on the phone to someone.
Car yard
Lou and Madge are dressed up as Bonnie and Clyde. He's showing off the car to some punters and trying to sell it. Apparently it's going to auction this afternoon.
Coffee Shop
Marco has called Jim in. He tells him, as the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator, that Rick's jacket has been stolen. He thinks it might be the same thief. Jim says it doesn't prove that Rick is the thief - it's very convenient that something of his has gone missing.
RICK: You won't give me a fair go, will you?! You think I'm guilty, and that's it.
Marco insists that Rick isn't the thief and Jim insists that no- one is making any accusations. (Er, really?!)
Pam has called Jill round so she can see Ross when he comes back from the lake. Jill doesn't know what to do because Ross's grandmother has poisoned him against her.
Ross comes in and is very hostile towards Jill.
JILL: You know I love you, very much.
ROSS: No, you don't! You just want to take me away from Grandma!
JILL: Ross, I'm your *mother*! We should be...
ROSS: I don't want to live with you! You made Dad go away!
PAM: Ross, your mother's only trying to...
ROSS: Why don't you leave me alone?!
JILL: Ross, please...
Car yard
Madge is getting into her Bonnie and Clyde role.
MAN: Excuse me, aren't you Councillor Bishop?
MADGE:(heavily accented) I was, I'm not on de Council no more!
Jim comes along and admires her work(!) Marco arrives - apparently Lou has rung him to come over. Madge is concerned that Marco has left Rick alone in the shop. Marco rolls his eyes and tells her that Rick isn't a thief. Jim overhears and again says that there's a lot of evidence against Rick.
Lou comes over and asks Marco to help him in the bidding for the car - he wants him to be a dummy bidder. He'll scratch his nose if he wants Marco to bid, and if he thinks it's as high as it goes, he'll scratch the back of his head. But Marco quickly forgets these directions.
Jill isn't sure what to do about Ross. She's worried that his grandmother is rich and she can't compete. But Pam says money isn't important, and Doug warns her that she has to get Ross away from her mother- in- law because she's poisoning his mind. Jill vows to do whatever it takes.
Beth pops round to see Doug to ask if there's any chance he could hire her as a labourer. There's more chance Rod will agree to stay in Erinsborough if she has a job.
DOUG: I'm not sure...
BETH: Because I'm a girl?
DOUG: No, no, of course not.
PAM: You don't want to be accused of sexism, Doug!
Beth explains that she's used to working outdoors on a farm, and is very good with machinery and tools. Doug says he's already hired a lot of men, but he'll keep her in mind if he needs any more. Beth is pleased and heads off.
DOUG: Do you think that little girl could be a builder's labourer?
PAM: She could be stronger than you think, especially if she was brought up on a farm!
Jill mentions that her husband's family often invest in retirement villages. Toby and Ross come in - Ross has cut his hand. Pam says she'll dress the wound. Ross goes off with Pam, shying away from Jim.
When they're in the bathroom, Jill says Doug that maybe she doesn't have what it takes to be a good mother. Doug says it's her mother- in- law that's at fault, not her.
Car yard
Lou is running an auction for the car which is already up to $18,000! Lou rubs his nose, but Marco doesn't bid(!). Eventually he wakes up and bids $20,000. Lou is shocked, and unfortunately for him, nobody wants to bid any further. Lou is forced to sell it to Marco(!)
Afterwards, Marco tells Lou that he panicked(!) Lou says he'll have to pay for it! When Lou has gone, a bloke who was bidding approaches Marco and says he knew he was a plant. He takes him off for a chat.
Madge has lost a customer who wanted to buy a sedan (she's disappeared). Marco has had a chat with the other bidder, and comes back to tell Lou that he *will* buy the car, only for $15,000. Lou agrees. (Clearly he's going to hand it on to the other bidder, but Lou doesn't know that!)
Coffee Shop
Toby asks Rick why everyone thinks he's a thief. Rick says he's been in the wrong place at the wrong time on several occasions. Toby confesses that he took Rick's jacket.
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