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Neighbours Episode 1694 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1693 - 1695>>
Episode title: 1694
Australian airdate: 04/06/92
UK airdate: 12/05/93
UK Gold: 29/04/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Magistrate: Dorothy Cutts
Constable: Matthew Smith
Clerk of Courts: Patricia Judah
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Marco isn't looking forward to going to court about the intervention order with Paul and Christina.
Gaby is cooking when the phone rings. It's Caroline - and it's not good news. She wants to sell her share in the boutique.
Cameron and Lucy come in talking about Paul and Christina's marriage. Cameron hopes Christina will realise he's just doing his job in defending Paul. Lucy asks where Brad is, but Cameron doesn't know.
Gaby tells Cameron and Lucy that Caroline is opening her own bar in Italy because she can't get a job she wants in a hotel - so she has to sell her share of the boutique. Gaby doesn't know what she'll do.
LUCY: All thanks to Paul. He never does anything by halves, does he?!
Beth tells Gaby that she's engaged. Gaby says if she wants a deal on a wedding dress, she'll have to move fast - Gaby may not be in business much longer. Todd tells her quietly that Jim and Helen are strapped at the moment, so won't be able to invest. Lucy suggests Madge who apparently has "heaps of money".
Gaby has come straight round to see Madge. She explains that she needs a new partner. Madge says she can't - she doesn't need a share in a boutique and knows nothing about the business. Besides, all her capital is invested anyway - she doesn't have much cash in the bank.
MADGE: I'm sorry, Gaby. I really am.
GABY: That's OK. I guess it's back to square one again.
Cameron doesn't think the court will ban Paul from seeing his own son, but warns him that it depends on his attitude - how much is Paul prepared to compromise? Paul says Chrissie can have the house to himself, but he wants unlimited access to Andrew. Cameron advises Paul not to lose his cool in court or he might blow the whole thing. Paul says it's not going to be easy under the circumstances. They're both worried that Marco will swing the balance towards Christina.
PAUL: Cameron. Just don't let them stop me from seeing my son. Please. I'm begging you.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phoebe has been doing some dress designs and thinks she'd be a great investor for Gaby. Todd laughs at her designs and says that the wearer would look like a vampire(!) Phoebe intends to get the money from her trust account.
PHOEBE: Todd, I am so excited about this, I cannot begin to tell you.
Christina and Paul's hearing is just starting. Christina is representing herself.
CHRISTINA: He had an affair with my twin sister.
CAMERON: We dispute that.
JUDGE: I know that Mr Hudson, but do let her finish or we'll be here all day!
CHRISTINA: I asked him to leave the house, which he didn't like at all, and now he continually hounds me, won't leave me alone, which is why I'd like you to make the order.
JUDGE: I see. And how does your client feel about all this, Mr Hudson?
CAMERON: We submit that the application via Mrs Robinson has been made under improper grounds and at no time has my client abused or threatened his wife, in either a physical or emotional manner.
CHRISTINA: That's not true. As far as the physical side of things go, the last time my husband came to see me, my cousin ended up forcing him out of the house.
JUDGE: Is your cousin here today?
CHRISTINA: Yes, he is, he's outside your Worship. And I must disagree with Mr Hudson about the emotionaly abuse too.
Coffee Shop
Helen asks Beth if she isn't rushing into getting married. Beth says she feels as if she's known Rod her whole life - they both know what they want. Helen says sometimes people lose sight of what they want - otherwise Paul wouldn't be in court right now.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phoebe is still banging on about dress designs. Todd tells Phoebe about the 40 hour famine - Marco is doing a special pasta deal before the event to get everyone filled up!
Gaby passes by and tells them that Madge couldn't be her partner. Phoebe says it's fine - she'll be Gaby's partner. Gaby looks at her designs and says they're very "different" but she's already found someone to buy Caroline out. Phoebe is very disappointed.
Cameron is explaining that Paul has vacated the family home and is still financially supporting Christina and Andrew.
CHRISTINA: Your Worship, I know my husband, and if you don't make the order he'll continue to harrass me.
The judge decides to get Marco in to hear his perspective. He is sworn in on the bible, rather nervously.
CHRISTINA: Marco, you've had to step in twice recently to stop my husband harrassing me, haven't you?
MARCO: That's right. Um...he wouldn't leave her alone.
JUDGE: Have you seen Mr Robinson being violent towards his wife, or threatening violent behaviour?
MARCO: No, I have to say I haven't.
Christina looks daggers at him.
JUDGE: Mr Robinson maintains that he was making slightly desperate overtures for reconciliation and nothing more. From your experiences, would you say this is true?
MARCO: Yes, I would.
The judge dismisses Marco and goes on to sum up. She won't grant the intervention order due to lack of violent behaviour from Paul. She advises them to go to marriage counselling and make a concerted effort to save their marriage - for their child's sake if not their own. In the meantime, Paul should give Christina some personal space because if he continues to pester her, she may grant the order in the future.
Christina is upset and Marco looks very guilty.
Paul thinks that marriage guidance is a good idea and tells Helen that he hates being separated from Christina and Andrew, and slugging it out in court is a nightmare. He reckons Christina is just trying to hurt him back.
Christina is in a right strop. Marco says he had to tell the judge the truth and she says that she doesn't blame him. She admits that she's probably trying to punish Paul, but she doesn't want to see him.
There's a knock at the door and it's Cameron. He's got some flowers for her to tell her that today's case was nothing personal against her. He tells her that the idea of counselling might be a good idea.
CAMERON: He really does love you.
CHRISTINA:(cynically) How much? Somewhere down the list after Andrew and Caroline? You think I should settle for that?
CAMERON: He doesn't love Caroline.
CHRISTINA: Is that what he said?
Cameron says he heard Paul talking on the phone about business. Christina is shocked that Paul and Caroline have been talking at all. Cameron elaborates that Paul is going to buy Caroline out of the boutique.
CHRISTINA: And you say he doesn't love her. Why is he helping her out so much? Because he has a life-long ambition to own half a ladies' boutique?
Cameron realises too late that he's put his foot in it.
Beth and Lucy are cooking. Beth is looking forward to Rod's visit tomorrow. Lucy urges Beth to tell Helen and Jim the full story about Rod (whatever that is) but she doesn't want to - not yet.
Todd answers the door to Cameron. He's come about Todd's father's defence - he's got the file from the previous solicitor. Perhaps he and Todd can have a chat about it tomorrow.
Lucy thanks Cameron for his work in court today. Cameron's not sure he's been at all helpful - in fact, he might have made things worse.
Christina is on the phone, paying for something with a credit card. As she puts the phone down, Paul waltzes in, whistling. Christina is annoyed and tells him to knock first in future.
PAUL: Look, we were given another chance today, don't you think we should at least take advantage of it?
CHRISTINA: Why should I?
PAUL: Because I think we've got something worth saving. It'd be a bit stupid to throw it all away.
CHRISTINA: Well, as far as I'm concerned, you threw it all away when you fell in love with my sister.
PAUL: Oh, don't you think I have paid for that by now?!
CHRISTINA: No, I don't!
PAUL: Look, what there was between Caroline and me, and I don't even think it *was* love, it was finished weeks ago.
CHRISTINA: Really?! Is that why you're buying her out of the boutique, to help her set up a business in Italy because you *don't* care anymore?
PAUL: That was strictly business.
CHRISTINA: Come off it.
PAUL: Don't you think you're being a little obstructive? Can't we just sit down and talk this over calmly? Come on, there's got to be a solution. What is it you *want* for goodness sakes?!
CHRISTINA: What I *don't* want is to see you anymore! And the only solution to that is that I'm going away. And I'm taking Andrew with me.
<<1693 - 1695>>
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