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Neighbours Episode 1693 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1692 - 1694>>
Episode title: 1693 (Lou Carpenter proposes to Madge Bishop)
Australian airdate: 03/06/92
UK airdate: 11/05/93
UK Gold: 28/04/99
Writer: Adam Bowen
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Ross Weir: Che Broadbent
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toby overhears Lou and Dorothy talking and think they're having an affair(!)
Christina is apparently back from her parents' house and Marco is making her a cup of tea. Helen and Lucy call round to see how she is. Christina says she's thought about it long and hard - she's not getting back with Paul. He's never taken her seriously and only needs her for domestic duties. Helen thinks this a bit harsh, but Christina points out that Paul always discussed his problems with Caroline. Helen says that at least Paul should see his son, but Christina is insistent that Paul betrayed both of them.
HELEN: He didn't carry on. He made a mistake.
CHRISTINA: Well, he's made one too many.
LUCY: He'd do anything to save the marriage.
CHRISTINA: I doubt that Paul has what it takes to save a marriage. Let's face it - he couldn't save the first two.
LUCY: That's why you should give him one more chance.
CHRISTINA: It's too late.
Dorothy has been unable to convince Toby of the innocence of the situation. She says the whole thing is ridiculous - she's never take up with Lou because he's an out-and-out rogue. Lou looks quite pleased at this description(!) Lou says he's off to have a shower and get changed and then unleash the body language on Madge!
No.24 - evening
Madge and Toby are washing up. She notices that he's a bit down, but he doesn't tell her why. They decide to play cards. After a while, Toby starts telling Madge that Lou is a double-crosser and she should dump him. Madge is surprised and drags it out of him about Lou and Dorothy. Madge laughs and says incredulously that it can't be true. But she's so het up, she gets angry and says she's have their guts for garters. With perfect timing, Lou comes in through the back door.
LOU: Madge, darling, I'm home. I know I've been a fool but thank goodness I realised in time.
Madge takes up a vase, removes the flowers and pours the water over Lou's head!
MADGE: Save it for Dorothy, lover-boy!
She opens the front door and gestures him out.
LOU: I take it this means no!
He shuts the door behind him.
MADGE:(to Toby) He is never going to set foot in this house again - ever!
Paul is on the phone to Caroline, telling her not to come home - she'd do more harm than good. Lou comes in, sopping wet, much to Lucy's surprise.
LOU: Good evening. Changeable weather(!)
He heads off to his room. Paul gets off the phone and tells Lucy that Caroline is in a terrible state, but Christina won't talk to her. Lucy thinks Paul still has a fighting chance with Christina - she's over-reacted so much she must love Paul a lot. Lucy thinks it all goes back to the bush-fire - Christina has been poised waiting for something like this ever since. But Paul says he can't risk going round to see her, but Lucy encourages him.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Pam, Doug, Helen and Lucy are having a chat. Jill Weir is coming around today. Across the street, Paul sees Christina with Andrew and goes across to them. He says he doesn't want to fight her in court - they can find another way. Paul promises to keep away from her if talking doesn't work, but Christina is sick of it - he's promised to keep away before, but here he is again! Paul lifts Andrew out of his pram and Christina tells him dangerously to give her Andrew back.
CHRISTINA: You relinquished your rights when you were unfaithful to me and I will *never* forgive you. And I'm going to make sure that you never see me or Andrew again.
PAUL: Oh, really. We'll see about that, won't we.
Doug feels a bit sorry for Paul, but Pam has no sympathy at all. Jill and Ross arrive and Pam makes them all a drink. Ross appears distracted and rather hostile towards Jill. Doug sits down with Ross and starts chatting about football. He starts to warm up as he talks about the latest game.
Christina is chatting to Lucy and Dorothy about Paul. Lucy says it's a bit harsh to stop Paul seeing the baby, but Christina isn't having any of this. She was the one that had to look after Andrew and run the business when Paul was off recovering for his nervous breakdown. She's fed up of making excuses for Paul.
CHRISTINA: At the moment this family consists of me and two babies. Paul's one baby too many.
Lucy says at least Paul isn't running away this time. Just then, Paul walks in.
CHRISTINA: What now?
PAUL: I'm entering my own house which I have every right to do.
He tells Christina that according to Cameron she has no right in barring him from entering his house or seeing his son. There's no way she'll get the intervention order tomorrow.
Jill, Pam, Doug and Ross are having dinner, and Ross is still very hostile towards Jill. Pam and Doug politely ignore his rude behaviour. Toby comes round with Bouncer and he suggests a game of football to Ross.
Doug and Pam says that they think Jill is being a bit soft on Ross - she's overcompensating for the marriage breakup. Doug reckons that kids need discipline as well as love. Jill says that he's right.
Ramsay Street
Toby and Ross are playing football. Ross says he's got a dog - he found him the other day - he's a stray.
Madge is in a foul temper and is ranting to Helen about Lou's visit. Helen unsuccessfully tries to change the subject.
Ramsay Street
Toby and Ross are chatting about Jill. Ross says Jill messes everything up and reckons his Dad will be back to get him soon. Just then, Madge walks by.
TOBY: Hi, Grandma!
MADGE: Sorry, can't stop. I've got an appointment with a hypocrite!
DOROTHY: Oh dear, it's the Angel of Vengeance!
Madge starts ranting at Dorothy. Dorothy tells her to calm down - nothing could be further from the truth. Lou is also there and he backs up Dorothy's story.
LOU: Take a look at us! Can you imagine any two people less suited to each other?!
Lou explains that Dorothy has been making him see things from her point of view.
LOU: I'm a ladies' man - noone would trust me! But you've got to believe this, Madge. I love you. I can't live without you.
The wind is rather taken out of Madge's sails.
LOU: Look. We could have a fabulous life together. But you've got to believe there's nothing between Dorothy and me, otherwise we might as well pack it in right now. Either you trust me, or you don't. What's it going to be?
And Lou seems to have the ol' body language working for him.
Christina asks Marco to come to court with him tomorrow. He's surprised to hear that Christina doesn't have a lawyer. He says he can't say that Paul was threatening her in court - it's not the truth, and he can't lie to the magistrate. Christina says that Paul is making her life a misery - that's why she needs the intervention order.
Jill has decided to be tougher with Ross in the future. Just then, Ross comes in. He immediately start on Jill and starts shouting at her for fouling up his life. Oh dear.
Ramsay Street
Ross runs into the street and starts to cry.
Toby answers the door to Lou - apparently he had to go home to get something.
LOU: Nothing important really. Just this.
He opens a box with a ring in it.
LOU: I tell a lie. It's very important.
TOBY: Super-cosmic-mega-important!
LOU: Usually at moments like this a bloke needs a bit of privacy.
(Dorothy and Toby start to get up)
LOU: However, you two. Seeing as though you had so much to do with getting Madge and me back together again, I'd like you to stay as witnesses. Madge, now that you...now that we totally trust each other, will you marry me?
MADGE: Oh, Lou.
LOU: Is that a yes or a no?
MADGE: Oh, yes! Yes, of course I'll marry you.
They hug and Dorothy and Toby clap.
Marco comes round to see Cameron. Paul goes on at Marco that he hasn't hassled Chrissie and therefore Marco can't say so in court. Lucy tells Paul to stop hassling Marco - the only thing he can do is tell the truth in court. Paul says that's all he wants, then goes off to answer the phone.
MARCO:(to Lucy) The trouble is they're both right in their own way. But one's going to win. And everything depends on what I say!
<<1692 - 1694>>
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