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Neighbours Episode 1692 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1692
Australian airdate: 02/06/92
UK airdate: 10/05/93
UK Gold: 27/04/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Sara Hourez
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy goes on a date with Cameron.
Brad waits for Lucy to come home and ends up witnessing Lucy and Cameron kissing.
Brad doesn't really know where to put himself, so tries to sneak out. But Lucy and Cameron hear him and jump in shock. Lucy is very surprised and Brad says he's better go as he has to be up early.
Pam is doing a spot of late-night hoovering and chatting to Doug. She's still worried about the Brad/Lucy/Cameron love triangle. Doug suggests inviting both Jim and Jill over for dinner tomorrow - they might hit it off(!)
Brad comes in and tells them that he and Lucy are still mates. He's had nothing but hassles with her and reckons being just friend is for the best.
No.24, the following morning
Toby brings Madge some flowers. He's decided to stay home this weekend instead of going to Joe and Melanie's - to keep Madge company.
Dorothy has arrived for Lou's body language lesson. Lou is on the phone to Lauren, but anyway, he has to get to work soon. Dorothy says it's only a quick lesson. Lou relents - he has got one particularly stubborn car that he can't sell - maybe this will help.
Doug is on the phone to Jim, inviting him for dinner. He explains that it's not match-making, it's just four friends having dinner. Jim finally agrees.
Cameron comes out of his room in a very good mood. Doug gives him a message from Jim about defending Todd's father - Cameron will go over and see him later.
Pam gently explains to Cameron that Brad does have feelings for Lucy after all.
Ramsay Street
Brad is just getting back from surfing and Cameron comes to meet him. He apologises for last night - he didn't realise that Brad still had feelings for Lucy. Brad says that he doesn't - he just thinks of Lucy as a friend.
CAMERON: I want us to be friends. I mean, we're family, if there's a problem, I want to solve it.
BRAD: If you and Lucy are an item, I'm happy for you. It's not a problem - honest.
But his face says otherwise.
Lucy tells Jim that she felt embarrassed last night when Brad saw her and Cameron. But she's just friends with Brad and things are different with Cameron - he's a really great guy. Brad is standing at the back door and hears this.
Brad comes in and tells Lucy he's on his way to pick up his surfboard contract - but he can't find his surfer earring. They have a look down the sofa for it. Brad invites Lucy for a surf, but she can't, because she's got a driving lesson planned. She's really nervous about taking her test and Brad encourages her.
Jim has arrived for dinner - Jill is already there. Doug introduces them and they shake hands awkwardly. They sit down on the sofa and talk awkwardly. Jill appears rather nervous and tells Jim that she's a clerical assistant, but only part-time.
Lou has got some interest up in the body-language business because he's actually sold the car he mentioned this morning! Dorothy says it doesn't stop with cars - he could try it on Madge, too. Lou has flirtatious body-language, so it's no wonder Madge doesn't trust him. Lou looks thoughtful.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Cameron and Brad are having a coffee. Brad has got his contract for the surf-boards but hasn't signed it yet. Cameron suggests that he has a read through it to make sure that it's all correct. He reads through and observes that they're paying Brad a lump sum rather than a percentage - if sales take off Brad will be out in the cold. Brad takes this personally and stomps off.
Jill is not very good company and seems upset when they enquire after her family. She eventually takes something Jim says the wrong way, storming out, shouting she's not a bad mother.
Dorothy pops around and Toby asks if he can stay over with Madge tonight. Dorothy agrees.
In the kitchen, Dorothy tells Madge that Lou is getting more serious about his business, but she reckons it's of no interest to her. Dorothy looks carefully at Madge's body language as she talks.
No.28 - outside
Brad apologises to Cameron for stomping off earlier. Cameron is going to defend Todd's father, and he still thinks that Brad should re-negotiate his surf-board contract. They talk about Lucy too and Brad finally admits that he likes her. But he tells Cameron to go for it - he's been upfront with him, but he doesn't want his nose rubbed in it.
Lucy comes over and tells Cameron she's glad Brad and he have sorted things out.
Jill has come back and has calmed down a bit now. Jim appears to have made a sharp exit(!) Jill tells them that she's over-sensitive when it comes to her son, Ross. She confesses that her husband isn't dead - he walked out on them six months ago and Jill went to pieces. Now Ross seems to hate her when he sees her. Pam suggests she brings Ross round to their house - they can ask Toby to hang out with him and it would be a less pressured situation. Jill gratefully accepts.
Lou is delighted with Dorothy's body-language tactics - his afternoon sales were even better than this morning's! He has been thinking about his relationship with Madge and thinks he might give it another go. Dorothy advises him to move quickly - but Madge's body language leads her to believe that he's still in with a chance.
They practise handshakes. Toby overhears them and gets the wrong idea - he thinks Dorothy is moving in on Lou!
TOBY: You're two-timing Grandma and I hate you!
<<1691 - 1693>>
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