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Neighbours Episode 1691 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1691
Australian airdate: 01/06/92
UK airdate: 07/05/93
UK Gold: 26/04/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Sara Hourez
Guests: Belly Dancer: Karen Copeland
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cameron tells Pam that he likes Lucy - she encourages him to ask her out.
- Brad comes in and admits that he really loves Lucy - he doesn't just want to be friends after all!
Doug is waxing lyrical about his home-grown vegetables. Pam tells him what's happened with Brad/Lucy/Cameron - she's worried it's all heading for trouble.
Lucy happily accepts Cameron's invitation and rushes off to change. Jim chats to Cameron while he's waiting. He's been offered a permanent position in the States.
Todd comes in - he's been looking for a job. But Jim says he doesn't want him working - he's supposed to be studying. Jim urges him to be practical - it's not like he could earn enough from a part-time job to help pay his father's legal bills anyway.
Lou pops around to see Dorothy. He's come to explain about the joke he played on Toby - stringing him along and offering Madge a lift to the airport. Dorothy says she'd rather he left Toby out of things.
Lou tells Dorothy that business has gone down at the car yard - he doesn't understand why as his competitors are doing alright. Dorothy invites him to stay for dinner.
Pam thinks Cameron must have been successful with Lucy because he hasn't come back. Brad comes out of his room and says he won't be in for dinner - he wants to take Lucy for a hamburger and talk about their relationship. Pam is forced to admit that Cameron and Lucy has gone on a date. Brad is very disappointed.
BRAD: Great, mum. Thanks a million(!)
PAM: I'm sorry, but you did tell me you weren't interested...
BRAD: I know, I know.
He sits down heavily at the living room table and says it's just as well he found out before he made a fool of himself with Lucy.
DOUG: They could be having a lousy time.
BRAD: No way, going out with a lawyer is just Lucy's scene. I'm really out of the running now.
Cameron has brought Lucy to what looks like an African restaurant - they have to sit on cushions on the floor. Lucy is finding it a bit awkward in her nice dress. She asks Cameron why he suddenly decided to ask her out and he says he was worried what Brad would think. Lucy looks a bit upset to hear that Brad told Cameron he and Lucy were just friends.
Brad is swearing at the TV and generally moping about. Pam and Doug encourage him not to give up over one date. Brad decides to go over to the Robinsons to lie in wait for Lucy to come home(!)
BRAD: We'll discuss it like mature adults!
He leaves.
PAM: I'm not sure that mature adult knows what he's doing!
Helen and Jim are chatting about Beth's lightning engagement but don't think it's too serious. Todd comes out and begs Jim and Helen to lend him the money for his father's legal fees - he'd pay them out. Jim explains gently that they've both thought about it, but they can't do it. Jim hasn't got a lot of money left after hiring a private detective to find Glen and neither has Helen. He's not prepared to do drastic measures like re-mortgaging the house. Bob will just have to get by with Legal Aid.
Brad comes in through the back door and asks if he can wait until Lucy gets home. Todd suggests a game of cards.
In the kitchen, Jim and Helen feel sorry for Todd, but know they have to draw the line somewhere.
Dorothy is giving Lou a lecture on body-language. Lou's is all wrong and Dorothy reckons more positive body language might help Lou with his sales - people read body language without realising it.
Lucy didn't really like the meal. Cameron apologises for forgetting to bring the wine. Just then, a belly-dancer comes out and dances down the restaurant. She encourages Cameron to get up and dance with her and hilarity ensues. Lucy cheers up a lot.
Brad and Todd are playing cards, but Brad is distracted. He confesses to Todd that he wants to tell Lucy he loves her.
In the kitchen, Jim and Helen are still talking about Bob Landers being a thief. Todd overhears and is upset.
cameron has finished his belly-dancing and Lucy says it could be a new vocation. He's hurt his shoulder and Lucy says she could give him a massage later. Cameron looks pleased(!)
Jim interrupts Brad and Todd's game to talk about Bob. He apologises for what he said about his father - but he can't share Todd's feelings for him. But Todd understands - it's not Jim's job to help him out. Jim advises Todd to talk Bob into Legal Aid - maybe Cameron could handle the case.
Todd challenges Brad to do the 40 hour famine because he's always eating. They bet on doing each other's chores for a week.
Dorothy tells Lou that his body language has been upset by his break-up with Madge - customers need to feel that he is at ease. Dorothy decides to tutor him - he can come back tomorrow and they'll start.
LOU: Well, that's very kind of you Dorothy...
DOROTHY:(interrupting) Yes, it is, isn't it? So you can't look a gift-horse in the mouth! I promise you, it's not going to hurt!
Jim and Todd are playing cards, but Brad has fallen asleep(!) They head off to bed, leaving Brad on the sofa!
Brad's dream
Brad and Lucy look at each other lovingly on an orange-tinted beach. Lucy leaves Cameron who is sitting on a becah towel and runs to Brad, who swings her round.
Lucy and Cameron come in and Lucy starts giving him a shoulder massage. Brad is rudely awakened to the sight of Lucy and Cameron kissing.
<<1690 - 1692>>
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