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Neighbours Episode 1690 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1690
Australian airdate: 29/05/92
UK airdate: 06/05/93
UK Gold: 23/04/99
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth gets a letter from a bloke she met in Queensland, asking her to marry him(!)
Brad and Lucy are hanging out. Cameron and Toby come round. Cameron invites Lucy over for dinner, but she's already got plans. Cameron and Toby are pleased that Brad and Lucy have made up, although they don't believe they're just friends. Brad insists that they are though.
Garden of the Robinsons
Madge and Beth talk over the fence about Beth's mystery man - Rod. Beth tells her she's fallen head-over-heels for him - that was the reason she didn't spend a lot of time with Scott and Charlene. They clicked straight away. Beth reveals that Rod is coming down to see her - and then confesses that he's asked her to marry him!
MADGE: But you've only known him a couple of days!
BETH: That doesn't mean a thing. I want to spend the rest of my life with him, Mrs Bishop.
Gaby and Brad are cooking dinner. Pam and Doug are still talking to Jill. Apparently she has a twelve year old son, but he's living with her mother-in-law at the moment. They invite Jill to stay for dinner, but she has to get going. She looks rather sad.
Madge and Toby are having dinner and chatting about the breakup with Lou. Toby says that no way Lou has gone off Madge - he fought so hard to get together with her in the first place. He reckons Lou just needs a push but Madge forbids him to interfere.
TOBY: Look at Brad and Lucy. Their relationship was cactus until I came along. I could do the same for you and Mr Carpenter!
He reckons he has a great plan, but Madge says it's all over between her and Lou.
Beth comes in and tells Lucy excitedly that she's getting married(!) Lucy laughs and tells Beth she's out of her mind if she's considering saying yes. From what she's heard of Rod, she doesn't think he's right for Beth anyway.
Brad answers the phone to Jill. He passes the phone over to Doug and apparently she wants some advice about a door at her place that's sticking. Doug will send one of his boys around.
Lucy asks Brad to give her a driving lesson, but he has to go and see the surfboard company. Cameron gallantly offers to step in. (Is it me, or is he interested in Lucy?!)
Toby comes round to see Lou. He tells Lou that Madge has found a new boyfriend called Kurt(!) Lou laughs and goes along with it.
TOBY: If you want her back, you'd better be quick because Kurt looks like he's going in for the kill(!)
LOU: Thanks mate, but this guy sounds so good I doubt I'd be in the running.
TOBY: I made him sound a bit better than he is, you'd probably win.
LOU: I wouldn't want to stand in Madge's way! You tell her I'm very happy for her and I wish her all the best with the new boyfriend(!)
TOBY: But...
But Lou marches him out of the back door, grinning to himself.
Brad answers the door to...Jill! Now there's a surprise! She's brought Doug a cake to help his recovery. Brad is chuffed(!) and takes it off to the kitchen. Doug invites her to stay for a slice of cake. She, Doug and Brad tuck in. Jill lets slip that her cake is probably the one thing her husband misses about her. Doug is confused - he thought her husband passed away.
Coffee Shop
Toby sees Lou in the Coffee Shop. He tells Lou that Madge is leaving - probably forever. She's broken up with Kurt and she's "going to find happiness somewhere else" Lou grins and says that's terrible news. Toby suggests that Lou moves back in with Madge to stop her going.
Lucy's car
Cameron is giving Lucy a lesson and looking rather terrified(!)
LUCY: How am I going?
CAMERON:(lying) Pretty good!
He suggests a picnic - he's got some food in his briefcase (What are the chances?!)
A park
Lucy and Cameron sit on a climbing frame(!) and have a cup of coffee and chat about their love lives. Cameron tips coffee on himself and Lucy tends to him. He suddenly gets a bit embarrassed and says they'd better get back to the driving lesson.
Jill is clearing up and Doug suggests that she brings her son around some time.
Pam and Gaby come in and are quite surprised to see Jill there again. Doug asks her to drop him off at Lassiter's on her way. When they've gone, Pam tells Gaby she's not worried about trusting Doug after the Alexandra Lomax incident.
Cameron has brought Lucy home.
CAMERON: Sorry if I came on a little too strong in the park.
LUCY: Did you hear me complaining?
In the kitchen, Lucy gives Brad a present - it's a metal surfboard earring. It's engraved with "Friends forever, Lucy". Brad hugs her.
When Brad has gone, Beth tells Lucy that she's told Helen and Jim about her engagement and they didn't take it seriously. Lucy says that's hardly surprising. But Beth says she's never been so sure about anything and Lucy says that's good enough for her. They hug.
Madge is not pleased that Toby has been matchmaking her and Lou. Toby reckons Lou was very upset when he heard Madge was leaving(!)
Just then, Lou himself pops round. He offers Madge a lift to the airport(!)
Gaby and Doug pop out to the garden to get some vegetables. While they've gone, Pam asks Cameron what's on his mind. He says he likes Lucy a lot and she seems to like him too. He's not sure about the Brad situation though. Pam says that Brad is certain it's over, so Cameron decides to ask Lucy out for dinner.
When he's gone, Brad comes in.
BRAD: Who was I kidding, I'm wrapped in Lucy! I love her!
Pam cringes.
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