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Neighbours Episode 1695 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1695
Australian airdate: 05/06/92
UK airdate: 13/05/93
UK Gold: 30/04/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Rod Baker: Chris Lloyds
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina tells Paul that she's going away and she's taking Andrew with her.
Paul says she can't do it, but Christina says he can't stop her. She's going to go to Milan to see Caroline. She's thought about it, and she can't get on with her life until she talks things through with Caroline. She's going to try to understand her point of view.
PAUL: Well...don't you think you ought to try to understand *my* point of view? Just a little? Maybe even find it in your heart to forgive me. Chris, I am truly, truly sorry.
CHRISTINA: What happened is *your* fault. Caroline would never have come on to you - you must have made the first move. And then to lie so she has to bear the guilt of it and give up everything for my sake?
PAUL: I thought our relationship - yours and mine here - was just as important as the one that you had with your sister.
CHRISTINA: Caroline and I are linked in a way you couldn't possibly understand. We're part of each other.
PAUL: We're part of each other too.
CHRISTINA: We were. But the difference is, I still love Caroline.
Paul looks beaten. He says he's prefer Christina to leave Andrew with them, but she's not having any of it - he needs his mother. She'll be leaving as soon as she can get Andrew put on her passport.
Beth is on the phone to Rod who is arriving tomorrow. Jim says it's time they had a little chat - because Beth hasn't had a father figure for some time. He asks her if she's really thought things through - marrying someone you've only just met is foolish.
BETH: You don't understand how much you love him.
JIM: But you're only seventeen.
Beth insists that she'll be happy with Rod and she knows what she's doing.
Phoebe is doing some sketching - she's decided she wants to be a designer.
Brad comes round looking for sponsorship for the 40-hour famine. Todd still doesn't think that Brad can do it. Brad wonders if Lucy will be at the Coffee Shop tonight, but Todd thinks she's going out with Cameron.
Marco tells Christina that his parents have had a card from their relatives in Italy who say that Caroline is so sad all of the time. Christina reveals that she's going away, and she's not sure how long for.
Beth asks Jim to give her away. He thinks he'll wait to meet Rod before saying yes!
Paul comes in and tells Jim that Chrissie is taking Andrew to Italy. Jim advises him to put his foot down, but Paul doesn't want to upset Chrissie - if she's willing to talk to Caroline, maybe he'll be next.
JIM: How do you know that she's ever going to bring Andrew back to Australia? Most of her family still live in Italy - they'd be more than happy to take her under their wing!
Paul looks shocked.
PAUL: I don't think Chrissie's the sort of person who would kidnap our son...would she?
JIM: I don't know, Paul! But it is entirely possible that she's decided to get you out of her life completely. By moving as far away as possible.
Paul has popped round to pick up his mail. Christina is very short with him, especially when he starts going on about marriage guidance again. Christina says she hasn't got time before she goes away. Paul says he can't let her take Andrew overseas. Anyway, his passport needs both their signatures and Paul won't sign. Christina isn't chuffed and Paul begs her to stay and talk things through. Christina accuses him of holding Andrew as a hostage. Paul says a long trip isn't good for Andrew anyway.
PAUL: I'll give you an ultimatum. If you go, you go without Andrew.
Coffee Shop
Marco is putting up signs for his "40 minute feast" before the famine. It's $10 for all the pasta you can eat. Gaby comes in and Phoebe tells her she's decided to become a dress designer. Gaby looks a bit worried(!)
Marco is certain that he's going to win Beth back from "the jerk she met up in Queensland" but he doesn't know yet that she's marrying him(!)
Jim is cuddling Andrew and says he understands why Christina wants to see Caroline. But Christina says she can't go now - Paul has obstructed her. Jim says they could all look after him very well, but Christina says she'd feel like a bad mother if she went.
Outside the pub
Brad is having lunch and Todd tells him he's supposed to be going to the feast. Brad says the feast is hours away and he'll be starving again by then(!)
Jim bumps into a bloke outside the Waterhole and recognises a Vietnam badge on his lapel. He invites him to have a beer.
Coffee Shop
Beth comes in looking for Jim. She tells Marco that she's expecting Rod to call when he arrives, but the phone is out of order. Beth realises Marco hasn't heard about her engagement and sits him down to break the news. Marco is stunned but congratulates her. Beth is quite pleased by his understanding attitude
Later, outside the Coffee Shop
Marco is clearing plates away and tells Gaby that the kids are putting away mountains of pasta - he should have charged more(!) They talk about Beth's engagement and Marco admits he doesn't feel too good about it. He's dubious about an instant marriage and doesn't trust this Queensland dude.
Jim comes home and tells Beth that he's been for a beer with a Vietnam vet. Beth tells Jim that the phone is broken and she's phoned the company to come and fix it. Beth is very excited about Rod's arrival and is still determined to marry him.
Coffee Shop
Brad, Todd and Phoebe are stuffing their faces.
BRAD: I hope I can hold out for forty hours. I'd better have another plateful!
PHOEBE: And while you're fasting, think of all the people around the world who have to do it as a way of life.
BRAD: I will, I promise.
Brad says he's got loads of sponsors so he's determined to do it. Marco says Madge is going to kill him when she realises he's made a loss on the food!
Paul and Gaby are looking through a contract for the boutique. Gaby will show it to Cameron.
Christina comes round with Andrew and tells Paul that she *has* to go to Italy - she's leaving tonight. Paul is very shocked. She says she has no choice but to leave Andrew with Paul. She's spoken to both their parents and it'll be OK - she knows Paul is a good father and she can trust him with Andrew. She hands Andrew over and tries not to cry.
CHRISTINA: Oh, my little man. Mummy loves you more than anyone in the world.
She leaves, trying not to cry.
Ramsay Street
Jim and Todd are walking up Ramsay Street when they see Christina leaving Paul's house, but she can't speak. They chat about Beth's bloke and wonder what he's like.
Rod has arrived. Shock horror, it's the Vietnam vet that Jim met in the pub earlier!
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