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Neighbours Episode 1687 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1686 - 1688>>
Episode title: 1687
Australian airdate: 26/05/92
UK airdate: 03/05/93
UK Gold: 20/04/99
Writer: Paul Spinks
Director: Judith John-Story
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul asks Christina to give them some time to work things out.
CHRISTINA: I can't take you back. The marriage is over. If it had been anyone else but Caroline, I might have been able to forgive you eventually, but...
PAUL: Come on, you're being hasty.
CHRISTINA:(firmly) I'm not.
PAUL: You are. You're tired, you're emotional...you said so yourself. I think you need more time to think.
CHRISTINA: If I am tired Paul, it's because I have been awake all night thinking of nothing else! One thing's very clear. I don't want you to come near me or Andrew again.
PAUL: Oh, sure, that's what you think. There is no way that you can stop me seeing my own son. I'll take you to the highest court if I have to!
CHRISTINA: You don't scare me Paul. It's a bit late to be fighting for your son now. You should have thought of that before you let your emotions get out of hand!
PAUL: Chris, I think you're being totally unreasonable here. What, you want to throw away because of one mistake, every single thing we've built? I think that's way out of proportion.
CHRISTINA: I see, so we measure our relationship like one of your buisness deals, do we?!
PAUL: I didn't mean that.
CHRISTINA: You were the one who threw caution to the wind along with your reponsibilities. You brought this down upon yourself.
PAUL: It was one lousy kiss we're talking about here!
CHRISTINA: Don't lie to me!
PAUL: Would you just give me a chance, please? Alright I admit, I am no saint! But a passing attraction to another woman hardly means that I love you any less, Chris. Don't judge me. I am sick of being judged. Please, Chrissie.
CHRISTINA: Don't call me Chrissie. I've made my decision. Have the decency to leave.
PAUL: Oh, come on, Chris...
Helen and Jim are discussing Paul and Christina's breakup and what it will mean for Andrew. Just then, Beth arrives back from Queensland. She's had a great time, but is evasive about Scott and Charlene when they ask her.
Paul comes in looking utterly dejected.
HELEN:(sympathetically) Darling, she's *very* upset.
JIM: Give her time. She'll come round.
PAUL: I don't think so, Dad. She was adamant. Don't worry, I'm not going to give up.
Coffee Shop
Marco tells Phoebe that him and Beth are an item. Phoebe is not feeling too good this morning - a bit sick. Marco looks at her brooch and says it looks valuable.
Todd comes in - he's seen his father who is chuffed about the money. Phoebe looks guilty. Then she looks down at her brooch.
Jim has come to see how Christina is. He asks her if she's really thought things through. She says she can't take him back after this deceit - she dedicated her life to him and Andrew.
CHRISTINA: Caroline wouldn't uproot her life and move across to Italy if it was just a kiss. The thought of those two together behind my back...even if we did get back together, it could never be the same for us again. It's spoilt everything.
JIM: Do you think it's wise though, keeping Andrew and Paul apart? Little fella's going to need his Dad...
Outside the Coffee Shop
Marco asks Beth out, but she is evasive and tells him she'll be busy over the next few days.
Madge and Helen are dicussing the marriage break-up. Madge asks how Paul's health is, but Helen thinks it's holding up, although he is only recently recovered from his break-down.
Beth comes in and is again evasive about Scott and Charlene. She tells Madge that Charlene has been pretty busy recently. There's obviously something going on up in Queensland.
Coffee Shop
Christina and Marco are behind the counter. Marco is wittering on and Christina is totally distracted.
CHRISTINA: Paul and I have separated.
MARCO: What?!
Just then, Paul comes in.
PAUL: I want to talk to you - it's urgent.
CHRISTINA: I asked you to keep away from me.
PAUL: What am I supposed to do, just give up like that?
CHRISTINA:(getting angry) I don't want to see you! Even if I was willing to, this is not the time or place.
PAUL: I just want a few moments...
CHRISTINA: There's nothing more to say!
PAUL: Will you think of Andrew?!
CHRISTINA: That's exactly what I'm doing, I am thinking of Andrew!
PAUL: Come on, you can't do this to me!
Marco comes over and tells them not to cause a scene. They calm down a bit.
PAUL: You haven't heard the last of this because I do *not* give up on my family.
Christina looks unimpressed and Paul stalks out.
Lassiter's Lake
Phoebe gives Todd the money. He notices that her brooch is missing and Phoebe says she broke the pin, so put it away for safe-keeping.
The Bridge over Lassiter's
Paul is on the phone to Cameron, trying to find out what his rights are with regard to Andrew. Just then, Helen and Jim come up with Andrew. They explain that Chrissie doesn't know, but Helen and Jim thought that Paul should see Andrew. Paul cuddles Andrew and promises him that they'll all be back together again soon.
HELEN: I'm not proud of myself, going behind Christina's back.
Jim comforts Paul and says he'll get through to Christina eventually.
Marco has brought Christina home and has made her a cup of tea. He admits that he already knew about the incident between Caroline and Paul. Christina is shocked, but realises what a difficult position Marco was in.
CHRISTINA: I just can't believe that my whole world is suddenly falling apart.
Paul comes round again. Marco says it's probably best if he leaves until eveyone calms down.
PAUL: I've just seen Andrew.
CHRISTINA:(angrily) Helen had no right going behind my back!
PAUL: And you had no right cutting me off either! Oh Chrissie, please, if you'll just let me home, we can work this out...
CHRISTINA: Leave me alone!
MARCO: Come on, mate...
PAUL: Get your hands off me!
MARCO: Talk to Chrissie when she's ready, right?!
PAUL: Chris...
CHRISTINA: No. Don't, OK?!
He leaves without another word.
CHRISTINA: It can't go on like this.
CHRISTINA: I hope I've done the right thing.
MARCO: OK, it was a tough decision, but you have to do what's best for you and the kid.
Just then, Caroline rings up(!)
CHRISTINA: Look, I know about you and Paul - everything. I don't want to speak to you or see you again!
She slams the phone down.
She tells Marco that what Caroline did was unforgivable.
MARCO: How do you tell someone not to fall in love? She tried to fix it. She threw away a career...
CHRISTINA: Marco, I've made my mind up. The sooner I forget about her and Paul the better.
Just then the phone rings again.
CHRISTINA: Hang up! I don't want to hear her voice or hear her name mentioned in this house!
Marco tells Caroline over the phone to give Christina time to calm down. He'll try to help.
Todd has got Phoebe's brooch back. He realised what had happened and went down the jewellers to get it back. He's grateful for what Phoebe did, but the brooch is too important. He'll work something out for his Dad.
They start to kiss and hold each other.
TODD: Phoebe, we should stop...
PHOEBE: I've been on the Pill a month now, so we don't need to worry. Anyway, Mim's gone out. And she won't be back for...
They start to kiss again.
Ramsay Street
Christina storms up to Helen and takes Andrew off her.
HELEN: I'm sorry I went behind your back, but it's terrible that Paul can't see his own son!
CHRISTINA: I'm his mother, I'll decide who he'll see, thank you!
Helen begs her not to jeopardise Andrew's future just to get revenge on Paul. Christina says she just wants to get on with her life.
The Office
Jim advises Paul to give Christina some space. A policeman comes around and hands Paul and envelope. It's a summons for a magistrate's court for next week.
POLICEMAN: Terms of the order will be agreed by yourself, Mrs Robinson and the magistrate.
Paul looks shocked.
PAUL: Chrissie's seeking an intervention order. She's determined to break us up. What am I going to do, Dad?
<<1686 - 1688>>
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