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Neighbours Episode 1688 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1688
Australian airdate: 27/05/92
UK airdate: 04/05/93
UK Gold: 21/04/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Judith John-Story
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina gets Paul served with an intervention order.
Toby pops round to see Brad and he gives Toby a glass of his new smoothie recipe to sample. Doug is hobbling around on crutches, rather jealous at their camaraderie and tries to get them to play cards. They decide to go out to play frisbee.
DOUG: Well, that's fine by me(!)
Toby suggests asking Lucy to play, but Brad doesn't want to. Doug pipes up that Brad and Lucy have had a tiff.
BRAD: Just because she looks hot and she's really cool and lots of fun to be with, doesn't mean I'm keen on her, does it(!)
Helen is shocked about the intervention order - Christina is trying to get Paul barred from seeing Andrew. Cameron doesn't think Paul can be stopped from seeing Andrew though. Jim suggests going along with what Christina says and hope she calms down before the court case. Jim doesn't think that the court will grant an intervention order - there's no violence or harrassment after all. Paul isn't so sure - he thinks Christina will colour his desperate visits in the last few days as harrassment. She's even got a witness - Marco.
HELEN: Don't worry, darling. We'll stand by you.
PAUL: I just wish none of this had ever happened.
Ramsay Street
Brad and Toby are playing frisbee and chatting about Brad's board designs. Lucy comes up and makes smalltalk with Brad rather awkwardly. She eventually tells him she's quit her job and Brad is quite pleased(!) Lucy is not impressed and storms off.
Toby goes over to Lucy and tells her straight that Brad is "wrapped" in her. She doesn't believe him.
Coffee Shop
Madge and Lou are discussing the marriage breakup. Lou makes light of it and says it must be the season for it(!) Apparently Paul is going to move in with Lou so they can be two moping bachelors together! Lou says he's trying to tie up the loose ends of his life, so he'll repay Madge's money as soon as he can. Madge isn't impressed.
Helen is very upset about the marriage breakup and warns Paul that he'll have to shoulder most of the blame - and he may lose both his wife and his son. (How cheerful!)
Paul has packed his case and is just heading off to No.32. Lucy has a go at him before he leaves.
Toby has convinced Lucy to write Brad a letter, but she doesn't want to give it to Brad. When Lucy isn't looking, Toby takes her card and hides it in his pocket.
In the living room, Madge is still upset about her own breakup with Lou - he was so bright and breezy this morning, it really upset her. Helen doesn't buy it - she thinks that deep down, Lou is hurting as much as her.
Lou and Doug are laughing raucously while Paul sits with a face like a slapped arse. (Oops, was that a bit strong?!) He isn't impressed by Lou and Doug's good-natured banter, especially when they get on to marriage. He walks off.
Toby rushes in and tells Brad that Lucy is "wrapped" in him. Brad doesn't believe him. He gives Brad the card to prove it (he's secretly written it himself). Brad reads it. Meanwhile, Doug comes in and explains the marriage breakup to Toby.
Brad is pretty speechless reading the card.
BRAD: Dad, do you think I'm an idiot?
DOUG: Of course not, why?!
BRAD: Yeah, well some people obviously do.
Doug doesn't get it - what is Brad waiting for with Lucy? There's a knock at the door and it's Madge. They chat about Paul and Lou - Doug says Lou's happy face is all a front.
DOUG: Why is everyone so down at the moment? I'm the one with the broken foot!
Lou apologises to Paul for the hilarity earlier, but he says it's OK. But it's different for Lou - he could get back with Madge if he wanted to. Lou says it's impossible - they could never make a go of it like she did with Harold. Lou is very cut up about it, but says a cheerful front is how he gets through it.
LOU: Some things were never meant to be, and we've got to get through that.
Jim tells Lucy that Christina is very grateful for her support (he and Helen have just been to see her). Lucy is upset about the whole thing. She also feels bad about thinking about Brad when so much is going on with Paul and Christina. She confesses to Helen that she and Brad are barely on speaking terms. Helen tells Lucy to go and tell him all of this.
Brad is working on some board designs when Lucy comes around. Doug makes himself scarce(!) She sits down at the table with him.
LUCY: I wanted to tell you how I feel.
BRAD: You already have, haven't you?
LUCY: When?!
BRAD: The card with flowers on.
Lucy realises that Toby has stolen the card. Brad reckons that Lucy only want to be friends again because he sold that surfboard design. But Lucy doesn't know anything about that. She gets angry and starts to cry.
LUCY: I don't care whether you're going to be rich or not. I just wanted you to be my friend again.
Brad apologises but Lucy storms out.
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