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Neighbours Episode 1685 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1685 (Christina Alessi discovers Paul Robinson's dalliance with her sister, Caroline)
Australian airdate: 22/05/92
UK airdate: 29/04/93
UK Gold: 16/04/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Brendan Shaw: Iain Murton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina books a conference for which they don't have the right equipment. She begs Lucy to help her.
The Office
Lucy refuses to help Christina says she'll just have to call the client back and call it off. Christina sits down and starts going through the Yellow Pages. Finally Lucy says she might know a man - and he owes her a favour.
Brad and Dorothy are talking about going to a film studio tomorrow.
Madge pops round to see Toby. Dorothy tells Madge about the horror film. Madge is horrified but Dorothy says she's got a plan - Brad has had a really good idea.
DOROTHY: I think if Toby's going to get over this, the only thing he can do is come face-to-face with Dr Drill himself!
Cameron is showing Helen the artwork from Brad's surfboards - Cameron is hoping to do something with them.
Madge pops round for a chat with Helen about Toby's video fears. She's also still upset about Lou leaving - she still feels dreadful about it.
Brad and Dorothy agree that they'll leave about 10.30pm tomorrow morning. Dorothy tells Toby when he comes in that he doesn't have to go to school tomorrow - she, Brad, Toby and Madge are going out for the day. Toby is surprised.
DOROTHY: I wanted you to meet someone who might be able to help you to get rid of your nightmares.
TOBY: A doctor?
DOROTHY: Of sorts.
Lucy has managed to get all the equipment - her friend lent them his personal equipment. Christina apologises for being bossy at work and promises to be better in the future.
Paul come in as Lucy is leaving and says that the conference preparations are going well. Christina is about to tell him about Lucy's help, but Paul interrupts and tells Christina how terrific she is.
No.28, the following morning
Brad is a bit fed up. Cameron tells him that he's dropped some of his designs in to a surfboard manufacturing company. Brad is skeptical - they pay guys megabucks to come up with designs. Cameron tells Brad that he shouldn't put himself down - he's really talented.
Beth has had a phonecall from her mother - she's getting married tomorrow. Beth can't go though - she can't afford to now she's out of work, and her mother can't afford to pay for her either. Helen tells her to book a ticket - she'll lend Beth the money. Beth can pay her back when she's working again. She'll also arrange for Beth to stay with Scott and Charlene.
Film Studio
Dorothy, Madge, Beth and Toby have arrived. They go into a room and there's a man there, in a coat and a hat. Toby panics and tries to run, but the man reveals himself and it turns out, it's the actor who plays Dr Drill - Brendan Shaw. Dorothy explains that Dr Drill really is only a character. "Dr Drill" shows Toby some of the equipment like a false nose. Toby tries his hat on!
The Office
Lucy tells Paul that she was the one who organised the conference. Paul doesn't believe her and thinks she's jealous of Christina.
Film Studio
"Dr Drill" is showing Toby how they make Dr Drill's scars. He admits that sometimes he scares himself on screen(!)
TOBY: When I think of the film, I'll just tell myself that it's really you.
He signs a photo for Toby. Aw. What a nice guy!
Helen is on the phone to Beth's mum, finalising the arrangements for Beth's arrival. Beth's mother is going overseas, and Helen has agrees to be responsible for Beth in the meantime. Even though she's not a child, young people still need guidance. They chat about her mother's ex-boyfriend.
BETH: I'm just really glad that Mum didn't marry him.
Dorothy, Madge, Brad and Toby are back. Toby seems to be cured of his fear and Dorothy thanks Brad profusely.
Lucy is shouting at Christina for taking credit for Lucy's work. Christina apologises and says she'll tell Paul the truth tonight - she was just enjoying Paul praising her. She's been in Caroline's shadow all her life - she just wanted to have a chance to shine. Lucy calms down and says Christina doesn't have to tell Paul the truth if she doesn't want to.
They go outside to hang out the washing. Lucy is a bit concerned that they're leaving Andrew, but Christina explains that she's got a walkie-talkie - she can hear what's going on inside the house, and will hear Andrew if he cries.
Brad answers the phone. It's the surfboard company - they want to buy one of Brad's designs, and want to know if he can do any more! Brad thanks Cameron profusely.
BRAD: You know, I even dabbled in a bit of child psychology today, and that worked out too! I must be smarter than I thought! Who knows where I'll go from here? The sky's the limit!
Beth chatting to Madge about Scott and Charlene. Madge asks Beth to get Charlene to ring her more often!
Garden of No.22
Lucy and Christina are hanging out the washing and chatting amicably. Through, the walkie-talkie, they hear Paul and Helen coming into the house.
HELEN: Where's Christina?
PAUL: Oh, she can't be too far away.
HELEN: How's she coping at the office?
PAUL: Oh, great. In fact, she did a terrific job with the Burgess Conference.
Outside, Christina looks pleased.
They continue to chat about how Paul gave the job to Christina over Lucy.
HELEN: And of course, you felt guilty about what happened with Caroline.
Lucy tries to drag Christina off, uncomfortable at eavesdropping on a private conversation. But Christina wants to listen.
PAUL: Gran, I'd just as soon that you didn't mention this ever again. If Chrissie found out, it would shatter her, you know that. I'm doing everything I possibly can to make it up to her. In fact, I'm putting Caroline right out of my mind and I hope she's doing the same thing.
HELEN: A sensible course. Thank goodness you both did the right thing in the end.
PAUL: Yeah. Well, the important thing now is that Chrissie never, ever finds out, eh?
In the garden, Christina is shocked.
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