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Neighbours Episode 1684 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1684
Australian airdate: 21/05/92
UK airdate: 28/04/93
UK Gold: 15/04/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad and Lucy have words about career choices.
Cameron and Paul have been playing squash again. They chat about Chrissie who's coming back from her parents' house tonight. Paul still feels guilty about what could have happened with Caroline. Cameron tells him not to be too hard on himself.
PAUL: I'm lucky I got out of it so lightly.
CAMERON: What's done is done, put it behind you.
Just then, Christina and Andrew arrive home. Paul hugs her and tells her he's missed her. He tells her anything she wants from now on, she gets.
CHRISTINA: Caroline's job. I really want Caroline's job.
Doug is in his bedroom, ringing his bell, but Pam ignores him.
Brad comes in and tells Pam that lunch was a disaster - he had a fight with Lucy and she reckons he's a no-hoper. He wonders if Lucy is right - he can't make a go of anything.
Dorothy suggests that Toby has a chat with a psychiatrist about his fears following the video.
TOBY: A looney doctor? They made me see one when mum died. I don't want to go.
Dorothy is sympathetic, but thinks Toby would benefit. After all, he can't even sleep in his bedroom at the moment because he thinks Dr Drill is in the wardrobe!
Lucy is telling Jim what happened at dinner with Brad. Jim says she can't run Brad's life for him he just has different priorities to Lucy.
Paul tells Christina that he can't tell Lucy that he's changed his mind - he just gave her the job today! Christina is sulking and accuses Paul of giving the job away behind her back. Paul says that he couldn't have known Christina was interested in the job - he's not psychic. He is finally forced to agree that she can have the job, but he's not happy about it.
Toby is lying awake on the sofa, scared to death. He screams in a nightmare and Dorothy rushes out to comfort him.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Dorothy asks Brad to run Toby to school today. He agrees.
Brad tells Cameron that he's fed up - he's totally unemployable. Cameron says he wasn't suited to Walter's job, but he's great at making boards. Lucy comes out of her house, dressed in a suit and totally ignores him. Brad looks even more dejected.
The Office
Christina is installed behind Caroline's desk when Lucy arrives. In the outer office, Paul tells Lucy there's been a slight change of plans. Lucy is incensed. Paul says he doesn't think that Chrissie will stick it out - after a few weeks she'll realise how hard it is to look after Andrew and hold down a job.
PAUL: Just sit tight, and you'll get your chance.
LUCY: I'd better.
Coffee Shop
Brad and Toby are having reakfast on the way to school. Toby confesses to Brad about Dr Drill and how scared he is of him. Brad has also seen the film and they agree that it was a really scary one. Brad is sympathetic to Toby and says he's not a weirdo for being scared.
Pam has hidden Doug's bell(!) Pam is upset with Lucy for making Brad depressed. She thinks Brad is gifted in surf-board making too.
The Office
Christina answers the phone when Paul is out. While she's on the phone, the baby starts to cry. She asks Lucy to take Andrew while she takes the phone call. Lucy is not impressed and rants to Paul in the outer office that she's had to re-write all Christina's letters because she's hopeless.
Pam and Cameron are looking over Brad's surfboard designs and think they look very professional. Brad gets a phonecall from Dorothy and rushes off.
The Office
Christina has organised a conference meeting, but Lucy tells her that they don't have the right equipment for the client. Christina begs Lucy to hep her sort it out - Paul will be very angry with her otherwise.
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