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Neighbours Episode 1683 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1683
Australian airdate: 20/05/92
UK airdate: 27/04/93
UK Gold: 14/04/99
Writer: Rod Zielinski
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug falls off a ladder at the hardware store.
The office
Lucy tells Paul that he needs someone he trust to fill Caroline's position - and who better than Lucy herself?! Paul says it's not the right position for her - she doesn't have skills, knowledge or experience. Lucy says she's signed up for a hotel management course in the evening - she just needs a chance to learn the ropes. Paul isn't convinced but agrees to think about it.
Hotel room
Marco is kissing Beth rather passionately and she fends him off. She tells him what happened with her mother's boyfriend and says she can't get him out of her head. She really likes Marco though.
Just then, Paul walks by the room and wants to know what's going on. He says he'll see them both in his office.
Brad is still a bit fed up - Lucy is upset with him for quitting his job with Walter. Pam wonders where Doug has got to.
Just then, Doug hobbles in on crutches - he's cracked a bone in his foot. Gaby blames herself, but Doug says it was just an accident.
Jim is telling Lucy about Doug's fall. Lucy tells Jim excitedly that she's in line for Caroline's job. Jim is stunned to hear this, but says he's sure Paul will have to hire someone with more experience.
Jim asks Lucy to take Doug's painkillers over to him (he left them in Jim's car) but Lucy doesn't want to see Brad.
Gaby is raving about Simon Hunter and what a great guy he is. Jim comes around with Doug's painkillers.
Jim and Pam talk quietly in the kitchen about Brad and Lucy. They wonder if there's something they can do to set things right.
The Office
Beth and Marco are trying to explain to Paul what happened with the key. Marco admits to stealing a key of Beth's ring.
PAUL: You're really quite a ladies' man aren't you?
MARCO:(dangerously) Well you'd know all about that, wouldn't you!
Paul takes his point and agrees not to call the police. He tells Beth he needs staff he can rely on - she's sacked.
Outside No.26
Lucy, Beth and Jim are talking about Beth's sacking. Beth can sort of see Paul's point but Lucy is pretty mad. Beth says she'll just have to find another job. Lucy and Jim decide to have lunch together later.
A fruit basket has arrived for Doug from Simon Hunter. Gaby is a bit jealous(!)
Pam asks Brad to come home for lunch today to "cheer Doug up".
Paul is on the phone to Caroline - apparently things are going really well in Milan. Paul tells her that Christina has stopped asking questions and things are starting to get back to normal.
There's a knock at the door and it's Lucy. She immediately starts laying in to Paul over Beth's sacking. Paul says his personal assistant has to be more loyal - yes, he's offering Lucy a job. It will take her years to build up to Caroline's job though. Lucy is delighted. Beth's sacking is all forgotten(!)
Lassiter's Lake
Beth and Marco are having a walk. Beth has been looking for a job - but there's so much competition for jobs these days. Marco feels it's all his fault for stealing her key. Marco asks Beth if it's all over with Brad. Beth says that she has to move on. But she wants to go slow with Marco - he agrees.
Lucy rushes in and tells Jim excitedly that she's got the job with Paul. Jim has laid out a nice lunch. Just then, Pam and Brad arrive. They sit Lucy and Brad down to dinner and then Pam and Jim make themselves scarce(!)
BRAD: Talk about being set up.
Lucy is apologising for shouting at Brad for chucking his job in. She's looking forward to her new job now.
LUCY: I'm glad we're friends again, Brad.
BRAD: Me, too!
Gaby wonders if she should ring Simon Hunter and ask him out? Doug thinks Simon should make the first move.
The phone rings and it's Simon himself - calling to talk to Doug(!)
Marco and Paul are having a row about Caroline. He thinks Marco is trying to blackmail him into giving Beth her job back, but he says he wouldn't stoop so low.
MARCO: You don't need me to ruin your marriage, you're doing fine on your own!
They agree to forget it, but Marco says Paul had better be a model husband from now on.
Brad and Lucy are getting on well and having a drink of lemonade in the living room. Brad thinks he might go back to making surfboards again but Lucy thinks he should aim for something more worthwhile. Brad tells Lucy not to run him down and they start arguing again.
LUCY: Do you what you want then. Be a surf bum for the rest of your life!
BRAD: If that's what I decide I want then yeah, that's what I'll do.
LUCY: Well don't expect me to stick around because I'm moving up...so watch my dust!
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