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Neighbours Episode 1682 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1682
Australian airdate: 19/05/92
UK airdate: 26/04/93
UK Gold: 13/04/99
Writer: Steve J. Spears
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Simon Hunter: Fredrick Whitlock
Frances: Michelle McClatchy
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Beth is servicing some hotel rooms when she gets jumped on in the dark and kissed.
Hotel room
Beth puts the light on and finds that the phantom kisser is Marco! She thinks he's insane, and then realises he's in the room without permission.
Jim and Helen have given Lou a bed for the night. He's adamant that he won't get back together with Madge though. Helen suggests he could move into NO.32 now that Faye's gone.
Gaby comes round and tells them to come down to Hunter's Hardward tomorrow to see Doug in action - exactly what is a surprise!
Todd and Phoebe come in - they haven't found Oscar. In the background, Oscar slithers along the bottom of a cupboard.
Hotel room
Beth is really angry with Marco - apparently he stole one of the keys off her ring! He says he has a "business meeting" tonight(!) Marco tells Beth he's really sorry, and just then, a girl called Frances arrives. She thinks Marco is getting it on with Beth and storms out.
BETH: Sorry I ruined your "business meeting". I want you out of here first thing in the morning! And second thing in the morning, I'm going to have to make this room out so noone finds out about your little "business meeting".
She storms off.
Phoebe is struggling with her contact lenses. Todd thinks she's been crying, but Phoebe says it's just hayfever(!)
Hunter's Hardware
Gaby and Doug meet Simon Hunter - Doug's going to be a Do-It-Yourself expert for the day - "Do-It-Yourself Doug". Simon wants him to give advice to women about DIY. Doug is pleased.
Madge is in a terrible state and is still in her dressing gown. She's upset that she's lost Lou for good and tells Helen what an idiot she is. Helen tells her to fight for Lou - it's obvious that Lou still cares for her. Madge doesn't know what else to do to convince him. Helen says that Madge has never given her all to Lou - it's almost as if she's afraid that Lou will leave her, so she's sabotaging it herself. Madge thinks she's right - she's been treating herself like someone who doesn't deserve any more happiness. She decides to fight for Lou.
No.26, the following morning
Lou is really enjoying his diet-free breakfast with Helen and Jim. Madge comes in and Helen and Jim make themselves scarce.
MADGE: I miss you, Lou. I was wrong. I should have trusted you. I've been an idiot. I've hurt you very badly and I should have realised that. I love you and I want you to come back. Please come back, Lou.
LOU: No.
Madge storms out.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is removing her contact lenses at the counter and putting them in a glass.
Beth comes in as Phoebe is leaving. She's still in a mood about Marco squatting at the hotel. He apologises again, and says it's over with Frances, anyway.
MARCO: I'm glad it's you I kissed.
BETH: What's that supposed to mean?
Beth is not impressed and tells Marco to quit when he's behind!
Hunters' Hardware
Doug is giving a demonstration of weedkiller. On the sidelines, Simon and Gaby are getting on well.
Phoebe and Todd are having a pash at lunch-time (yuk!). He drink a glass of water that's sitting on the side and then chokes. Phoebe is forced to fess up about the contact lenses. She can't help laughing though - she couldn't get used to them anyway! Todd says he doesn't mind her wearing glasses - she's beautiful whatever she does.
Madge has made a nice lunch up for Lou with the help of Helen. Lou arrives and is rather shocked to see Madge there, but Helen forces him to sit down.
LOU: I won't eat it.
MADGE: Lou, I am trying to apologise...for all the horrible, unfounded suspicions I had about you.
Lou is unimpressed, but starts to mellow a bit at the sight of all the nice food(!)
Just then, Lou catches sight of Oscar and jumps to defend Madge with a breadstick! Phoebe and Todd come in and are chuffed that Oscar has been found.
MADGE: You tried to save me - just like Indiana Jones. You know what that proves, don't you?
LOU: What?
MADGE: You still love me. You do, don't you.
Hunter's Hardware
Doug is still giving the hard sell on low wattage lights. Jim has turned up now and is impressed at Doug's patter.
Elsewhere in the shop, Todd is holding his stomach saying it hurts(!) He and Phoebe have come to tell Doug to call off the search for Oscar.
Gaby has come to collect a few things for the boutique.
Lou is unmoved and has come to pick up his main.
MADGE: Admit it. You still love me.
LOU: Alright yes, of course I still love you.
But Lou doesn't want to get back together - whether he loves Madge isn't the issue - it's all about trust. He doesn't think Madge will ever stop looking for ways to see if her trust has been broken by him.
He kisses her on the cheek.
LOU: Bye, Madge.
Hotel room
Beth is making up a room when Marco comes to talk to her. He tells her he's not usually a bad guy who goes around stealing keys. He likes Beth. He kisses her.
Hunter's Hardware
Gaby is just finishing up her shopping while Doug goes to get a hose from the top shelf. Unfortunately, Gaby pushes her trolley into the ladder and Doug falls.
<<1681 - 1683>>
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