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Neighbours Episode 1681 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1681
Australian airdate: 18/05/92
UK airdate: 23/04/93
UK Gold: 12/04/99
Writer: Christine Madafferi
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Narelle: Lyn Shakespeare
Bill Evans: Raymond Rich
Lizzie Bryant: Marilyn Chestnut
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge hears Lou and Narelle talking inside the house. Lou is only eating a pizza, but Madge misconstrues their dialogue.
Helen sits Madge down and tells her to calm down. Madge is very upset. Helen says they might be jumping to the wrong conclusion, but she can't think what other conclusion there could be. Madge says Lou was very pleased earlier when she said she was going out - he must have had it all planned.
MADGE:(starting to cry) Oh, Helen. I really loved him. I thought we had a future together.
Coffee Shop
Marco is just closing in when Beth rushes up, telling him she's desperate for a cappuccino. Marco tells her that the machine is broken, so Beth offers to have a look at it - she grew up with machinery on the farm, so she's quite good with it. She puts down her rostas on the counter, which contains a list of which hotel rooms are occupied and which are vacant. They chat about Brad and Beth tells Marco that it's off. Marco tells her cut her losses and move on.
Lou has just finished his pizza. Narelle starts putting her hands on Lou's chest and then kisses him! He fends her off.
NARELLE: You're a very attractive man, Lou.
LOU: Well, that's true. But I'm strictly a one-woman man.
NARELLE: You only wanted me for my pizza!
LOU: Yes! ...no, no, listen Narelle, you are a very sexy lady and of course I'm attracted to you, but I'm very happy with Madge and there's no way I'm going to cheat on her.
NARELLE: She's a lucky woman.
LOU: Yes(!)
She helps him to clean up the pizza box. As Narelle leaves through the front door, Madge comes in through the back door. She's furious.
MADGE: I know you cheated!
LOU: (guiltily) I was desperate.
Madge starts hitting him with a tea-towel.
LOU: Listen, what's the big deal? I only cheated once! I've been good the whole week!
Madge is speechless.
MADGE: The whole week?!
LOU: Well, nobody's perfect! I mean you must have known it was only a question of time before I weakened!
MADGE: I don't believe I'm hearing this. You'd cheat on me with that trollop, and I'm supposed to just accept it.
Lou is very shocked but then realises they've been talking at cross-purposes.
MADGE: I heard you moaning and her giggling - it was disgusting!
LOU:(starting to laugh) I was groaning over a pizza! Because of all the salads you've been feeding me all week.
MADGE: Oh, come on, you're going to have to do better than that. Nobody makes the kind of sounds I heard over a pizza! And you don't need some bimbo to help you eat it!
Lou says he knows it sounded bad, but he didn't cheat on Madge.
MADGE: I don't need to believe anything you say again. I never need to see you again. Get out.
Lou is very shocked.
Todd and Phoebe are hanging out in the living room. Dorothy sends Todd home to do his homework. Todd tells Phoebe to get glasses - she's squinting.
Helen pops over to say that there have been a few Oscar sightings at Lassiter's - but that Doug Willis has been hired to kill him. She rushes off.
Todd and Phoebe find Doug and explain that the snake is Phoebe's pet. Doug will try not to hurt him, but he can't guarantee that noone else will. They run off.
Pam rushes up to Doug with the paper and shows him a whole letter of articles in the paper protesting their treatment of Doug. Doug is suspicious, but Pam insists she had nothing to do with it.
Just then, they hear a voice.
MAN: Snake! Snake! Snake!
He beats the bushes verociously. Phoebe rushes up to him but the man says he's killed it.
Coffee Shop
Beth and Marco are discussing relationships - Beth says most girls are married by her age in the country. She likes living in the city, but it can get very lonely. Beth has enjoyed working on the machine - and she's fixed it. Marco is impressed.
It turns out that the man has beaten a dead branch to death(!)
TODD: He's obviously one of your mob - very short-sighted!
Phoebe realises she has an appointment booked and rushes off.
Pam is still insisting to Doug that she had nothing to do with the articles in the paper. Just then, a lady from the Erinsborough News calls by - apparently they've been swamped by complaining letters and phone-calls. It's generated a lot of interest - there's even talk of a Doug Willis Fan Club! She wants to do a follow-up article.
WOMAN: Firstly, have you always been so popular with women?
DOUG: Well, I would have to say - yes.
Lou has packed his suitcase and tells Madge she's making a big mistake. He's explained what happened and he's upset that she's got no faith him.
MADGE: I'm sorry I ever got myself involved with such a shifty, philandering user.
Lou doesn't say a word. He just walks out, shutting door behind him.
When he's gone, Madge starts to cry.
Phoebe is making posters to put up around Lassiter's about Oscar. Phoebe apologises to Dorothy for bringing the video home because it ended up scaring Toby - it won't happen again. Todd comes round and asks Phoebe why she's blinking. Phoebe suddenly start ferreting around on the floor looking for something.
Helen has come around to see Madge and is surprised to hear that Lou has gone. She invites Madge over for dinner.
There's a knock at the door and it's Narelle! She's looking for Lou. Madge tries to bundle her out.
NARELLE: Lou forgot to pay me!
MADGE: Don't you have any shame at all?! I knew you were a cheat, but I didn't know you charged!
NARELLE: Look, I don't know what your problem is, but most people pay for their pizzas! And Lou did have a Family-size Super Supreme!
Madge is gobsmacked and realises that Lou was telling the truth. She gives Narelle her money and then sits down heavily on the couch.
Car Yard
Lou is cleaning a car when Doug passes by, looking for Oscar. Lou is in a very bad mood and tells Doug that Madge has thrown him out. While they're talking, Oscar crawls into Lou's hold-all. Doug laughs his head off at the pizza story.
LOU:(irritably) Thanks mate. You've been a great help, you have.
He carries on cleaning the car.
Phoebe, Beth and Todd are hanging out talking about going to the cinema. In the kitchen, Phoebe confesses to Beth that she's got contact lenses.
Marco calls around with Beth keys - she left them at the shop. He can't hang around though as he has a big night planned.
Beth gets a phone-call - she has to work tonight to prepare a suite for a VIP client. She won't be able to go to the cinema after all.
BETH: Looks like I'm in for a pretty dull evening.
Garden of the Willises
There's a phonecall for Doug from Simon Hunter and they set up a meeting for tomorrow.
Lou has dropped off a hold-all full of car extras for Lucy. Unseen by anyone, Oscar the snake crawls out. Helen sits Lou down and then coincidentally(!) Madge calls around. Lou isn't impressed to see her at all.
MADGE: Lou - please, hear me out. I'm so sorry, I really am.
She explains that Narelle came around for the pizza money and wants him to come home.
LOU: I'm sorry, Madge. I'm not coming back tonight, not ever!
MADGE: But why? I've said I'm sorry, it was an honest mistake...
LOU: Oh sure, but when I told you that, you wouldn't believe me. Now what hope of a life do we have together if you think I'm a liar and a cheat? The bottom line is, you simple don't trust me.
MADGE: I do. I'm so sorry.
LOU: So am I. But we're finished Madge. There's no way I can come back now.
Madge takes off her ring and hands it back to him.
LOU: Bye, Madge.
Madge walks out.
Beth is servicing some rooms. She is surprised to see one of them open, and even more surprised when she steps into one of them and someone jumps on her in the dark and kisses her!
<<1680 - 1682>>
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