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Neighbours Episode 1680 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1680
Australian airdate: 15/05/92
UK airdate: 22/04/93
UK Gold: 09/04/99
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Narelle: Lyn Shakespeare
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phoebe gets the idea that Jim is going to send Todd back to Adelaide and is very upset.
Phoebe storms off, and Todd tries to go after her, but Jim drags him back into the house. He sends Todd off to his bedroom. Todd tells Jim he's very cruel, but Jim says he's just thinking of Todd's schoolwork. Todd stomps off to his room.
Toby is doing his homework at the kitchen table. Dorothy sends him out to the garden to get Bouncer in, but he's too scared to go out.
In the living room, Dorothy finds Phoebe sobbing. Dorothy tries to comfort her, but Phoebe says that everyone she loves leaves her.
DOROTHY: Phoebe, you must believe - none of it is your fault!
PHOEBE: Then why am I being punished?
Dorothy tells her that she's just a victim of circumstance, and despite it all she's done extremely well. Anyway, Dorothy and Toby both love her.
DOROTHY: I'll always be here for you, Phoebe. You must believe that.
PHOEBE: I can't let myself believe it. I'll just end up getting hurt again.
She sobs in Dorothy's arms.
Doug comes around looking for Faye. Cameron shows him a note - Faye has done a runner. Doug is shocked and Cameron explains he's found out that the insurance claim hasn't been dropped after all.
Doug reads, "Don't try to find me because you never will. I realise my departure will cause many of you great distress, but there was no other way. I will carry all of you dear ones with me in my heart. And that will keep me strong in my long, lonely journey."
Doug can't believe it - Faye will just end up in more trouble eventually. Cameron says he's not sure that they'll ever find Faye - she's taken her passport too. Doug is confident that they'll find her though.
No.24, the following morning
Lou is moaning that he's got muesli again for breakfast. Madge congratulates him on his willpower. He suggests a dinner at Edward's tonight, but Madge says the menu is unhealthy.
Paul comes around to tell Madge that some of the hotel's guests have seen a snake around the premises. He'll have to hire someone to find it.
Dorothy pops around and Todd asks her how Phoebe is. Apparently she's out looking for Oscar. Todd heads off to find her.
Dorothy tells Jim off for threatening to send Todd back to Adelaide - Phoebe cried herself to sleep. Jim says that he didn't mention Adelaide at all - he thinks Todd must have got the wrong impression.
Lou and Madge are chatting about Narelle who apparently works in a pizza parlour now. Madge is going out with Helen and Lou looks very pleased(!) Madge warns Lou that the local shopkeepers know all about his diet(!)
Coffee Shop
Cameron has rung the airlines, but they don't give out passenger information. Helen comes in and is shocked to hear that Faye has done a runner. She offers Cameron to take over the lease, but he says it's a bit much on his own. Helen had better find another tenant.
Paul comes in and asks Cameron to find the snake and kill it, but Cameron points out that snakes are protected. He gives Doug the job instead!
Phoebe is looking for Oscar. Todd comes up and tells her he won't go back to Adelaide - he'll just get a job and they can find a flat together if he tries. They hug.
Toby is pretending to have a sore throat and Dorothy says it's a real shame that he'll miss the trip to the spooky caves(!)
Dorothy goes to put a video on for Toby and is shocked to see such a terrible film in the player. She realises that Toby has watched it, and is terrified by Dr Drill. She tells him off, saying it's R-rated (or 18 for us Brits). Toby wishes he'd never seen it - he's totally freaked out now.
MADGE: I'm off now, love. There's some salad in the fridge if you feel peckish.
LOU: No thanks, love, those crispbreads you fed me for lunch really filled me up(!)
When Madge has gone, Lou gets straight on the phone to the pizza parlour(!)
Phoebe and Todd come in - they haven't found Oscar. Jim comes in and tells them that he's not sending Todd back to Adelaide. He wouldn't want Todd to go, let alone force him. He explains that he has been hard on Todd lately, but it's just because Todd will need good marks to be in the running for a job. They accept this.
Cameron and Doug are having a chat about Faye. They are resigned to letting her go since there's no chance of finding her. Meanwhile, Cameron will have to find somewhere to live. Doug suggests that Cameron moves in with them - he is family, after all!
DOUG: Welcome to the madhouse!
Outside No.24
Madge and Helen are home early - the cinema was fully booked. Cameron walks by and tells Helen he's moving in with Doug. Madge is still pressing Helen for details about Caroline's departure, but just then she notices Narelle getting out of a car and going up to the house.
Dorothy is explaining to Toby that films are no more real than the school play - it's just a story. Dr Drill is fictional.
Phoebe comes in, delighted that Todd isn't going back to Adelaide. Dorothy says she has an announcement to make. But from now on they're going to be a family. Dorothy looked in to being legally responsible for Phoebe, but apparently it's not possible. But she'll be there as long as Phoebe needs her.
DOROTHY: Except...Mrs Burke doesn't sit right now. We need something less formal for when we're away from school.
PHOEBE: Well...I'd feel a bit silly calling you Dorothy.
Dorothy suggests they call her "Mim" - it's a nickname she had when she was younger.
DOROTHY: Can you get used to that?
TOBY: Sounds good.
Even Bouncer barks his appreciation.
Lou is in seventh heaven, tucking in to the pizza Narelle has brought. He gets up and closes the curtains(!)
Meanwhile, Madge and Helen approach the window.
MADGE: What's going on in there?
LOU: Oh Narelle! Oh, Narelle, you're wonderful! I've been dying for this!
He tucks into the pizza.
NARELLE: Slow down a bit! You'll enjoy it much more if you take your time!
LOU: Madge will kill me if she finds out.
HELEN: I'm so sorry, Madge.
MADGE: Well! At least I proved that I was right in the first place. That's it as far as I'm concerned. I'm finished with Lou Carpenter for good.
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