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Neighbours Episode 1679 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1679
Australian airdate: 14/05/92
UK airdate: 21/04/93
UK Gold: 08/04/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The insurance assessor catches Faye out. He tells her he'll see her in court.
No.30, late at night
Phoebe and Todd are watching a horror movie. It's a particularly scary one - even Phoebe was scared. Toby comes out in his pyjamas and wants to watch it, but they refuse.
Dorothy comes out and sends Toby off to bed, then tells Phoebe and Todd they'd better call it a day too - it is a school night after all.
When Dorothy has gone, Phoebe and Todd say goodnight, telling each other how much they love each other.
Pam and Brad are having a chat. Brad tells her that Beth isn't talking to him and pours out the whole story. Pam thinks Beth will come round. Also she makes Brad admit that he likes Lucy a lot - but Lucy doesn't like him. Pam suggests Brad tells Lucy how he really feels.
Phoebe and Dorothy have gone to bed. A storm rages outside and Toby sneaks out to watch the horror movie.
Lucy and Beth are sulking and Jim tells Todd he should be doing his homework. Todd reckons he hasn't got any.
Beth starts to cry and tells Lucy that Brad just wants to be friends. Lucy admits that she still likes Brad so they're both in Heartbreak Hotel.
Cameron gets in to find Faye sitting silently in the living room, brooding. She doesn't tell Cameron what's happened.
Toby is still watching the horror movie and hiding behind Bouncer(!) Everything in the room seems to turn into a scary monster.
No.30, the following morning
Phoebe gets the newspaper in and comes in to find Toby asleep on the sofa. He wakes up and screams at the sight one of Dorothy's African artifacts. He's very nervous as he walks around the house.
In the kitchen, Dorothy is surprised to see that Phoebe is up already too. They talk about Phoebe's mother and her lack of involvement in her life. Dorothy says she won't allow Phoebe to let herself down through lack of parental support.
Jim and Beth chat over breakfast. While they're talking, Brad pops in to see Lucy. She's not there, so he decides to have a word with Beth. She doesn't want to talk to him so he follows her around the house trying to get his point across(!) He reckons she'd hate him as a boyfriend - he's unreliable, unromantic and untidy, and she'd have to spend hours on beaches waiting for him to finish surfing.
BRAD: And I'm really clumsy as well, and I think I'm getting a wart!
He shows her his finger. Beth finally starts to giggle and says that maybe Brad's right.
BETH: I deserve much better than you!
BRAD: Yeah, now we're talking, give me heaps!
She starts to smack him on the chest(!)
Faye is very melancholy this morning. She's brought Pam a salad bowl to replace the one that Brad broke.
FAYE: I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, but I am very fond of you, you know. You've been a terrific sister-in-law, all things considered.
Pam is rather surprised to see the least.
CAMERON: You feeling alright mum?!
He arranges to meet her for dinner tonight. Faye is rather touched.
FAYE: We've come a long way since we started communicating, haven't we.
CAMERON: Yes...I guess so.
FAYE: I'm very proud of you, you know. No matter what I've said.
She heads off, giving them both a hug first.
CAMERON: Alright, I'll see you tonight mum...
FAYE: Yes, bye.
PAM: What's got into her?
CAMERON: I don't know. But I think I like it!
A road
Todd and Phoebe are just walking up Ramsay Street when they spot Faye going into No.32, crying. They are a bit surprised, but carry on walking. They arrange to go to the velodrome tonight for a bit of roller-blading.
Dorothy and Jim have been having a little chat in the kitchen. When Todd and Phoebe come in, they tell them that their marks have slipped - their homework has also been in late. They're both now banned from going out during the week so they can concentrate on their studies.
Outside Lassiter's
Brad is rehearsing his asking out speech. Just then he bumps into Lucy who shouts at him because she's heard that he's quit his job.
LUCY: I give up on you, Brad Willis! Opportunities like this come around once in a lifetime! You blew it, totally.
Brad walks off dejectedly.
A park
Todd and Phoebe are having a sit down and a bit of a pash. While they're kissing, Oscar the snake emerges from his basket and slithers off. Neither of them notice. Eventually Phoebe picks up the basket to head off and realise what's happened.
Brad is very upset following his conversation with Lucy, so Pam makes him some ice-cream.
Faye is hugging her cat and telling it how much she'll miss it, and promises to write(!). She tells the cat she's doing a runner to get away from the insurance company. Just then, a taxi pulls up outside. Faye takes a few photographs off the mantlepiece and then heads off - to the airport. She has a last look around Ramsay Street.
FAYE: I've grown rather fond of this place.
TAXI DRIVER: Looks like any other street to me.
FAYE: What would you know.
She gets into the car.
Phoebe and Todd are late home and Jim is not pleased. They explain that Oscar has gone missing. Jim demands to know what they were doing down by the lake anyway - Todd was meant to come straight home. He's not happy and says he'll have to take more drastic measure. When Jim has gone, Todd reckons Jim might send him back to Adelaide. Phoebe gets very angry.
PHOEBE: You made me love you, now you're going to leave me just like everyone else!
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