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Neighbours Episode 1678 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1677 - 1679>>
Episode title: 1678
Australian airdate: 13/05/92
UK airdate: 20/04/93
UK Gold: 07/04/99
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Walter Schofield: John Flaus
Bill Adams: Doug Bennett
Mark Thompson: Donald Baigent
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad pulls a sleaze off Beth. It turns out to be Peter O'Donoghue, the bloke he was meant to impress.
Lucy is still flopping around the living room, fed up. Helen comes out in her dressing gown, just as Brad and Beth come home early. They tell them what happened and Brad is worried that he's in trouble at work. Helen goes off to make a cup of tea. Lucy strops off, much to Brad's surprise.
Faye is ringing Bill Adams, the insurance assessor. She pretends to be ill and coughs down the phone. She invites him around to the house tomorrow morning to work out an "amicable solution" to the "horrible mess".
Pam tells Brad that he did the right thing by Beth, but Brad isn't buying it and is even off his food(!)
Doug is still upset with Pam over the Aussie Yobbo article.
No.26, the following morning
Lucy is raving about Italy and wishes she could go like Caroline. Gaby pops around to borrow Helen's stick for Faye(!)
Beth comes in and raves to Lucy about what a good time she had (until the O'Donoghue incident) and how great Brad is.
BETH: He's just the most sensational guy and he's all mine!
LUCY: I'm really happy for you(!)
Faye has cleared her house of trinkets and furniture - it looks very bare. When the insurance man comes she limps to the door and shows him in. He's rather concerned about the state of her leg and she says she needs to know the amount of the claim because she's due to have surgery(!) She explains she has no family and doesn't know what she'll do in her old age - maybe she could go into a nursing home.
Brad wants to call in sick to work but Pam and Doug won't let him! When he's gone, Doug opens the newspaper and sees a load of letters from readers objecting to their portrayal of Doug as an Aussie yobbo. There's lots of people Doug doesn't know have written in as well as Dorothy and Pam herself. He's very pleased and hugs her.
The insurance assessor tells Faye over a cup of tea that he's surprised - last week Faye seemed in perfect health. She explains the pain comes on rapidly. He is quite admiring of her and looks a bit concerned when Faye starts to talk about being bankrupt.
ASSESSOR: Faye...may I call you Faye?
FAYE: Please!
ASSESSOR: Whether this case gets to court is entirely at my discretion. And I don't think dragging your name through the courts will do anyone any good. I am going to recommend that they drop the case against you.
FAYE: Really? Oh no, no, I couldn't let you stick your neck out.
ASSESSOR: But I insist! You've got nothing to worry about.
FAYE: How can I ever thank you?
ASSESSOR: I know one way. As soon as the hip's improved, how about dinner?
FAYE: Oh!...the please would be mine...Bill...
She looks a bit disgusted(!)
Brad's Office
Brad's colleague tells him that O'Donoghue will only do business with their company if Brad is sacked. He reckons Walter will stick by him though.
Coffee Shop
Madge is probing Helen for information about why Caroline went to Italy. Doug and Pam come in and they congratulate Doug on his character restoration.
Brad's Office
Walter comes to see Brad. He's got an envelope for him. Brad opens it dejectedly and there's a cheque in it(!) - it's his monthly pay. Brad says he doesn't deserve things - he messed things up with Peter O'Donoghue, but Walter tells him to forget it. Brad says he doesn't want special treatment, just because he saved Walter's life. He appreciates what he's done, but he's gone to get there on his own. He gives Walter his cheque back.
BRAD: Walter, you don't need me. If you don't sack me, I'll quit.
Brad is watching TV. Pam tells him that he did the right thing in quitting, it was the moral thing to do. Brad looks at the paper and congratulates Doug.
Doug starts clearing the table of Pam's paper and sees that Pam's list of patients are the same people who wrote in to the paper. He's not impressed that she arranged all the letters being written. He strops off to his room.
Ramsay Street
Walter has arrived in a very posh car. Faye rushes over an invites him for afternoon tea, but Walter wants to see Brad first. Faye rushes off to move her furniture back into the living room.
No.28 - OUtside
Walter tells Brad that he thinks of Brad like a son and he had no right to try to mould him into something he wasn't. Brad thanks Walter for everything he's done for him and shakes his hand.
Beth sees Brad coming up the path and is excited. She opens the door to him and Lucy strops off to her room. Brad is confused - they're all friends after all. He tells Beth he's resigned from the company. He thanks Beth for being his date to the ball - he's have had to take Gaby otherwise.
BETH:(upset) I thought you wanted me to go.
BRAD: Yeah, I did.
BETH: I mean...really wanted me to go.
BRAD: What, you thought I...oh, boy!
BETH:(angrily) I thought we had something going!
BRAD:(shocked) I didn't know you liked me like that. I'm sorry...I feel rotten. I've always looked on you as a friend.
BETH: A friend?!
BRAD: You're a great girl and I always have heaps of fun with you.
Beth strops off to her room.
Faye has got all her trinkets back in the living room and is serving afternoon tea to Walter. She puts some music on and invites him to dance.
Just then, there's a knock at the door and Faye sends Walter off to answer it. It's the insurance assessor!
ASSESSOR: Quite an eye-opener! You've had a speedy recovery.
FAYE: Yes...
ASSESSOR: So have your fortunes, I see!
WALTER: Is there a problem?
ASSESSOR: Only for Mrs Hudson. I'll see you in court!
<<1677 - 1679>>
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