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Neighbours Episode 1677 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1676 - 1678>>
Episode title: 1677
Australian airdate: 12/05/92
UK airdate: 19/04/93
UK Gold: 06/04/99
Writer: Carole Yelland
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Walter Schofield: John Flaus
Peter O'Donohue: Norman Steiner
Stuart Farquar: Martin Lane
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina demands to know what happened between Paul and Caroline.
PAUL: Oh, Chrissie. You and Andrew mean so much to me. I can't tell you how much I love you both. And I need you. That really is the truth.
CHRISTINA: I don't understand what you're getting at.
PAUL: ...
CHRISTINA:(angrily) Paul, say something!
PAUL: I'm not handling this situation with Caroline very well. The whole thing is...
CHRISTINA: But you've always got on so well together - you were so close!
PAUL: That's just it! Don't you see? Two people can't be that close, always under pressure, always meeting deadlines - it's like we got to know what each other was thinking.
CHRISTINA: You were a team for so long...something changed. What happened? Tell me.
But before Paul can speak a word, there's a knock at the door and it's Helen, come to borrow some stockings for Beth to go to the ball. Christina goes off to her bedroom to get some and in the meantime, Helen notices that there's something very wrong with Paul.
HELEN: You're looking at a good listener, you know.
PAUL: Oh, Gran. I've got to talk to somebody.
Brad's Office
Faye calls in to see Brad's office and is most approving of it. She's pleased that Brad is making a go of things and then moans about Gaby's insurance claim. After a while, Walter arrives and Brad introduces him to Faye. Faye is delighted to meet him and tries to wangle an invitation to the ball(!) Luckily Walter doesn't bite and Brad ushers her out, but not before she invites Walter to dinner one night(!)
When Faye has gone, Brad tells Walter he's inviting Beth to the ball. Walter is surprised it's not Lucy, but he says it's up to Brad - just make sure to rent a tux! Tonight's guest of honour will be Peter O'Donoghue - a man placed to put $250,000 of business their way. He wants Brad to impress him tonight.
Paul has told Helen everything and she's very shocked. Paul says he was about to tell Chrissie everything when Helen walked in.
HELEN: So nothing really happened between you and Caroline?
PAUL: We kissed, Gran. There was nothing more and we were ashamed enough about that.
HELEN: Then Caroline has made an enormous personal sacrifice for the sake of your marriage, and for the sake of her relationship with her sister. The truth would only make that pointless, darling. And it would devastate Christina!
PAUL: Gran, I can't lie to her!
HELEN: Normally I'd be the last person to advise anyone to be untruthful but in this case...what she doesn't know...
PAUL: Yeah...I don't want to hurt her.
Just then Christina comes back with Andrew and tells them that he's teething. She gives Helen some stockings for Beth.
Paul shows Helen out and tells her he'll take her advice.
Beth is all dressed up and ready for the ball in a white dress. Helen comes in and admires her look, giving her the stockings.
BETH: I feel so...oh I don't know...
She starts to dance around the room, much to Lucy's displeasure. Helen tells Beth that she will be the belle of the ball.
Beth asks Lucy if she thinks Brad will kiss her, but Lucy couldn't be less interested.
Paul is telling Christina that he couldn't stop Caroline leaving - she'd made up her mind. It was just a host of little things and eventually they started grating on each other's nerves. She didn't want to bring the tension home to upset Christina and Andrew. Christina still doesn't entirely buy this, but has no choice.
CHRISTINA: I guess we'd drifted further apart from each other than we realised. Is that really everything?
PAUL: Yes, that's it. That's all there is.
Gaby has brought Faye some flowers and has come to tell her that the cheque for the insurance has come through. Faye reckons she isn't bothered about any action being taken against her - they won't get any money out of her because she's going to fight, with the best lawyers if she has to.
GABY: But you confessed you started the fire!
FAYE: Aaaah but perhaps I didn't! Perhaps I made the whole thing up, just to protect my niece from her own carelessness.
GABY:(angrily) That's just not true - it's a straight-up lie! Don't you have any conscience?
Faye says she might not take that line - she's just trying to think of a way out of the situation.
Marco has popped around and Christina is telling him that she's still trying to take everything in.
MARCO: Hey, you've always been close. And anyone that tries to break you up will have me to deal with, right?
He looks pointedly at Paul.
PAUL: Caroline loves you! Come on, she had to do this for herself this time.
MARCO: Yeah...sure.
He glares at Paul.
Beth is waiting for Brad to arrive. Helen answers the door to a tall, blonde stranger in a tux...yes, it's Brad all dressed up. Lucy goes off to the kitchen to sulk. Brad tells Helen and Beth that he's stressed out about having to impress Walter's client.
Marco and Paul are having a row. Marco thinks Paul should take some responsibility instead of making himself out to be innocent.
MARCO: I don't know what either of them sees in you! Chrissie only half-believes you anyway. Too many missing pieces. See how she feels when she knows the real story!
PAUL: Marco, please, don't tell her. Not for my sake, but for hers. Don't you see it'll destroy her?
MARCO: Chris deserves better.
PAUL: I know it was a mistake. But it stopped before anything got out of hand. That made me realise just how much I do love Chrissie.
MARCO: Easy to say. Don't worry, I won't tell her the full story. But not because of you. I care about my cousins, I care about both of them. I'll do it for their sakes.
PAUL: Thanks.
MARCO: But listen! I'll stick to your version as long as you treat Chrissie right. I mean it!
PAUL: Yeah.
The Ball
Beth and Brad have arrived. Brad is very nervous and feels uncomfortable in his tux. They sit down so Brad can get himself together. Beth tells Brad that she wishes she'd got to know him better in Queensland, but she wasn't in a good place then (after the incident with her mother's boyfriend) She still feels a bit freaked out about it. They head off into the main ball.
Paul, Marco and Christina are having dinner. Christina is really missing Caroline and vows to ring her tomorrow. Paul thinks she should give Caroline some time to settle in. Marco is fed up and decides to head off. At the front door, Paul thanks Marco for not saying anything, earning another glare in return.
The Ball
Brad is nervous about meeting O'Donoghue. Walter comes up and introduces Stuart Wagner to him - he's another member of the company in accounts. Brad is a bit out of his depth when he starts talking accounting.
Gaby has come back to see Faye. She says she's got a good idea - now she's got the insurance money, she can re-open the boutique. Would Faye like a job? No, Faye wouldn't - she's decided to crack on to the insurance company advisor instead(!)
Marco has come to see Lucy. Both of them are sulking. They eventually agree not to talk about their problems and just enjoy themselves instead. They talk about LUcy's car - she can't wait to be mobile. Marco is thinking about getting a motorbike.
The Ball
Beth steps outside for a minute and a man comes up to her and puts his hand on her neck. He insists on having a dance and grabs Beth's arm.
BETH: Would you let go of me!
MAN: Just, relax!
Brad comes out and pulls the bloke off Beth.
MAN: Who do you think you are? Prince Charming?
BRAD: Hey, don't even think about going near her, you got it?
MAN: Rack off.
Walter comes up.
MAN:(to Walter) One of your staff has just blown any chance you ever had of getting our account. You should be more careful about who you hire.
He stomps off.
BRAD: Who's that sleaze?
WALTER: That was Peter O'Donoghue, the man you were supposed to impress.
<<1676 - 1678>>
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