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Neighbours Episode 1671 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1670 - 1672>>
Episode title: 1671 (Todd Landers and Phoebe Bright sleep together)
Australian airdate: 04/05/92
UK airdate: 09/04/93
UK Gold: 29/03/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Caroline confesses to Dorothy that she's fallen in love with Paul.
Todd and Phoebe are looking for a place to have sex(!) but everyone is settled in for the night at the Robinsons. They try to get them to go out to see "Hook"(!)
TODD: I just think you guys should get out more.
JIM: Any particular reason?
JIM: Hmmm!
Dorothy is amazed - she didn't even think Caroline and Paul had been getting along. Caroline says she thinks she senses something from Paul too, but she's not sure. Christina doesn't know anything about this, but they read each other so well she may well start to pick up on it.
Lou comes in, excited that he's sold three cars today. Madge is still steamed up about Narelle despite Lou's protestations. She's very hurt and says Lou will never be like Harold - she always felt safe and secure with him.
Outside No.22, the following morning
Caroline thanks Dorothy for the talk last night. Paul goes to work early and Caroline thinks it's to avoid her.
DOROTHY: Have you thought about what you're going to do?
CAROLINE: There's only one thing I *can* do. Quit the job, move out of the house.
Dorothy thinks this is a bit drastic and suggests that Caroline just goes away for a few days to get things in perspective.
Jim wants to have a chat to Todd about trying to get him and Helen out of the house last night. Jim warns Todd that Year 12 is crucial and that has to be his priority.
Todd is telling Phoebe that he does see Jim's point of view - they do need to study.
Dorothy tells Phoebe that she's going out with Winnie tonight so she'll be in charge of Toby. When Dorothy has gone, Phoebe suggests to Toby that he goes to Ben's tonight(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Lou is selling Paul another raffle ticket. He tells Paul about his spat with Madge - he's quite upset about it. He says he's not interested in Narelle.
PAUL: So you think it's normal? To be married to one woman and find another one attractive?
LOU: Well, of course it is! Strewth, mate, it's only human!
Lou says he'll have to try a bit harder with Madge - the whole roses and chocolates bit.
LOU: You've no idea what it's like living under the same room as the woman of your dreams and not being able to get close to her!
Paul looks like he knows just how it feels!
Phoebe calls to talk to Todd, but he's in the shower. She asks Helen to tell him to drop over after soccer practice. When Todd gets out of the shower, he goes straight out, and Helen doesn't have time to give him Phoebe's message. Then Rosemary rings, so she can't run after Todd.
Madge answers the door to Lou who presents her with roses and a present. Lou says he's not really Lou, he's his twin brother Roger. Madge is extremely unimpressed. Lou offers her a deal - if she's still mad at him after dinner tonight, they can call it a farewell meal. Madge refuses and says she won't be conned into going out with him.
Cut to Madge and Lou at a fancy restaurant! They have a swanky table in the garden and Lou tells Madge how much he appreciates her.
Phoebe paces around the silent house looking very sad.
PHOEBE:(to Oscar) Says a lot about what I mean to him, doesn't it?
Caroline tells Paul that she's going away for a bit on business. He surprised, but agrees
PAUL: I guess it's important to you...
CAROLINE: You know it is. And it's not just important to me.
Phoebe answers the door to Lucy. They chat about Todd - Phoebe thinks Todd's gone cold on her. Lucy doesn't think that's true and advises Phoebe to talk to Todd.
Dorothy comes home and goes straight to bed.
The atmosphere between Lou and Madge is still rather strained.
LOU: What if I said that I love you?
MADGE: Then I would say I find it hard to believe.
LOU: Then maybe actions speak louder than words.
Lou takes out a ring. Madge asks if it's an engagement ring. Lou says it can be whatever she wants it to be. Madge puts it on her right hand and says they can keep it as a friendship ring for now. They kiss.
Phoebe knocks on Todd's bedroom window and wakes him up. He lets her in through the window. Phoebe wants to know why Todd didn't come over and they ascertain that he didn't get the message from Helen.
PHOEBE: Then you don't want us to break up?
They start kissing and lie down on the bed.
TODD: Phoebe. I love you.
PHOEBE: I love you too, Todd.
They start kissing again and the picture fades to black.
<<1670 - 1672>>
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