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Neighbours Episode 1672 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1672
Australian airdate: 05/05/92
UK airdate: 12/04/93
UK Gold: 30/03/99
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Laurel Adams: Liz Charters
Phil: Simon Mills
Narelle: Lyn Shakespeare
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Todd and Phoebe spend the night together.
Faye comes round to see Pam, who has just got up. Faye is moaning that Gaby wasn't grateful enough for her sorting things out with the insurance but Pam points out that it was Faye that burnt to place down in the first place(!)
Doug is getting ready for his Erinsborough News photoshoot and Faye advises him to take a gentlemanly pose(!)
Lou and Madge are having breakfast and talking about how much their relationship means to them.
LOU: You are the only woman in the world for me!
They hug.
Madge pops in to see Helen on the way to work to show her the friendship ring from Lou. Helen is glad to see that Madge is happy. In the background, Todd and Phoebe are in a panic and Phoebe quickly runs out of the front door.
Phoebe creeps into No.30 trying not to wake anyone, but Dorothy is already up and waiting for her and is not at all happy.
DOROTHY: So, young lady. Just where did you spend last night?
Phoebe is forced to admit that she spent the night with Todd. Dorothy wants to know how long it's been going on, and she hopes that Phoebe has taken precautions. Apparently they did.
Phoebe is defiant, but Dorothy says she and Todd are not ready for such a big commitment - Phoebe wouldn't have sneaked off if she'd thought it was right.
PHOEBE: We know exactly what we're doing.
DOROTHY: I wonder. You've been through a great deal in these last few months. Losing your father, having to face the fact that your mother has shown such little interest in you and your future. It's natural to turn to someone for the love and comfort you need. And it's easy to confuse that with the kind of feeling you have for Todd.
PHOEBE: I'm not confused. I know how I feel.
DOROTHY: Perhaps you do. But while you're living under this roof, I most certainly cannot allow the relationship to continue.
PHOEBE: I'm not ashamed of what I've done.
DOROTHY: Nevertheles,s it can't go on. For heaven's sake, Phoebe, I'm not just a person you're staying with. You are also my student and I have to do what I know is best. For both of you.
Lou is just heading up when Narelle from the car yard opening breezes in(!) Lou is very shocked and tells her to go away - he's very happy with Madge and he's got all the TLC he needs!
Unfortunately for Lou, while they're talking, Madge comes in through the back door.
MADGE: Just what's this trollop doing in my house?!
Narelle explains that she got Lou's address from the agency. Madge is not impressed and storms out, throwing the friendship ring on the floor. Lou chases after her.
Front garden of No. 24
LOU: Madge! Madge, be reasonable!
Helen is passing by and tries not to laugh. Madge is suspicious and Lou tells her that he was in the middle of sending Narelle away. But she won't listen. Lou eventually gets a word in and tells Madge in no uncertain terms that he's fed up of her comparing him to her previous husbands.
LOU: I'm sick of trying to compete, Madge. I am my own bloke! And you either take me the way I can, or you can forget it!
He stalks off. Helen tells Madge that she'd better sort herself out - it could easily work out for her and Lou, but Madge has to put Harold in the past.
MADGE: I can't talk to Lou the way I used to talk to Harold.
HELEN: Have you tried? It's easy to make comparisons, but do you really know what makes Lou Carpenter tick?
MADGE: I suppose I wouldn't be so damn jealous if I didn't care...
HELEN: One thing is certain - he cares a great deal about you. I wouldn't throw it away so lightly.
Garden of No.28
Doug is having some photos take with building materials, like a wheelbarrow(!) Pam, Jim and Faye are looking on. Pam is rolling her eyes and says that Doug thinks he's the new Kevin Costner(!)
Doug goes off for a cool drink and the photographer is just leaving. She says she's sure she's got enough good shots of him now.
The Park
Todd and Phoebe are talking dejectedly about the events of the night/morning. They don't feel they've done anything wrong, and vow that Dorothy won't split them up.
Dorothy has broken the news to Helen and Jim about Todd and Phoebe sleeping together. Jim is pretty shocked. Helen doesn't approve, but thinks they'd better tread carefully. Jim is his usual bull in a china shop self though!
A rough-looking man comes round looking for Cameron. He tells Faye to tell him that "Phil" is looking for him.
Jim is shouting a Todd in the kitchen.
TODD: We didn't mean to. Phoebe and I love each other.
Jim rants and raves about obeying the rules of the house.
TODD: I'm not a kid anymore.
JIM: You're not a man yet, either! Otherwise you'd have gone about it quite differently.
Jim calms down a bit and says that a physical relationship is a huge step, and he and Phoebe have only known each other a few months. Jim thinks Todd should be concentrating on his schoolwork right now.
Just then, Phoebe come in. Jim tells them both that there must not be a repeat of what happened last night.
When Jim has gone out to an appointment, Todd vows that Jim won't spoil things for them.
Lou has packed a case. Madge come in and tells Lou that she doesn't want him to go.
MADGE: I've been so busy making comparisons that I haven't given the real Lou Carpenter a chance. I do care about you - a lot. Do you think we could give it another go?
LOU: You'll have to take me warts and all, and I don't think you could handle that.
MADGE: I didn't really know how much I cared until I came in and saw that bag. I felt sick at the thought of losing you.
Lou softens and smiles at her. He gives her the friendship ring back and they hug.
Faye is telling Pam about the rough-looking bloke.
When she's gone home, Doug tells Pam that he'll have women lining up at the door once his picture is in the Erinsborough News!
Faye comes home to find the front door is open. She goes into the living room and finds a burgular in there. She screams.
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