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Neighbours Episode 1670 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1670 (Caroline Alessi admits she's in love with Paul Robinson)
Australian airdate: 01/05/92
UK airdate: 08/04/93
UK Gold: 26/03/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Narelle: Lyn Shakespeare
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul kisses Caroline in the dark, thinking she is Christina.
Lou is full of beans this morning and all ready for the opening of Carpenters Cars. Madge is sorry she can't make it, but wishes him luck. Lou says that "honesty is the best policy" from now on.
Todd asks Phoebe if she's having second thoughts about tonight. She isn't, but she's rather nervous and worried that she'll make a fool of herself. Todd reassures her and says he's not exactly Mr Experience himself. They kiss, but Jim interrupts.
JIM: Not interrupting, am I?
TODD: No...just discussing homework.
JIM: Oh! Homework's changed a lot since I was in school...!
Christina is still in a foul mood with Paul and tells him she's working at the Coffee Shop today and hopes Paul will take better care of Andrew this time. They snap at each other and then Andrew starts to cry.
Caroline is clearly upset about what happened last night and goes off early to work.
Ramsay Street
Jim, Madge and Lou see Todd and Phoebe going off to school.
JIM: Finished your homework, then?!
Dorothy comes along in her car and offers Toby a lift to school, but Todd and Phoebe decide to walk.
PHOEBE:(to Todd) I don't know how I'm going to concentrate at school today.
TODD: Me neither!
Madge is telling Jim that Lou has changed, and Jim is pleased that things are working out for them.
The Office
Paul lightheartedly tells Caroline that their kiss last night was quite funny and Caroline agrees that it was no big deal.
Carpenters Cars
Lou is handing out hotdogs and charming his customers, while Toby sells raffle tickets. Jim and Paul arrive and are quite impressed by all the balloons and the number of people milling around.
A lady comes up dressed in a short, tight white dress and introduces herself as Narelle - apparently Lou has hired her for the day to mingle with customers. Lou is rather flustered and sends her off to mingle with the customers.
Jim and Paul look up at the sign and sees that the sign is spelt wrong - it's been printed as "CARPENTERS CRAS"! Paul rushes off as he's remembered that he's supposed to be meeting Christina.
The Office
Christina is ranting that Paul is late and has no commitment to her or Andrew. Caroline tells her that she's taking things too hard - Paul is doing his best and all this fighting can't be good for Andrew. Caroline points out that Paul is a fundamentally decent guy and she should put more effort into her marriage. Christina looks chastened.
CAROLINE: Don't lose him to someone else, Chrissie.
Madge has managed to get away from work and is going to go to the Carpenters Cars opening after all. She and Dorothy head off.
Carpenters Cars
Narelle is massaging Lou's shoulders and he sends her off to give out some more hot dogs.
Paul has got Andrew in his arms now and is walking around the car yard with Jim. Phoebe and Todd are also there having been condom shopping in their lunch hour(!) Toby tries to sell them a raffle ticket and explains that Dorothy will never know he was there - and he's on his lunch break, anyway. Lou asks Paul if he can hold Andrew as it improves his image with the customers(!) Jim buys a raffle tickets off Toby, saying he could give the first prize - a car - to Lucy.
Narelle comes over and starts hanging over Lou, putting her arms around him. And of course, Madge chooses that moment to appear, just as she's finishing telling Dorothy how well Lou has done with his business. Dorothy is shocked to see Toby there and drags him off by his ear(!)
Meanwhile, Madge goes over to Lou and Narelle.
MADGE:(to Narelle) Just in case you were wondering. He's all yours!
The Office
Christina has come to apologise to Paul for being generally horrible to him. She tells him he's a good father and Caroline made her realise that she was jeopardising their whole marriage. Paul apologises too and says there was nothing wrong with Andrew being in the creche. They have a hug, and Christina tells Paul that she's asked her cousin Marco to come and help at the Coffee Shop so she'll have a bit more time with Andrew. They kiss, and Caroline looks on from the door.
Todd and Phoebe are also kissing. Dorothy and Toby are out.
TODD: Phoebe, are you sure you want to go through with this? If you back out, I'll understand.
PHOEBE: No, Todd. I love you. Let's go.
They are about to go to Phoebe's bedroom, but just then, Dorothy and Toby arrive home. The movies are off because Toby disobeyed her by going to Carpenters Cars tonight. Todd and Phoebe look very downcast.
TOBY: Want to play Monopoly?!
Madge is banging cups on the table when Lou gets home. Lou explains that he hired Narelle to help out for the day, but Madge is most offended.
MADGE: Just as I start to trust you, just as I start to believe you've changed, you turn around and prove I was right in the first place! You're just like Fred! You're a liar and a con-man and you're never going to change!
She storms off to her room.
Caroline is sitting on the sofa crying when Dorothy pops around with Christina's bank card, which she left at the grocery store. Dorothy sees that Caroline is upset and offers to help. Caroline says she can't talk about what's wrong, but then it starts pouring out.
CAROLINE: It's silly. It's the oldest problem in the book.
DOROTHY: You're not pregnant, are you?
CAROLINE: No. Worse - I'm in love with a married man.
DOROTHY: Oh, I see.
They sit down.
CAROLINE: He and his wife have been fighting all the time and it's just brought us so much closer.
DOROTHY: Is he going to leave her?
CAROLINE: I don't want him to do that.
Caroline explains how jealous she felt when she saw the married man and his wife kissing. She wants to forget about it, but she can't.
CAROLINE: So what can I do?
DOROTHY: There's only one thing you can do. If he won't leave his wife, you have to put as much distance between yourself and him as you can. In fact, you shouldn't see him again at all.
CAROLINE: That's impossible.
DOROTHY: Why? I know it seems drastic, but it really would be the most painless solution in the long term.
CAROLINE: But I just can't do that.
DOROTHY: I don't understand, why not?
CAROLINE:(tearfully) Because this man is Paul. I'm in love with my sister's husband!
<<1669 - 1671>>
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