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Neighbours Episode 1669 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1669
Australian airdate: 30/04/92
UK airdate: 07/04/93
UK Gold: 25/03/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Brad being told he's being given a promotion.
Lucy and Beth arguing over Brad.
No. 24
Lou hangs up the 'phone and tells Madge that he's on the way up: Carpenter's Cars is set for its grand opening.
LOU: I need a draw card. A raffle - throw in a couple of prizes; that always brings the customers in.
MADGE (suspiciously): What *sort* of prizes?
LOU: Well, a car of course. And for second prize, I'll con Paul into a night for two at Lassiter's!
The front door opens and Dorothy and Toby come in. Madge gives Toby a hug and asks him if he had a good time. Toby beams that it was great. Dorothy tells Madge that she arrived to find Toby and Joe totally exhausted from one-on-one basketball! Madge invites Toby for breakfast in the morning. Lou then says:
LOU: You can be the first to know, Dorothy: Erinsborough's newest car yard, Carpenter's Cars, will be planning a big opening this week, if all goes to plan.
DOROTHY (tersely): Does Erinsborough really *need* another car yard? We've already got about five.
LOU: Oh forget about them. Well, four of them, anyway.
TOBY: What about the fifth?
LOU: There's one tough competitor out there who's going to be hard to beat.
DOROTHY: You mean there's someone flashier than you?!
LOU: Well that's the problem, Dorothy: he's *not* flashy. He squeaky clean: family man - you know: spirit of the community... the sort of bloke everybody trusts.
DOROTHY: You'll be making a few changes to your image if you want to beat *him*, won't you!
LOU: You bet I will! That's the job in hand, now: create an image for myself that's going to put Carpenter's Cars right out in front.
No. 26
Lucy and Beth are sitting at the kitchen table, still arguing about Brad.
BETH: What do you mean I've got no claim on him?
LUCY: I saw him first - even before we met you. Brad and I were on a holiday together in Queensland, remember?
BETH: You weren't a couple. He was single then and he still is. I don't reckon you even noticed him until you realised I was interested.
LUCY: That is garbage. I have always liked Brad, ever since he came back from America.
BETH: So why haven't you done anything about it?
LUCY: Because we are friends and I didn't want to spoil it.
Beth suggests coolly that now that Brad has a junior executive job, he's a better catch. Lucy snarls that she and Brad have been friends far too long for money to be an issue.
LUCY: What's more, he listens to me, and I'm going to make sure he never takes you out because you're totally wrong for him.
BETH (furiously): You *would* do something bitchy like that, wouldn't you?
LUCY (angrily): Don't you call *me* bitchy.
BETH: Why not? It's what you are.
Jim walks into the kitchen at that moment and demands to know what's going on.
BETH and LUCY together: Ask her!
They both storm off to their rooms!
No. 22
Christina has some sheets of paper in front of her and is telling Paul that they take more at breakfast on Mondays than they do at lunch. Paul stares at her and demands to know if she has to do that now. He adds that he's not happy about Andrew spending so much time at the crèche; he could be picking up bugs from the other kids. Christina tells him that he's being ridiculous. Caroline joins them and tells Christina that it's a well known fact that kids do pick up infections when they're all lumped together like that.
CHRISTINA (curtly to Caroline): Well what would you like me to do? Seal him off in an airtight room? I'm his mother; I know what's best for him - and I am getting really sick of you always siding with Paul. For some reason, you agree with everything he says lately.
Caroline and Paul both sit there, looking shifty.
No. 30
Todd and Phoebe are kissing passionately on the couch when they hear the front door open. They leap up quickly, before Dorothy and Toby then come in. Dorothy smiles at Todd that he'd better get home - it's school tomorrow. Toby comments to Todd and Phoebe that they look a bit weird. Phoebe assures him quickly that they're fine. Dorothy heads off to make some supper. Todd and Phoebe sit back down, looking relieved at their narrow escape.
No. 26
Lucy and Beth are sitting on opposite couches as Jim stands between them and tells them that if they keep this up, they're going to make life in the house impossible. He adds that he wants them to settle their differences right now. There's silence. Jim persists that he knows it's about some boy; he doesn't want to know who it is and he doesn't want the details, but they're both adult young women. There's still silence. Jim asks if their friendship isn't strong enough to sort out their problems. After a few seconds, Beth stands up and walks to the centre of the room. Lucy then does likewise. Facing each other, Lucy and Beth reconcile:
LUCY: Sorry I was horrible to you, Beth.
BETH: I said some awful things too. I'm sorry.
They hug. Jim looks relieved. Lucy tells Beth that she wants them to be friends again. Beth replies that she does too, but how are they going to sort the situation out?
LUCY: There's only one way: we both have to swear off Brad.
BETH (looking astonished): What?
LUCY: It's the only way. We still stay friends with him - nothing more; that way, we get to stay friends with each other.
The two of them shake hands and then hug, but behind each other's back, both look thoughtful...
Outside the Coffee Shop
Christina serves some customers. She then notices Paul and Caroline coming towards her, Paul carrying Andrew. Christina joins them and asks what they're doing there. Paul explains that he discovered after Christina left that Andrew's favourite toy had been left behind, so he dropped it in at the crèche.
PAUL: Chris, I've got to tell you: that place is like a sickbay.
CHRISTINA: It wasn't when I dropped him off.
Paul insists that there wasn't a dry nose in the place. Christina says *she* didn't see anything like that, but if Paul doesn't mind having him...
PAUL (aghast): Me?
CHRISTINA: Well *I* can't; I'm flat out.
CAROLINE: Chris, you can't expect Paul to babysit while we're working in the office.
CHRISTINA: I can't think of any other options; can you?
She then notices a customer indicating for her. She tells Paul that he'll have to manage until after the breakfast rush.
No. 24
Lou and Toby are sitting at the kitchen table. Madge serves Toby another pancake. Lou comments that he loves this family feeling. Something then strikes him:
LOU: A family man. My new image! That's what the punters are going to want to see when they go out to the opening: a reliable, trustworthy bloke with his loving family there to support him.
MADGE (pointedly): You're going to find that a bit difficult: you haven't got a wife anymore and your kids aren't here.
LOU: No worries - I'll have you and old pancake-face [he indicates Toby!] with me.
Madge chastises that making out that she and Toby are his family is dishonest. Lou insists that he won't make out *anything*; people at the opening can draw their own conclusions!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Lou is standing in the office asking Paul for one night's accommodation for two at Lassiter's. Andrew is grizzling in his pushchair, and Paul picks him up to give him a cuddle. Lou tells Paul that he'll put the name 'Lassiter's' up in big letters. Paul says quickly that he'll do it. Lou adds:
LOU: You wouldn't consider lending me young Andrew for a few hours, would you?
Paul glares at him.
LOU: No, no, forget I asked!
Lou heads off. Paul puts Andrew back in his pushchair and settles him down. He turns to Caroline and remarks that he could make a habit out of this; he'd get to see more of his son, anyway. Caroline smiles wistfully. The 'phone starts ringing and Caroline goes to answer it in reception. As she heads out of the office, Christina comes in. Finding Andrew grizzling, she snaps at Paul that he's not looking after his son properly. She picks the child up and announces that she's taking him home.
PAUL: You don't think you're being a little over-protective at all?
CHRISTINA: You can talk. You're the one who took him out of the crèche.
PAUL: I reckon you're feeling guilty about leaving him there so much - which is why you're spending every spare minute with him: to make up for it.
CHRISTINA: That is ridiculous.
PAUL: Oh really? Certainly not spending much time with *me*, lately.
CHRISTINA (snaps): Because Andrew *needs* me.
PAUL: Don't you think that I might perhaps need some company too? Seems every time we get a romantic night started, you're in and out of bed like a jack-in-the-box, checking on *him*. [He indicates his son.]
CHRISTINA (coolly): If there's a lack of romance in our marriage at the moment, it's because *we're* always arguing, not because of Andrew; but hey, if you don't want your nights disturbed, Paul, I suggest you sleep on the couch in future. In fact, I'd prefer that - starting tonight.
Kitchen at No. 26
Beth and Lucy are making some lunch, and Beth smiles that she's glad they're friends again. Lucy comments that now that they're not interested in 'whatsisname', hopefully they can *stay* friends. Beth walks across to the sink to wash some lettuce. As she does so, she begins to daydream about sitting in a field in a frilly dress, picking petals off a flower. Brad, wearing a huntsman's outfit, kneels down in front of her and declares:
BRAD: You're safe now, Beth. I killed that tribe of head-hunters with my bare hands. I'd never let anyone hurt you. I love you more than... more than surfing!
BETH: Oh Brad...
They start kissing passionately!
Beth suddenly becomes aware of Lucy calling her name. She comes back to earth, and Lucy comments that Beth wasn't thinking about Brad, was she? Beth retorts that of course she wasn't: he's the last person on her mind. Lucy begins to cut some lettuce on the bench. *She* then begins to daydream: she's wearing a smart white jacket short skirt, with dangly silver earrings and a silver necklace. She's walking across a street when Brad pulls up in a flash car, jumps out and says:
BRAD: Hey gorgeous! I'm flying out to Rio; do you wanna come?
LUCY: Now?
BRAD: Now!
He lifts Lucy into his arms.
BRAD: Have I told you lately you're the most awesome woman I've ever met? Kiss me and I'll die!
They start kissing passionately!
Lucy suddenly becomes aware of Beth calling her name! Beth asks her if she was thinking about Brad. Lucy denies it:
LUCY: I certainly wasn't thinking about Brad Willis - and I wouldn't go to Rio with him even if he *did* ask me.
BETH (looking puzzled): Hey?!
No. 30
Dorothy and Toby arrive home, Dorothy telling Toby that he's not going to help Lou under any circumstances. Toby insists that he's not going to miss any school. Dorothy, however, retorts that she's making sure Toby knows right from wrong. She adds that she's to remember that she's taking him to the movies tomorrow. Phoebe, who's sitting in one of the armchairs, looks thoughtful. Dorothy heads off to shower and Phoebe asks Toby which cinema he's going to and which session. Toby enthuses that it'll be straight after school tomorrow arvo - and then they're going for hamburgers.
TOBY: Do you want to come?
PHOEBE: No thanks. Todd and I are going to... er, study.
No. 28
Brad is sitting on the couch, staring intently at the TV. Todd is sitting next to him, trying to ask him for advice about girls, but Brad is more interested in the television.
TODD (nervously): You've gone further than just going out with them; you've had some pretty heavy duty relationships, haven't you?
BRAD (distantly): Yeah.
TODD: Does it change things - when you really get involved.
Brad, however, just tells Todd to look at the guy on the TV! Todd stands up and sighs that he'll catch Brad later. He goes to the front door and opens it - and finds Lucy about to knock. Lucy comes in and goes and sits down next to Brad. She casually puts her arm around the back of the couch - and thus around Brad! - and asks him if he started his new job today. Brad tells her that the painters and decorators are doing up his office.
LUCY (giggly): Especially for *you*? Do you know how much they're paying you yet?
BRAD: No - but heaps, I reckon.
There's suddenly a knock at the door. Brad doesn't respond and so Lucy sighs and gets up to answer it. She finds Beth standing there.
LUCY (curtly): What are *you* doing here?
BETH: I came to see Gaby.
LUCY: Gaby? You hardly *know* her.
Brad calls over to both girls to come and watch the scene on the TV. Beth walks over and sits down where Lucy had been sitting. Lucy glares at her and goes and sits on the other side of the couch. Looking across Brad, Lucy demands:
LUCY: What did you come to see Gaby for, Beth?
BETH: That's beside the point. It's obvious what *you're* doing here.
LUCY: If you ask me, just as well I *am* here.
They both then look at Brad adoringly!
No. 24
Madge is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen, trying to sort out her work roster. In the lounge room, Lou is sitting with Toby, sighing in disappointment that Dorothy won't let him come to the opening of Carpenter's Cars. He asks:
LOU: Couldn't just slip away for half an hour, mate? That's all.
TOBY (hesitantly): I suppose I could pull a swifty...
LOU: Now you're talking! You can slip out in your lunch hour. Mrs. Burke will never know.
Madge joins them and tells them that she won't be able to get to the grand opening as she has to work at the Waterhole. Lou looks annoyed - but he then suggests that he could say he's a widower, battling to bring up a son! Madge sighs that he's incorrigible!
No. 26
Todd and Phoebe are sitting in the kitchen.
PHOEBE (nervously): Todd... have you ever...?
TODD (quickly): No. No, I haven't. How about you?
Phoebe shakes her head.
PHOEBE: There'll be no one home at number 30 after school tomorrow.
TODD: What about Mrs. Burke?
Phoebe explains about Dorothy and Toby going to the movies. She adds that they shouldn't be home before 7pm at least.
TODD (hesitantly): Right. Tomorrow it is, then.
No. 22
It's night-time. Paul is lying on the couch, apparently asleep. Caroline comes downstairs and walks over to him. She starts rearranging his blankets so that he's covered properly. As she does so, Paul stirs. Unable to see clearly in the semi-darkness, he leans up and smiles:
PAUL: I knew you'd miss me.
He then starts kissing Caroline passionately. After a few seconds, Caroline pushes him away.
CAROLINE: Paul, it's me.
PAUL (quickly): Caroline. I thought it was Chrissie. Sorry. What are you doing?
CAROLINE: I'm just getting a drink of water, and then I'm going to get some sleep. I think you should do the same.
Caroline walks over to the kitchen sink and runs some water into a glass. She takes a sip, but looks worried. She then heads back over to the couch and looks at Paul before making her way back upstairs...
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Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1669
Madge Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Lucy Robinson, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1669
Lucy Robinson, Beth Brennan

Christina Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1669
Christina Robinson

Todd Landers, Phoebe Bright, Toby Mangel, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1669
Todd Landers, Phoebe Bright, Toby Mangel, Dorothy Burke

Lucy Robinson, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1669
Lucy Robinson, Beth Brennan

Christina Robinson, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1669
Christina Robinson, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Caroline Alessi

Lou Carpenter, Madge Bishop, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1669
Lou Carpenter, Madge Bishop, Toby Mangel

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1669
Andrew Robinson

Brad Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1669
Brad Willis, Beth Brennan

Lucy Robinson, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1669
Lucy Robinson, Brad Willis

Toby Mangel, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1669
Toby Mangel, Phoebe Bright

Lucy Robinson, Brad Willis, Beth Brennan in Neighbours Episode 1669
Lucy Robinson, Brad Willis, Beth Brennan

Lou Carpenter, Toby Mangel, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1669
Lou Carpenter, Toby Mangel, Madge Bishop

Todd Landers, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1669
Todd Landers, Phoebe Bright

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1669
Paul Robinson

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