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Neighbours Episode 1668 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1668
Australian airdate: 29/04/92
UK airdate: 06/04/93
UK Gold: 24/03/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Walter Schofield: John Flaus
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby tells Faye and Pam that she might be charged with arson at the boutique.
Gaby explains tearfully that they think she's lying about unplugging the heater. Cameron comes in and tells Gaby they're just trying to spook her - the burden of proof lies with the insurance company. Pam isn't so sure - she nearly went to jail when the truth was bent and twisted. Then Gaby tells Faye that the insurance company want to talk to her, too, and Faye looks very worried.
Lucy tells Beth that she'll do the driving test herself next time - she's come to her senses. Beth's mum has been on the phone - she's getting married again apparently, to someone she met in Brisbane. Beth just hopes he's nicer than the last creep.
Brad comes in and hugs Beth - he's pleased to see her again. He asks about Lucy's driving test and she explains she didn't do it. Beth suggests going on a picnic tomorrow, but Brad has to work. He doesn't like his job much, it's pretty boring, just watching a machine in a print room. The girls offer to join him(!)
Helen has brought over some dresses she has sewed for Gaby. Gaby explains about the arson charge. Doug is incensed - he's sick of insurance companies trying to get out of paying out.
GABY: Cameron's going to sort it out.
PAM: That boy's blood's worth bottling. It's amazing to me that he's related to Faye!
DOUG: Yes, there must have been a mix-up at the hospital!
Pam brings up the subject of Doug's hair and he plays along with it. When Pam has gone into the bedroom, Doug whispers to Helen about Pam's practical joke and enlists her help in getting back at Pam.
Faye tells Cameron that she's not feeling well so she won't be able to see the insurance people. Cameron tells her she'd better go and do it but Faye is very reluctant. Cameron is puzzled by her behaviour and goes over events. Faye says she didn't see Gaby unplug the heater and eventually slips up and tells Cameron that she plugged the heater back in. Cameron is shocked.
Beth is rehearsing a conversation with Paul about her job. (Lucy is pretending to be Paul). She isn't doing very well at being assertive.
No.28 (outside)
Brad and Doug are giggling together about getting back at Pam. Brad heads off to work dressed in a shorts and T-shirt(!)
Cameron has called Gaby over to see Faye. Gaby is very upset and thinks she's going to jail.
CAMERON: Tell her, mum. If you don't, I will.
Faye confesses that she plugged the heater back in and was too scared to tell anyone. Gaby is speechless, but pleased that she's going to be cleared.
Walter's Print Room
Walter and Brad are having a chat. He tells him that one of their long-standing clients has cancelled. Brad suggests Walter rings them up and asks why.
Helen has "popped in" to see Pam and says she saw Doug coming out of the barber's shop with a totally-shaved head(!) Just then, Doug comes in with a hat on and says he couldn't face going bald, so he's taken the initiative.
DOUG: I just want to be on my own for a while.
He goes off to the bedroom and Helen tries not to laugh at Pam's anguish.
Beth comes back from Paul's house. Everything went well and Beth's shifts are being rearranged.
Print room
Everything is going wrong and there's paper everywhere. Walter comes in and says that he's sorted out the problem with the client and says it's all thanks to Brad. He tells Brad he's wasted in the print room and he wants to give him a promotion!
Faye has talked to the insurance people and sorted everything out. Gaby is chuffed.
No.28 (evening)
Doug is pretending to be very depressed and asks Pam if he's less of a man.
DOUG: Look on the bright side. At least there won't be any more hair in the shower drain.
Pam sits down awkwardly and confesses to the joke.
DOUG: You mean I shaved my head for nothing?!
PAM: It'll grow back!
Pam puts her head in her hands.
DOUG: I think you should see the damage you've caused!
He whips off the hat to reveal his normal head of hair.
DOUG: Gotcha!
He laughs uproariously. Pam starts hitting him with a pillow.
Beth and Lucy are talking about Brad. Beth likes him a lot, but Lucy reckons he's not available and tells her to back off.
LUCY: Brad and I have been getting closer for months.
BETH: Well, to bad!
LUCY: What?
BETH: It was obvious in Queensland that he was interested in me and I was too wimpy to do anything about it then. I'm sorry, Lucy, but I like Brad, and I'm not backing off for anyone!
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