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Neighbours Episode 1667 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1667
Australian airdate: 28/04/92
UK airdate: 05/04/93
UK Gold: 23/03/99
Writer: Patricia Downie
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy is excited that Brad has decided to take the job with Walter. She kisses him on the cheek and Brad looks thoughtful.
Pam and Doug's bedroom
Pam has shaved some hair off the wig and has put it into Doug's hair brush. She quickly replaces the brush on their dressing table.
Doug comes out of the shower and puts on some aftershave, and plucking his eyebrows(!) then looks down at his hairbrush. He's shocked to see how much hair is on his brush, but Pam says it's not that much. She distracts him by talking about Brad and Lucy instead.
Lucy is setting the table and Jim asks if she's ready for her driving test tomorrow. Lucy hopes Jim will be buying her a car if she passes and he agrees, as long as it's not too pricey!
Beth comes out looking exhausted after a double shift. Apparently she has to go in early tomorrow too. Lucy advises her to tell Paul to get lost(!)
Helen tells them all about Doug's Page 3 gig with the Erinsborough News and they all laugh. Lucy thinks Jim is jealous of Doug but Beth thinks Jim would look great on Page 3. Jim looks pleased!
Gaby is visiting Faye and telling her about the insurance people - they still haven't decided if they're going to pay out yet, and anyway, they might have been under-insured. Faye offers to make up the difference and Gaby is surprised. Faye says it's because Gaby is family, but she looks very guilty.
Lucy and Beth have come to visit Paul. Lucy is insisting to Beth that she has to stand up to Paul. Paul is distracted by Andrew crying and is angry that Christina isn't home yet.
Beth awkwardly tells Paul that she's finding the hours at Lassiter's rather tiring. Paul brushes this off and says "no pain, no gain!"
Pam and Doug's bedroom, the following morning
Doug and Pam wake up. Doug is shocked to find more hair on his pillow and says he'll be bald before the newspaper take his photo! Pam says Doug is following his Dad and his cousin, Cyril!
DOUG: So much for my new, rugged, sex-symbol image!
PAM: Aww, I'll still love you. Besides, bald men can be very sexy. Well...sexy-ish.
Jim is giving Lucy advice about manoeuvring ahead of her driving test - Lucy is very nervous. Beth comes in from her shift looking knackered. Lucy observes that Beth is really good at driving - would she take the test for her?
Doug is upset to have found more hair in the plug-hole of the bath. Gaby and Pam try not to giggle.
PAM: Hair today, gone tomorrow!
Doug is upset - each Page 3 bloke is eligible for the "Rugged Aussie of the Year Award". He might not have any hair back by then!
Lucy is trying to talk Beth into doing the test for her and tries to teach her how to forge her signature. Beth still isn't sure, but Lucy is insistent.
Doug is still sulking about his hair. Pam and Gaby laugh. When he's gone off to inspect his bald patch(!) Gaby tells Pam about Faye offering to make up the insurance difference.
Faye is feeling very guilty about the boutique and is telling her cat all about it(!) She's debating whether to own up or not - but what good would it do? She decides to keep quiet.
Beth comes in from the driving test and Lucy is very excited. But Beth didn't go through with taking the test - it's wrong, and also against the law.
BETH: You had no right to put me in that position.
LUCY: Well, pardon me for tarnishing your halo. You're gutless!
BETH: Not that gutless. Just stood up to you, didn't I?
No.32's front garden
Gaby sees Faye in the garden with her cat and asks her what's behind her offer to make up the insurance difference. Faye isn't usually so free with her cash, but Faye says she's just helping out the family. Paul comes along and tells Gaby he wants to see Brad to offer him his job at the Waterhole back. He's surprised to hear that he's got another job.
Paul mentions that his insurance isn't paying up either (he owns the complex, Gaby owns the contents of the boutique) - but there should be a decision this afternoon.
Lucy is bitchily sulking at Beth for not taking the driving test. But eventually they become friends again. Jim and Helen come in and Lucy tells them that she missed her driving appointment because she wasn't feeling well.
Beth tells Lucy that she *does* need to be more assertive, and they'd better start straight away!
Doug is banging on about treatments for baldness. Pam goes off to call on Faye.
PAM: See ya, Samson!
Doug goes into the bedroom and comes across the wig under the bed. He's shocked when he realises what Pam has done. He starts to laugh and says to himself that he'll get her back.
Faye and Pam are making up over Pam sneaking out of the party the other night. Gaby rushes in looking for Cameron. She's very upset - the insurance company won't pay out because they think that the fire was deliberately lit.
GABY: There's a possibility that I'll be charged with arson.
<<1666 - 1668>>
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