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Neighbours Episode 1666 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1666
Australian airdate: 27/04/92
UK airdate: 02/04/93
UK Gold: 22/03/99
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Walter Schofield: John Flaus
Laurel Adams: Liz Charters
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Walter tells Brad he's going to change his life forever.
Faye is making everyone play party games like "Pass the Orange". Faye thinks she's drunk, but Cameron whispers to the rest that the punch is alcohol free!
Madge and Helen come in and look on in amazement as Doug and Pam try to pass the orange under their chins. The whole game is really an excuse for Faye to get up close and personal with Jim.
Walter's House
Walter has given Brad a cheque for $50,000!
WALTER: Just my way of saying thank you.
LUCY: You're welcome!
But Brad is stunned and says he can't accept the money, even though Walter can afford it. He says he only did what anyone else would do. Lucy tries to talk Brad down, but he won't be moved. He says there is one thing he'd like though - a doggy bag to take some of the leftover food home!
Jim and Faye are passing the orange. Pam comes in and tells Faye that Gaby is stuck at the boutique. Faye says they can just have another party another time and everyone looks extremely delighted at that prospect(!) A game of blind man's buff is instigated, so they blindfold Faye and then they all sneak out!
FAYE: Am I warm?
CAMERON: Stone cold.
Pam and Doug come in laughing and find Lucy and Brad at the table. They notice an air of glumness and Lucy tells them about the $50,000 cheque. Doug is shocked to hear that Brad knocked it back.
DOUG: Do you know how much surfboard wax that would buy?!
But Pam tells Brad that she's proud of him and Doug has to admit in the end that she's right.
Faye is still blindfolded and wandering around looking for people. She realises that they must have left the room, but Cameron is forced to tell her that they've gone home.
FAYE: Oh! The rotten party-poopers!
The Pub, the following morning
Doug and Pam are sitting at a table outside the pub when Faye walks past. Pam goes off to make peace with her, and meanwhile a woman with a camera approaches Doug and introduces herself as Laurel Adam from the Erinsborough News. She says that Doug is just what she's looking for!
Helen and Madge have been sewing late into the night to help out Gaby. Faye comes round and they apologise to her for sneaking out. Faye is actually looking for Jim but he's not there. She tells Helen that she's been given a second chance with Jim and she's going to use the softly-softly approach.
Doug has apparently been asked to do a photo spread on Page 3 of the Erinsborough News! Pam is takenaback and laughs her head off. Doug reckons he's helping women fight back against Page 3 discrimination(!)
Garage of the Willises
Brad is sanding down some surfboards when Lucy comes over to moan at him. Just then, a posh car draws up with Walter in it - he's come for a chat with Brad. This time he's come to offer Brad a job in his firm - Schofield Industries. He reckons Brad is honest, trustworthy and resourceful and would be suitable for a job in the print room. If he's good, he could work his way up from there. Brad isn't sure, but agrees to think about it.
LUCY: This is a golden opportunity! People would kill for a chance like this!
Cameron has been going through the contract with Jim and says that everything looks in order. Jim says he'd better apologise to Faye for sneaking out last night, but Cameron says there's no need as Jim is Faye's blue-eyed boy(!)
CAMERON: I think she used last night as an excuse to get close to you.
JIM: Terrific(!)
Doug is still babbling on about appearing in the Erinsborough News.
PAM: Doug, I don't care if the entire Women's Auxiliary is lusting after you - in fact, they're welcome to you!
Doug prances around the living room showing his muscles(!)
Brad comes in and tells them about the job offer from Walter but he's not sure he could handle a proper job(!) They tell him that the money would be good, so Brad agrees to think about it some more.
Doug and Pam's bedroom
DOUG:(looking in the mirror) I never realised my face was so full of character!
Living room
Walter has popped round to see Brad, so Brad introduces his parents to them. They thank himn for the job offer.
BRAD: Relax, Dad, I'm not desperate!
PAM: Yes you are!
Brad finally agrees to give the job a go as long as he can roster days off to go surfing(!) Walter is delighted and tells Brad that he'll take him into the office to have a look around.
Jim has come over to see Faye. She's delighted to see him and says he doesn't owe her any apologies. Jim tells Faye that he gets the impression that she wants them to be more than friends. Faye tells him he's mistaken - she's got no intention of starting a romantic liaison with him or anyone else. She's clearly upset though and when Jim has gone she sighs deeply.
Dorothy pops around to borrow a handbag. Doug is still flexing his muscles and asks Dorothy if she's come over for a private viewing of him before he becomes public property!
PAM: Just ignore him, he's flipped his lid!
In the bedroom, Pam and Dorothy look through the closet and start chatting about men and reminiscing about the 1970s. Pam takes out a wig and says the hair is very much Doug's hair colour. She gets a germ of an idea.
Ramsay Street
Lucy is very pleased that Brad has taken the job with Walter. She hugs him tightly, says how proud she is of him and kisses him on the cheek.
LUCY: You are going to be one cute up and coming business man!
Brad touches his cheek where Lucy kissed him and looks pensive.
<<1665 - 1667>>
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