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Neighbours Episode 1665 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1664 - 1666>>
Episode title: 1665
Australian airdate: 24/04/92
UK airdate: 01/04/93
UK Gold: 19/03/99
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Walter Schofield: John Flaus
Butler: Rids Van Der Zee
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad approaches an apparently drunk man at the pub and finds that he is a diabetic.
The Waterhole
Cameron finds some insulin in the bloke's pocket, but Brad says that's not what they need. He quickly goes to another table and picks up a bottle of lemonade. He pours some into the bloke's mouth and he's conscious enough to swallow. After a minute or so the bloke start to come round.
Phoebe and Todd are hanging out. They start tickling each other and end up kissin gon the sofa. Jim comes in and cough slightly so they disentangle themselves.
TODD: Uncle Jim, we were just...
JIM: I know, I...er...can remember!
He's off to Paul's to babysit and tells Todd and Phoebe to be good while he's out. When he's gone they start kissing again(!)
Pam is sewing up a storm.
FAYE: That looks a bit ragged, Pam.
PAM:(glaring at her) Would you like to do it?
FAYE: No, no. Practice makes perfect!
Doug has come in from cleaning up and Faye tells him that the party will start at 7pm.
FAYE: You can come over later if you haven't finished sewing, Pam.
PAM: Thanks(!)
Dorothy comes over with some flowers for Pam to thank her for her support over the cancer scare. She offers her support, but unfortunately she doesn't know how to sew.
The Waterhole
The bloke has come too properly now and tells them that he must have given himself too much influence. He thanks Brad for his help, but says he's not going to hospital because he doesn't believe in them. He's perfectly fine now.
He thanks Brad and Cameron for his help. When he's gone, Brad notices that he's left his wallet behind.
CAMERON: Hope he had enough to get home. He looked a bit down on his luck. What did you say his name was?
BRAD:(looking at the wallet) Er...Walter Schofield. Poor bloke.
Jim is looking after Andrew when Faye comes round to invite him to her party. She looks into Andrew's cot and he immediately starts to cry(!)
FAYE: Oh, shush now, there's no need for that!
JIM: He knows when he wants his bottle.
He goes off to get it.
FAYE: Shush, quiet now!
Andrew continues to cry.
FAYE: Oh, for heaven's sake shut up!
Andrew stops crying.
FAYE:(pleased) Ah!
Jim says that Faye should invite Dorothy to the party - it's not very neighbourly to leave her out. Faye reluctantly agrees.
Todd and Phoebe are doing ballroom dancing for some reason, to the sound of very old-fashioned sounding music. They get bored of it eventually and start kissing again. Jim comes in.
JIM: Still at it, then?!
Jim asks Todd and Phoebe to keep an eye on Andrew while he goes to pick Helen up.
JIM: I tried to ring but the phone was engaged.
TODD: We must have knocked it off the hook.
JIM: I won't ask what you were doing on my desk(!)
Phoebe and Todd are eating Chinese takeout and wonder if it would be OK to have a spa. As they are washing up though, Phoebe drops her ring down the garbage disposal unit.
Faye has come to invite Dorothy to her party.
DOROTHY: How could I possibly refuse? I'll drop by just as soon as I've given Toby his dinner.
FAYE: No need to hurry.
DOROTHY: Casual, is it? No-one's getting dressed up to the nines or anything like that?
FAYE: No. It's...fancy dress, actually.
DOROTHY: Well, i really don't think at such short notice...
FAYE: Oh, be a sport, Dorothy! You wouldn't want to make everyone else feel foolish, would you?
DOROTHY: Oh...I know. Oscar and I can come as Cleopatra and her asp.
FAYE: I'd rather you didn't. Anyway, glad you could come. I'm sure it'll liven things up no end.
She flounces off.
Todd has dismantled the garbage disposal and has found the ring. Jim comes back so Phoebe goes to stall him. She drags him upstairs to check on Andrew, mouthing to Todd to hurry up.
Brad and Doug are bringing in a table from their house for the party.
DOUG: Faye didn't want her table to be damaged by the Ramsay Street yahoos.
FAYE: This one is battered and scratched beyond caring, anyway!
Pam brings the punch in. Faye says that Cameron made it and it is rather strong. She sips the punch.
Brad asks Lucy to come over to Walter's to take his wallet back and Pam tells him how proud she is that he helped that man.
Faye already seems a bit drunk, but Cameron tells them quietly that the punch is completely non-alcoholic - he made it for the kids and the tee-totallers like Brad.
BRAD: That's not what Aunty Faye thinks. Two sips and she's off her face!
Country Home
Brad parks his bomb outside a mansion which is apparently Walter's house. He and Lucy are a bit stunned and wonder if they've got the right address. Walter answers the door and is pleased to have his wallet back. Then he takes them for a look around his grounds.
BRAD: Amazing, you don't look like the sort of bloke who's be rich.
Walter says there's no point in advertising the fact and invites them to dinner - his cook will whip something up. Brad and Lucy agree that they'll go to Faye's party late. Walter says he has something he wants to talk to Brad about.
Phoebe is still trying to stall Jim.
PHOEBE: Um...Mr Robinson...do you know anything about metal fatigue?
JIM:(surprised) Yeah...I'll draw it for you. Metal has a crystalline structure...
But Todd has finished fixing the garbage disposal. Jim switches it on and gets a face full of water. Todd and Phoebe make a quick exit!
Faye appears to be drunk on the non-alcoholic punch. She's delighted when Jim arrives and then announces that they can start the party games.
DOUG: Don't you think you've had enough?
CAMERON: Oh no, let mum enjoy herself(!)
There a knock at the door and it's Dorothy, dressed as a Red Indian.
JIM: Dorothy...(raising his hand) How!
DOROTHY:(looking at Jim's clothes) Oh, really Jim, you could have made the effort!
FAYE: Oh, Dorothy, please, come in. Well...don't you look original!
DOROTHY: I see, it all come to me in a vivid flash. Fancy dress, you said.
FAYE: Who, moi? No, no, no, what I said was wear a fancy dress. You know - dress nicely.
DOROTHY: I know exactly what you meant.
FAYE: Oh, waht a sad misunderstanding. Would you like to borrow a coat?
DOROTHY: Me? Never! Make way for Minnie-ha-ha!
PAM: Good on you, Dorothy, come and have a drink!
Country Home
Lucy and Brad are having dinner at a the end of a very long table.
BRAD:(looking at the butler) When does he eat?
WALTER: He usually eats with me, but he likes to show off when there's visitors!
Brad and Lucy are quite culture shocked by the size of Walter's place. Walter says that he likes going to the Waterhole to be among nice, ordinary people. He asks Brad why he was sacked from behind the bar and Lucy explains that it was on Paul's whim. Walter tells Brad that he deserves better - he's got something for him.
WALTER: You saved my life today.
BRAD: Oh, I don't know about that...
WALTER: Well, I do. And in return I'm going to change your life. Forever. What do you think about that?
<<1664 - 1666>>
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