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Neighbours Episode 1664 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1664
Australian airdate: 23/04/92
UK airdate: 31/03/93
UK Gold: 18/03/99
Writer: Tara Smithson
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Walter Schofield: John Flaus
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cameron tells Phoebe that although she's going to be rich she has to act responsibily with it. Todd gets a bit odd and Faye warns Phoebe quite severely that now she has money, men will be interested in her(!)
Todd gets even more funny and walks off.
Gaby's Boutique
Gaby is standing in the middle of the burnt-out boutique trying not to cry. Doug comes in and surveys the damage with her in horror. Everything is ruined - Gaby says that her life has gone up in smoke. Caroline has gone to see about the insurance, but there's no guarantee when she'll get back.
DOUG: Your mum's a pro at stain removal. Water-stains, grass-stains...tear-stains...everything's going to be OK.
Willises (No.28)
Pam and Brad are wondering what's happened to Gaby. Faye has brought Pam a casserole for the family since they have called a truce in hostilities.
Pam tells them that she's had a great day - a patient of hers has been ill for months but he's getting better now.
PAM: His body is finally accepting the antibiotics we've given him.
BRAD: That's probably because of the antigen. That'd help stimulate the antibodies, wouldn't it?
PAM:(surprised) Brad!
CAMERON: Studying for our Phd, are we mate?
BRAD: Nah, sleep.
BRAD: Well...when I'm having trouble falling asleep...
PAM: You?
BRAD: Yeah, if I'm worried about something like my surfboard business. I read Mum's nursing journals.
CAMERON: Therapeutic?
BRAD: Nah - boring. Fifteen minutes of that before I go to bed and I'm out like a light for the rest of the night!
FAYE: Looks like Willis Number 3 in the medical field!
BRAD: I'll pass, thanks. Well, just take a look - Mum's into nursing, Adam's into doctoring...
CAMERON: So? Isn't that good?
BRAD: No way, they actually enjoy work! It's not normal.
The phone rings and Pam answer it.
PAM:(down the phone) What?!
They all rush off to the boutique.
Phoebe has come round to see Todd. Todd is moaning about Beth and Lucy keeping him up with their chattering.
TODD: Me and Josh didn't stay up chattering all night when we shared a room.
HELEN: No? Must have been two other people.
Phoebe asks Todd why he's been acting strangely but he says he isn't. He tells her he can't go out with her tomorrow because he as soccer practice.
Gaby's Boutique
The Willises, Cameron and Faye are salvaging the clothes that can be saved and packing them into cardboard boxes.
Gaby is trying not to cry and Pam is trying to comfort her. Gaby says it's not just the money - it's the time it's taken her to make up the dresses and get her stock levels up. It'll take her months to build up stock again. She can't understand how the heater could have caused the fire - she definitely unplugged it. She sobs on Pam's shoulder.
Willises, the following morning
Brad suggests that Gaby has a fire sale when she opens up again!
Helen and Faye comes over to offer their support. Helen asks Pam if Gaby still has the patterns for the dresses - and suggests that she and Pam run up some dresses. Faye immediately gets in on the act too. Gaby is very pleased.
Cameron has come to show Phoebe some papers - one is for her father's assistant to carry on running "Bright Funerals". Phoebe asks Cameron if he thinks Todd is acting strangely. He doesn't know.
Gaby's Boutique
Cameron, Doug and Brad are cleaning up the fire damage in a musical montage!
Afterwards they sit down against the counter, knackered. They ask Brad what he's going to do now without a job. He doesn't know.
The Waterhole
Cameron, Doug and Brad have decided to have a break from the cleaning by having a drink at the Waterhole. As they go into the pub. Cameron falls over a man's bag. The man seems to be rather drunk.
Pam and Helen are in full sewing mode while Faye tries to bossy them around.
FAYE: Who died and made you fashion queen?
Pam tells them about the heater and how Gaby is sure she pulled the plug out. Faye freezes in horror, realising that she's caused the fire.
Phoebe has come tooking for Todd - apparently soccer practice was cancelled today but he's still not around. Helen suggests that she looks in his diary - apparently he often writes down where he's going so Helen and Jim can keep track of it. There's only one word in the diary - "Rosalind". Phoebe looks upset, saying that Todd must be seeing another girl.
Just then, Todd comes in and Helen makes herself scarce. Phoebe confronts him about not going to soccer practice and "Rosalind". Todd explains that he did lie, but with good cause - he's been to buy Phoebe a ring. He puts it on her finger and tells her that Rosalind is the name of the jewellery shop. He explains that he's been behaving strangely because he's been saving to buy Phoebe a ring, but now she can buy a huge diamond if she wants to. Phoebe tells him that his ring is more precious to him.
TODD: The reason that I got it was to tell you...um...
TODD: Well...it was just to tell you that...I love you
PHOEBE: Pardon?
TODD: I have to say it again?
PHOEBE: Say what?
TODD: I love you.
PHOEBE: You do?
TODD: Yeah.
PHOEBE: Todd...you're so cute when you're embarrassed.
TODD: Thanks!
They kiss.
Pam tells the sewing gang that Madge is going to help them to sew tomorrow. Gaby tells them that she wants to do a party to thank them for helping. Faye tells her that she can't afford to throw a party - instead she'll throw a party at her house.
FAYE: I insist. End of discussion.
PAM: We had one?
Faye is clearly feeling very gulity about her hand in the fire.
The Waterhole
The drunk bloke from earlier is now face down on the table.
Brad goes over to help - he gets the bloke's wallet out to see if there's an address on it. In the wallet, he finds a card stating that the man is a diabetic. He says he's read something about mineral water in Pam's journals. Cameron looks anxiously at the man who is semi-conscious. Brad says they'd better get him to a hospital.
BRAD: If my guess is right, his sugar level's too low. If we don't get him help soon, he's going to die.
<<1663 - 1665>>
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