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Neighbours Episode 1663 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1663
Australian airdate: 22/04/92
UK airdate: 30/03/93
UK Gold: 17/03/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Ray Stafford: Paul Smythe
Tony: David Glazebrook
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ray Stafford and his heavyman Tony lead Paul off to their car and tell him not to worry about being home for dinner(!)
Doug is worried about Brad's job situation. Gaby's job situation is a lot better though - she's got an order for a wedding dress and four bridesmaid dresses.
Toby has come to visit Dorothy. He asks he if she's OK because she's seemed a bit worried. She tells him that she's had a health scare but she's fine now. Toby tells her that Amy is going home to New Zealand tomorrow. He's a bit disappointed - she's been chasing him and eventually he would have let her catch him(!)
TOBY: Pity she has to go home.
DOROTHY: Being alone isn't a lot of fun, is it?
She looks rather sad.
Caroline is frantically calling Lassiter's trying to find out if anyone has sighted Paul - there's no sign of him. Amy is a bit sad to go home - she wants to see her mother but she likes it in Ramsay Street too. Caroline says she can visit lots of times.
Madge knocks on the door to see Caroline - she wondered if there's any chance of a few shifts at The Waterhole since she used to really enjoy working there. Caroline says she's thinking of replacing the manager, and as a shareholder there should be no problem in Madge taking over. Except that Paul is a bit angry with her at the moment.
A pier
Scary music is playing as Ray Stafford gets Paul out of the car.
RAY: I haven't liked your attitude lately. Not very helpful.
PAUL: Couldn't we talk about this in the morning? I mean, we can come to some arrangement, can't we?
RAY: There's no need for all this stress in our partnership. I mean, we wouldn't want you to have another nervous breakdown, would we?
PAUL: How did you find out about that?
RAY: Oh, I know all about you.
They hustle Paul down the stairs to the sea.
RAY: You were in a pretty bad way, weren't you? Even now people must wonder how stable you are. If you were to be found floating somewhere out there for instance, I'm sure everyone would assume that you couldn't take it any more.
PAUL: Don't do anything rash, I didn't...alright, I'll launder your money, I'll buy your alcohol, anything.
RAY: I think it's too late for deals.
PAUL:(scared) Don't do this to me, Ray. I've got a family to think of...please...please.
Caroline is still waiting for Paul to come home - she's been waiting so long she's fallen asleep.
The door opens.
CAROLINE: Paul? Thank God.
She explains that she lied to Chrissie and told her that he had got caught up with a client. She's been going out of her mind though. He tells her about Ray down at the pier - in the end they dumped Paul in the bush and he had to hitch-hike home.
Caroline is horrified and hugs him tightly. Then she pulls away somewhat awkwardly.
No.24, the following morning
Lou have made breakfast but Toby isn't hungry. Dorothy comes over to return Bouncer - it seems he's a bit confused about where he lives.
Madge invites Dorothy to join them - she's wondering is Toby is upset about Lou and her. Dorothy explains that Toby is down about Amy leaving - they had a long talk last night. Madge looks rather surprised that Toby has confided in Dorothy.
Gaby's boutique
Faye has brought Gaby some flowers. (Gaby appears to be dressed up as a white clown although I think it's supposed to be fashionable!)
It's a bit cold so Gaby puts the heater on. She shows Faye the wedding dress she's working on. Oh dear, it's near the heater.
Doug wants to flog Brad's car, but Lou says it's only good for a wrecker's yard.
DOUG: The worst thing is, Brad loves it! He thinks it's a Mercedes!
Lou tells Doug that he's opening a car yard in Erinsborough, so he'll be able to help him then. Madge is horrified to hear that Dorothy has had a cancer scare - she feels sorry she teased her now. Helen told Doug about how Dorothy is sad about missing out on having kids - that's why she's so close to Toby. Madge looks a bit thoughtful.
The Office
Amy gives Caroline a goodbye present - a necklace. She hugs Amy tightly. Paul says that he chose the necklace and thanks her for all her support. Caroline looks a bit uncomfortable.
Lou tells Madge that she won't regret investing in the car yard.
MADGE: Lou, I'm not worried, you're a very good salesman. You talked me round, didn't you...!
Madge has a chat with Toby. She asks him if he's happy living with her and Lou. He says he is. He admits that he does feel a bit awkward when they kiss and stuff. Madge says that Dorothy misses him and is quite lonely. Would Toby like to go back and live with her?
TOBY: I do like living with you Grandma, but I think Mrs Burke needs me more. You've got Mr Carpenter.
The Office
Ray has come to see Paul. He is laying out his demands. That Paul sells him the land for the price he paid for it. At the same time, Paul can tear up their partnership agreement - Ray has decided to dissolve it.
RAY: If you hadn't asked for three times the amount on that land, all of this nasty business would never have happened. I had to teach you a lesson, didn't I!
PAUL: You did.
RAY: Let's call it quits. I don't want a partner who's unwilling. And somehow I feel you don't have my best interests at heart.
PAUL: What are you saying, I'm off the hook, then?
RAY: You're not worth my time and worry! You get the land contract fixed up and you'll never see me again.
PAUL: It's a deal
RAY: Don't get out of your depth again, Pauly. You're really not much of a swimmer.
Paul is stunned at this turn of events.
Gaby's Boutique
Gaby turns off the heater and puts it away. Faye has come in again and is fussing around. When Gaby is in the back. Faye plugs the heater back in. Gaby closes up, leaving the heater directly under the wedding dress.
Madge tells Dorothy that she's going back to work at the Waterhole and could Toby move back in with her.
DOROTHY: How do you feel about it, Toby?
TOBY: I reckon it'd be great. Bouncer thinks it's home anyway and I can see Grandma a lot.
Dorothy agrees that Toby can move back in as soon as he likes. She is very pleased and goes off to make Madge a cup of tea.
MADGE:(to Toby) You will come over every day, won't you?
TOBY: Promise. That was a real nice thing you did, Grandma. I love you a lot.
MADGE: And I love you, too.
They hug.
Amy is about to leave. Toby comes round to say goodbye and they exchange presents. Then Amy hugs Caroline while Paul takes her to the airport.
The phone rings and Caroline answers it - Gaby's boutique is on fire.
<<1662 - 1664>>
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