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Neighbours Episode 1662 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1662
Australian airdate: 21/04/92
UK airdate: 29/03/93
UK Gold: 16/03/99
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Mr.Grey: John Rowan
Ray Stafford: Paul Smythe
Amy Robinson: Sheridan Compagnino
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina signs Madge's contract to become manager of the Coffee Shop.
Lucy and Beth are excited about sharing a flat. Jim is trying to put them off with thoughts of ironing and cleaning but they're more attracted by not having a curfew and so on!
JIM: You've got a perfectly comfortable home here. And your Gran and I aren't ogres.
LUCY: Well...Gran's not...
Jim wants them to wait, but Lucy says it's time to grab the opportunity, and anyway, she can visit often.
Paul is pouting about Christina signing the contract.
PAUL: You're not working at the Coffee Shop and that's that.
CHRISTINA: This is really important to me.
PAUL: Right, so it's more important that us, is it?
CHRISTINA: For the umpteenth time, I won't be meglecting Andrew!
PAUL: Chrissie, I'm not debating this.
He walks off to his bedroom.
Caroline comes in and reckons she agrees with Paul saying Christina made a conscious choice between career and babies when Andrew was born.
CHRISTINA: I see! So there's nothing wrong with you having both, but I'm not allowed to, is that it?
CHRISTINA: A jealous sister and a totally unreasonable husband, that's all I need! Well, look, you two can go on as much as you like. But as of tomorrow I will be working in the Coffee Shop.
No.24, the following morning
Lou is thinking of applying for a job as a car salesman - he feels he can't sponge off Madge forever. Toby asks Madge if she's talked to Dorothy - she's seemed a bit quiet.
Amy comes to call for Toby to go and clean some cars. She says he doesn't have to be her boyfriend, they can just be friends.
Toby and Amy are cleaning cars. Toby tells her he can't work after school tomorrow because he has to play soccer at school. Just then a really nice car drives up and Toby asks the owner if he wants a wash. He agrees, introducing himself as Mr Grey. He says it's good to see kids with initiative.
The Office
Lucy is wearing a rather inappropriate dress for office work(!) She is gushing about the flat and Paul tells her to shut up (Charming!) He's still pouting about Christina working in the Coffee Shop.
Ray Stafford arrives unannounced and asks Paul if he's been avoiding him. He tells Paul that he's impressed with the plans for the site of the house and wants to get things built as soon as possible. He also asks Paul to run some money through his books for him - in other words, launder it. Paul looks horrified.
Toby and Amy are finishing Mr Grey's car. He comes up and inspects the car - he's impressed with the workmanship and gives them a dollar. They are disappointed, but Mr Grey says it's not worth five dollars - they're only kids!
Coffee Shop
Madge is showing Christina the ropes and encouraging her to stand her ground. Lucy comes up and says that Paul has asked her to buy their afternoon tea from the shop on the corner, not from the Coffee Shop so that noone gets the impression that he supports the change of management! Lucy says she'll buy from them anyway(!)
Lou comes up and sits at a table. He went for a job interview and was told they want a younger man.
LOU: Too old to be bossed around, too young to retire!
The Office
Lucy comes in with the afternoon tea and Paul bites into his cake. Apparently the cream is off in it(!) Lucy asks to go early so she can look at flats. Caroline tells Paul off for not being firm with Lucy, but Paul says they might all be out of a job soon - Stafford has asked him to launder money. Caroline is horrified and tells him that he can't be part of it. Paul doesn't know what to do.
Lucy and Beth are despondent after their flat viewing, apparently they were all horrible. Beth says they would be OK, if only they didn't have to pay the bond and first month's rent up front. Beth says they'd better forget the whole thing, but Lucy says they could look at the Anson's Corner location again. Jim tries to put them off saying that the crime rate in Anson's Corner is high. Beth and Lucy have warmed to the idea though.
Toby and Amy have had a good day's work washing cars, apart from Mr Grey's meanness. Amy suggests they throw their dirty buckets of water over the car! As they do so, Mr Grey appears and shouts at them. They run off.
Jim is proposing another solution to Lucy. She could cut her debt to Jim by half, wait a while and save up for a nice place. Lucy says it's not just the money, she wants some space to live her life. Jim tells her she can remodel her room any way she wants and he won't quiz her about coming in later ever again - he'll treat her as an adult young lady. Lucy agrees.
The Office
Paul has decided not to launder the money, but doesn't know how Ray will react to his refusal. He calls Ray who answers on his car phone. He's not impressed with being refused.
RAY: Fine. If that's the way you want it.
Paul misunderstands and thinks Ray is OK about it.
Lucy and Beth are heaving a sofa into their room. Christina comes round looking for Amy. She's looking very frazzled and Jim tells her that Paul can be old-fashioned at times. Helen and Jim think Paul might have a point though - Andrew is still very young.
CHRISTINA: I think you're all old-fashioned. I mean, nothing stops Paul from doing what he wants. From now on I think I'll adopt the same attitude. Good night.
Madge offers to help Lou by investing in a car yard for him. He isn't sure, but eventually agrees.
Amy and Toby come in through the back door, and Christina comes in through the font door. She tells Amy she's got some good news - her mother called: everything's fine now and she wants Amy to come home as soon as possible.
The Office - late in the evening
Paul finds Ray Stafford sitting in the outer office saying he wants "a chat".
RAY: I don't think you're being quite as much use to me as a business partner should be. In fact, you've turned out to be a bit of a let-down.
PAUL: Caroline, you go on home - I'll meet you there.
CAROLINE: Are you sure you don't want me to stay?
PAUL: No, please, off you go.
She leaves.
PAUL: Well, we can talk in the office...
RAY: My driver's waiting for us outside. I know a little place where no-one will interrupt us. Let's go.
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