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Neighbours Episode 1661 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1661
Australian airdate: 20/04/92
UK airdate: 26/03/93
UK Gold: 15/03/99
Writer: Christine Madafferi
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy worries that her cancer has come back.
Madge and Christina are talking about the Coffee Shop deal again. As Madge is leaving, Paul comes in looking frazzled.
CHRISTINA: I've got some good news!
PAUL:(without looking up) I'm not really interested in the latest Ramsay Street gossip.
Christina is rightly fed up with him. She tells him that she's taking over the Coffee Shop.
Pam is trying to encourage Dorothy not to fear the worst - she's made an appointment for a needle biopsy this afternoon.
DOROTHY: The sooner I know, the sooner I'll be out of my misery. One way or the other.
Robinsons - evening
Helen, Jim and Lucy are having dinner and missing Josh. Lucy has become Faye's biggest fan for some reason, claiming "poor Mrs Hudson" is on her own and must be horribly lonely. She feels bad about ruining Faye's relationship with Jim.
JIM: I don't think I want to hear about this.
LUCY: It might have been OK...I mean, you're both single and pretty desperate...
JIM: I know I don't want to hear about this! I like being single and...and...
HELEN: Desperate?
JIM: Free!
Just then Beth arrives - the girl who was up at Surfers with Lucy, Brad and Josh. Apparently Josh invited her to "visit at any time" (like you do!) She fed up at home and there's no work, so she thought she'd stay in Erinsborough for a bit. Obviously, Helen and Jim invite her to stay(!)
Paul isn't happy about Christina taking the job at the Coffee Shop but she isn't in the mood for Paul's nonsense.
CHRISTINA: For goodness sake, I have been with him every second since he was born and that's more than you can say.
PAUL: That's not very fair Chris, and you know it. I needed that time away.
CHRISTINA: Well what about MY needs, huh? Or don't they count?
Paul says he just doesn't want Andrew shoved under the Coffee Shop counter, but Christina says she's got a babysitter organised. Anyway, she'll be home before Amy gets home from school.
PAUL: People are going to think we're desperate for money or something!
CHRISTINA: Ahhhhh so that's it, is it? You don't want people to see me working. Running a coffee shop's beneath the wife of the Great Paul Robinson?
PAUL: Oh, don't be silly.
Christina is fed up of Paul telling her what to do and Paul says it's all about image - because they have a certain "social standing" in the community.
CHRISTINA: And that's more important to you than me. That's what it comes down to. (shoving a plate into his hand) You can stack the dishwasher for a change. That's if it doesn't ruin your image!
She stalks off.
Pam and Dorothy are back from the hospital. Phoebe is out with Todd and Dorothy is missing Toby terribly too. Pam puts the kettle on for them.
Robinsons, the following morning
Beth tells Lucy that Jim is really cool. Lucy asks after David and Beth goes a bit quiet - David is getting married to his old girlfriend, Jenny. Lucy is quite upset but claims she was never serious about David anyway.
Beth is going job hunting today. Lucy suggests asking Paul if there's anything going at Lassiter's. Jim comes past, smiles at Beth, and says she's welcome to stay as long as she likes. (I bet she is!!)
BETH: I wish I had a father like that.
LUCY: Take him - he's yours!
Garden of No.30
Dorothy is cleaning the pool when Helen pops round. Dorothy isn't going to work today - she's taking a sickie. Just then Madge comes over and tells Dorothy off for wagging!
DOROTHY: Weren't you in a hurry, Madge?
MADGE: Yes, some of us have to work!
Helen is concerned about Dorothy and eventually she spills it all out. She's getting her test results today and can't face school. Helen tells her to try to think positive, but Dorothy says she's trying not to think at all.
DOROTHY: Oh Helen, I'm so alone. I never realised how much until now.
HELEN: Nonsense. We're all here for you.
DOROTHY: And I'm grateful for that but I have no real family of my own. I lay awake last night going over my life. Wondering why I wasted all those years on Colin.
HELEN: You were in love with Colin.
DOROTHY: Yes, stupidly. Where is he now? Where are the children I should have had? Who's really going to miss me that much when I die?
HELEN: Oh, Dorothy, we'd all be devastated if anything happened to you. I know I'm counting on you being around for quite a long time, at least until I can beat you at chess!
DOROTHY: Oh, don't be ridiculous, Helen. Neither of us will live that long(!)
They laugh.
The Office
Lucy rushes in, late for work. Paul isn't in a very good mood, but Lucy ploughs on and asks him about a job for Beth anyway. Paul says there aren't any vacancies at the moment, but he'll keep Beth in mind.
Inner Office
Ray Stafford is on the line and Paul tells her to tell him he's out for the day!
Pam has come around to give Dorothy a book of cartoons to give her a laugh. The phone rings and Dorothy asks Pam to answer it. It's the doctor at the hospital - she's got the results. Dorothy nervously takes the phone from Pam.
Lucy rushes in and says that Beth has a job - one of the maids has gone on maternity leave and Paul has agreed that Beth can fill in!
Beth says she can look for her own place now, and Lucy suggests they find a place together! Jim does not look pleased.
The Office
Lucy introduces Beth to Paul, but he is indifferent. How rude.
LUCY: You have to get to know him.
MADGE:(coming in) Yes, and then you'll really hate him!
Paul orders Madge into his office. She's not having any of this and tells him off for his bad manners.
Inner Office
PAUL: How dare you. How dare you put those ideas into my wife's head.
Paul reckons that Christina would never have thought about a crazy scheme liek taking over the Coffee Shop without Madge's help. Madge rolls her eyes and says it's a very good idea - Christina will do very well in the Coffee Shop.
PAUL: She ran the gift shop for a couple of months. She's got no business sense!
MADGE:(firmly) She's intelligent. She'll learn.
Paul says that Madge needs his permission to sub-let the shop anyway, and he won't give it. Madge smiles and says she's not sub-letting anything - Christina is coming in as manager on a profit-sharing basis - and it was all Christina's idea.
Lucy rushes in and says Ray Stafford is on the phone again and it's urgent. He isn't pleased.
MADGE: Paul. Christina is entitled to do exactly as she wants. Now, why don't you concentrate on your own business and I'll handle mine.
DOROTHY: I still can't quite believe it. Is it a mistake? Did I hear correctly?
PAM: Of course you did!
DOROTHY: Oh, I've never felt so relieved, so lucky in my life! A harmless little cyst! And there I was planning my own funeral!
Dorothy thanks Pam profusely for her support through her ordeal.
DOROTHY: I feel so blessed to have neighbours...friends...like you and Helen.
PAM: The feeling's mutual.
Beth comes in - she's really excited about her new job. Jim tells her that there no rush to move out, but Beth says that she and Lucy have found a couple of flats to look at already!
JIM:(to Helen) I don't like this.
HELEN: We've been through this and decided that you're a fuddy-duddy. Lots of young girls flat together!
JIM: I still don't like it! It's not safe, two young girls flatting on their own.
HELEN: Well, if it's the security aspect you're worried about, why don't you help them choose one? Some strong locks and an intercom system...
JIM: I just don't want Lucy to go, that's all.
HELEN: I know.
Christina is entertaining Andrew when there's a knock at the door. It's Madge who has been to the solicitor for the contract for the Coffee Shop. Christina tells her that she's not entirely sure yet - maybe she's just a bit nervous. Madge tells her to read through the contract before making her decision - she wants Christina to be 100% sure.
Paul comes in and Christina tells him that Ray Stafford has rung the house several times.
CHRISTINA: What's going on?
PAUL: Oh, nothing, it's none of your business.
CHRISTINA: Fine. If that's how you feel, then my business is none of your business, OK?
MADGE:(disgusted with Paul) Well said.
PAUL: Chrissie, if you're referring to that idiotic Coffee Shop scheme, that's not business, it's lunacy.
CHRISTINA:(to Madge) Where do I sign?
MADGE: Just here...
PAUL: Chrissie, I don't want you to sign that contract! Now come on, please, you don't know what you're doing there.
CHRISTINA: Paul, lend me a pen.
PAUL: Don't be silly, I'm not going to lend you my pen and you're not signing the contract!
Madge hands her a pen and she picks up the contract.
PAUL: I see. Chrissie, if you sign that contract you're going to be very, very sorry.
She signs it anyway.
MADGE: Well, what do you know? She signed it anyway!
Madge takes the contract.
<<1660 - 1662>>
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