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Neighbours Episode 1660 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1660
Australian airdate: 17/04/92
UK airdate: 25/03/93
UK Gold: 12/03/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy runs over Faye's cat with Dorothy's car.
Ramsay Street
Faye rushes over and Dorothy and Lucy jump out of the car. Faye is frantic (but the cat looks fine to me!) Dorothy and Faye take him off to the vet.
Amy is watching proceedings through the blinds. As she's watching, she sees Toby arriving home.
Helen comes round for a visit while Amy goes over to see Toby. Christina and Helen chat and Christina moans about being stuck in the house. Helen says she could do something like selling children's clothes at parties - she'll ring a friend of hers and ask about it.
Amy comes round and Toby is not particularly pleased to see her. She invites him to the movies and he gets out of it, saying he has to watch Lou's car. Amy is crestfallen.
MADGE:(hugging Amy) Perhaps if you played a little bit harder to get...
Faye is fussing over Fluffy and asking Pam for her nursing opinion(!)
DOROTHY: I don't know about the cat, but I might throw up! I can't take any more of this. She walks out.
Faye claims the cat is traumatised! She says Pam can have the dress back for cost price as long as she doesn't mind the stain(!) Pam is not impressed.
Helen has rung her friend about doing the children's parties. Christina is worried that Paul will object though - he's been in a funny mood lately. Amy says that everyone around her talks about nothing but business. Then she says maybe she can make Toby jealous(!)
Robinsons, the following morning
Lucy hasn't slept much - she couldn't stop thinking about the cat. Madge comes in in her dressing-gown to borrow some spray-starch - she needs to iron a shirt for Lou because he's decided to come to church with her!
Madge moans about Faye again, saying she's fed up of her cornering her in the Coffee Shop. But then she says that maybe she's just fed up of the Coffee Shop - it was fun when Harold was alive but now it's a chore. Also Lou breathes down her neck when she's doing the accounts!
HELEN: Don't you think it's time?
MADGE: Time for what?
HELEN: Madge, we all know how much you loved Harold and grieved for him, that goes without question. But surely it's time to move on now? You and Lou make a very handsome couple.
Madge is silent.
Pam is talking to Christina about getting a part time job - the party company apparently already has enough people. Amy asks to ring Paul at the office to ask him something about Toby.
Pam is surprised that Paul is at work again and Christina clearly isn't very pleased about it. She doesn't think Paul confides in her at all these days. Pam mentions the dodgy new partner and Christina is upset that she doesn't know anything about it.
CHRISTINA: I'm getting sick of this. He treats me like an idiot!
Ramsay Street
Toby is washing Lou's car when Amy comes out. She sees and asks about Fluffy.
FAYE: Oh, I don't know, he just sits there, purring. I'm sure it's all a front!
Amy offers her support - she got knocked down by a car too the other week, but she feels fine now(!) Faye says that something should be done. Then she shouts at Toby to keep Bouncer away from her.
When Faye has gone, Amy goes up and tells Toby that she's got a job washing cars at Lassiter's so she'll be making heaps of money!
Toby comes in looking fed up. He tells Madge that Amy has out-smarted him - she's grabbed all the car-washing at Lassiter's. Madge says that there might be room for negotiation - Amy is only nine years old and might appreciate some help.
Dorothy and Faye have come round to see Pam. Faye is still fussing about the cat and wants speed humps installed in Ramsay Street(!) Dorothy tells her she's fed up of Faye making mountains out of molehills, and she should turn her mind to more important things.
Faye stalks out just as Pam is coming in. Dorothy tells Pam that she's come to see her because she's worried - she's found another lump in her breast. She's terrified that her cancer is returning. Pam advises her to go to the GP as soon as possible. Dorothy asks Pam to check it out for her first before going to the doctor.
Lucy has come round with a present for Fluffy to say sorry. She gives Faye a little squeaky toy and Faye thanks her for her support. They are getting on quite well and agree to go to the supermarket together to get Fluffy some treats.
FAYE: I'm beginning to think I've pegged you wrong.
LUCY: Me too. You're nowhere near the drag everyone says you are!
Amy is washing cat when Toby comes along. He offers his services but Amy doesn't want his help. She does have some terms though - he can pay $30 for a share in the business, or she'll cut him in for free if he'll say he'll be her boyfriend! Toby doesn't like these terms much, but he eventually agrees. Amy says there's one more condition - he has to kiss her as well. She pushes her cheek towards him. After looking round to check no-one's watching, Toby reluctantly kisses her.
Madge has come round to see Christina. She tells her she's looking for Paul to ask if she can sub-let the Coffee Shop to a manager. Christina is interested and says she might be interested in running the Coffee Shop if the terms were reasonable. Madge agrees and they shake hands.
Pam is telling Dorothy that the lump might be benign, but Dorothy is very worried that the cancer has come back.
DOROTHY: I know it doesn't look good. I've already had one operation, and not so long ago either. Pam, I'm scared.
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