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Neighbours Episode 1659 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1659
Australian airdate: 16/04/92
UK airdate: 24/03/93
UK Gold: 11/03/99
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Yokel: Trevor Kilgour
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug loses the canoe under the influence of halluginogenic mushrooms. He and Jim are stranded - there's no way out of the gorge except by boat.
Gaby's Boutique
Gaby is fitting a dress to Pam. Faye comes in and moans about the T-shirts and is generally nasty to Pam.
Jim is really pissed off with Doug. They don't have a map or a compass so it's hard to know which way to go. Jim decides to climb as high as he can to have a look.
Gaby's Boutique
Pam is buying the purple dress. Dorothy comes in and invites Pam to join her for afternoon tea in the Brasserie. Dorothy tells Faye that he cat has been leaving paw prints on the bonnet of her car - if it happens again she'll be sending Faye the bill to have the car cleaned and waxed!
Jim hasn't had any luck climbing the side of the gorge. Doug suggests making a raft out of the tent and the lilos - after all, they have both engineering and building expertise between them. Jim agrees to give it a try.
Lucy is nagging Helen to give her driving lessons, but Helen isn't well enough yet. Lucy says she'll cancel her driving test for next week - she's just not ready. Helen suggests that Lucy gets Dorothy to give her lessons. Lucy isn't keen on this idea but agrees to give it a go.
Jim and Doug have finished constructing their raft. It floats surprisingly well and they paddle off.
Dorothy and Helen are having a chat. Helen asks her to give Lucy some driving lessons. Dorothy tries to get out of it but agrees in the end.
Faye is trying on a black dress that she bought from Gaby's boutique. Helen comes round to see what complaints Faye has about the house, but much to Helen's surprise, Faye says the house is perfect!
FAYE: Honestly, anyone would think I'm in the habit of complaining!
Helen admires Faye's dress and gets Helen to do the back of it up. She manages with difficulty, but the dress is too small for Faye. It splits down the side.
Dorothy is teaching Lucy to drive using kitchen chairs and imaginary controls. Lucy is not impressed.
A river
Jim and Doug are still paddling along in their raft. Air is starting to escape from the lilos, but just then, Jim sights the canoe. A bloke is standing over it, wondering whose it is. The bloke offers them a life home in his truck and they gratefully accept.
Gaby's Boutique
Pam has popped in to pick up her purple dress. But Gaby says she wants to iron it first.
As Pam is leaving, Faye brings the black dress back, claiming the workmanship was shoddy.
GABY: It ripped because you were busting out of it!
FAYE: Oh, don't be silly, Gaby, I've always been a size 10!
GABY: Things do change, Aunty!
Gaby says she doesn't do cash refunds, but she can give Faye a credit note. But Faye needs something to wear tonight. When Gaby's back is turned, she seizes the purple dress and leaves the shop, calling to Gaby that she's found an alternative.
Ramsay Street
Lucy is in the driving seat of Dorothy's car. She drives off but quickly stalls the engine. She drives off again and is doing quite well. She gets distracted by Jim who is just arriving back from his trip and waves to him, narrowly avoiding a parked car. Dorothy says that she doesn't like Lucy's attitude.
Jim adn Doug are having a well-earned beer.
DOUG: Looking back, it wasn't so bad.
JIM: It was a disaster, Doug, a complete disaster! Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong!
Doug says that they overcame the odds and rose to the challenge.
HELEN:(coming in through the back door) Well, well, well, the boys from the bush are back. How was it?
JIM AND DOUG: Terrific!
HELEN: No trouble, then.
JIM AND DOUG: Nothing we couldn't handle!
Doug claims that he and Jim are natural bushmen(!)
Gaby comes in and tells Pam that she's found an even better dress for Pam. Pam quite likes it, but much prefers the other one. Gaby has to confess that Faye stole it.
Just then, Faye comes in wearing the dress.
PAM: I might have known.
She tells Faye off for trying to get back at her about the T-shirts.
FAYE: I'd never be so petty!
PAM: Yes you would!
FAYE: Oh, all right, perhaps it was mean of me. But you really hurt my feelings!
A road
Lucy is driving along and turns back into Ramsay Street. Dorothy tells her off for breaking too many rules. As Lucy reverses into Dorothy's driveway, Fluffy the cat gets in the way.
<<1658 - 1660>>
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