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Neighbours Episode 1658 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1658
Australian airdate: 15/04/92
UK airdate: 23/03/93
UK Gold: 10/03/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ray Stafford's heavyman smashes bottles in the Waterhole and pushes Brad to the ground.
Christina is obsessively doing push-ups insisting she won't be a mother who looks frumpy. She wants to get her brain back into shape as well.
Paul answers the phone to Brad. He is very worried about the smashing up of the bar, but tells Brad not to call the police - he and Caroline will be there shortly.
A tent in the middle of nowhere
Jim wakes up having heard a growling noise. Doug says it might be a dingo, but they're quite safe in the tent. Overhead, thunder rumbles.
The Pub
Caroline and Paul have arrives and are surveying the damage. He wants to know why Paul hasn't called the police.
Caroline tells Paul quietly that things are getting out of hand - Brad could have been badly hurt. Paul doesn't know what to do - he doesn't think he can do anything. Caroline says that he can't give in to him - if he does, they'll take over the whole business. But Paul doesn't think he has any choice but to give in.
No.32, the following morning
Faye is obsessively dusting while Cameron answers the door to Pam and Gaby. They've come to see about the photo that Faye took. Faye gets rather worried and reluctantly shows her the photo - she's chopped Pam's face off. Pam is not pleased and thinks that Faye did it on purpose.
PAM: Just what you've always wanted, eh? A photo of the family without me in it!
She walks out, closely followed by Gaby.
A river
Jim and Doug are canoeing again. They are tired after being up all night listening to animals prowling around, but enjoying themselves. They come to some more rapids but traverse them successfully this time. Doug complains that he's starving hungry. Jim hands him his last chocolate bar.
Pam is ranting about Faye cutting her out of the photo. She's tried to be nice to Faye, but nothing seems to help!
Cameron comes round with a present for Pam - it's his photo album. He says he's got some good pictures of Pam in it.
The Office
Christina tells Paul that she wants to rent a home gym so she can get her body shape back. He isn't keen but then puts his foot in it by telling her that her body is "looser" since having Andrew. He gives her a blank cheque(!)
Brad rushes in to ring the police - he's just seen Tony by the Coffee Shop. Paul cuts the phone off and says he doesn't want the police involved. When Brad offers to take Tony on himself, Paul fires him(!)
Doug and Jim have managed to spear some fish and are cooking them over an open fire. Doug has also picked some wild mushrooms.
JIM: This has turned out to be quite a good trip after all, hasn't it?
DOUG: We've done us proud, Jungle Jim!
Pam is incensed that Paul has fired Brad and marches off to have it out with Paul.
Gaby and Cameron are looking in the photo album and find a great photo of Faye dressed only in a towel and with a face-pack on. Gaby says they can play a good joke on Faye to get revenge about Pam's photo.
Jim and Doug are having a snooze, but suddenly Jim sits bolt upright - he's hallucinating. Through his stupor he seems to be able to see a pig and hear it grunting. He calls to Doug and says that he thinks the mushrooms were halluginogenic. Doug is hallucinating too and becomes fascinated with the colour of his hand(!)
The Office
Pam is ranting at Paul. She demands a proper explanation for sacking Brad. He says he'll re-hire Brad soon, they just have a few problems at the moment and he doesn't want Brad involved.
When Pam has gone, Caroline tells Paul that Ray Stafford has them right where he wants them.
Doug is reminiscing about old times. Jim isn't impressed and lies down to try to sleep off the halluginogenic effect. Doug however feels invincible and decide to go off for a swim!
Christina's home gym has arrived. She tells Paul that she's fed up of Paul and Caroline keeping business secrets from them. She wants to go back to the gift shop to work but Paul says she needs to stay home with Andrew.
Caroline comes in and tells Paul that Stafford called into the office after Paul left. He treated the place like his own and then gave Caroline an envelope to give to Paul. Inside is a letter, "Glad you decided to stay healthy"
Pam has called Faye around. She's had a T-shirt made up with the awful photo of Faye on it! Faye is horrified, and Pam threatens to go round and show it to all the neighbours and wear it to the mall too, unless Faye agrees to pay for a professional photographer to take a decent photo of the family to send to Cody. Faye refuses. So Brad, Gaby and Cameron open up their own shirts, and they've got the same T-shirt on too!
Jim is feeling better and so is Doug - in fact, he's been out for a little paddle in the canoe. Jim still has a very bad headache so they head back to the boat to get some aspirin. But when they get to the edge of the bank, the canoe has floated away.
JIM: Talk about being up the creek without a paddle!
<<1657 - 1659>>
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