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Neighbours Episode 1657 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1657
Australian airdate: 14/04/92
UK airdate: 22/03/93
UK Gold: 09/03/99
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tony: David Glazebrook
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge creeps around the house in the night. She puts the light on and gasps.
MADGE: Lou! Lou what's the matter? Can't you sleep?
Lou seems to be in a sort of trance, and in his hand he is holding Harold's glasses.
MADGE: Lou? Answer me, will you? (taking the glasses) Where did you get those, they're Harold's glasses. I packed those in the garage. (shaking him) LOU!
LOU:(waking up) Madge?
MADGE: Who else?
LOU: What am I doing..oh no. Don't tell me I've been sleepwalking again!
MADGE: Sleepwalking.
LOU: I've had bouts of it all my life, love. It started when I was a little nipper. I think I've got it under control and it bounces back again.
MADGE: Lou, I don't find this very funny.
LOU: Scared the pants of Guy when he was a kid, he thought I was a ghost.
MADGE: Oh. Is that what you wanted me to think?
LOU: Huh?
MADGE: You still haven't told me what you're doing with Harold's glasses.
LOU: What? Well how on earth did...
MADGE: You're not fooling anyone, Lou. You knew where Harold belongings were kept. And for some reason best known to yourself you decided to play a sick practical joke on me.
LOU: Now look, I don't even remember going to the garage. It's a complete blank.
MADGE: I know you never liked Harold but I cannot understand why you'd want to hurt me!
LOU: I don't want to hurt you!
She stalks off back to bed.
LOU: Madge!
MADGE: Oh, leave me alone!
She slams the door behind her.
Jim and Doug are preparing for their camping trip. They invite Brad to come along and he's tempted, but he's got to work. Jim is obsessing about the first aid kit and the other equipment!
Josh, Todd and Phoebe are having breakfast and chatting about Phoebe's inheritance. When Todd and Phoebe have left for school, Josh rings his mother intending to tell her that he wants to stay in Erinsborough. But it seems that his mother is really looking forward to having him home. He puts the phone down sadly.
Lou is explaining about his sleepwalking and he'd never try to hurt Madge - he's got no idea why he was spreading Harold's possessions around. Madge says that maybe he should try going to the doctor. He's reluctant, but agrees if it will help make things up to Madge.
The Pub
Ray Stafford's heavyman Tony has come in and told Brad that the pub is changing supplier. Brad gives Paul a ring to come and sort it out. Paul arrives and Tony wants him to sign a liquor order. Paul refuses and says he's perfectly happy with his current supplier. Tony stomps off like a caveman.
Camping Site
Jim and Doug have arrived at the site and are unloading their equipment. Jim is giving Doug canoeing trips, but he says he's done it before. Jim advises Doug to change out of his jeans into his tracksuit.
Todd and Phoebe come in. Josh tells them that the phonecall didn't go as planned - his mother has gone to a lot of trouble for him and he feels like he can't hurt her feelings. Todd and Phoebe are sad but Josh is putting a brave face on it. Helen joins in saying it's a whole new start for Josh.
The Pub
Brad leaves early to see Josh before he goes. Lou and Madge are chatting. Lou has been to the doctor and ascertained that the sleepwalking kicks in when Lou is upset about something. And he's not been feeling too good about himself lately, especially with the situation with Madge, and the ghost of Harold in the room.
LOU: I've waited a long time for you, Madge. I can be very patient. Not that it's easy behaving myself around you(!)
A river
Jim and Doug are paddling along in a canoe. They bicker about the fishing gear - neither of them have brought any equipment by accident. But they are enjoying the canoeing anyway. They come to the rapids and are tipped out of the boat. Their supplies in their waterproof container float away while they struggle to the shore.
Josh is just about to leave. Brad comes in with a magazing for Josh to read on the bus. Todd and Phoebe look very sad and give Josh a present - it's a nice jacket.
JOSH: I'm going to take Mildura by storm!
Josh says he hates farewells and they tell him they'll come for a weekend visit soon. They hug goodbye. Josh hugs Helen.
JOSH: Thank you for everything Mrs D. Alright - I'll see you later. Keep in touch. Bye-bye.
The Office (evening)
Tony comes in with the liquor order for Paul. He refuses to sign it and Tony says that's a bad move - he says Ray will be very disappointed.
Todd and Phoebe are depressed about Josh leaving - after all, it was their actions that caused Josh to ring home in the first place. Helen reassures them that Josh is doing what's right for him and felt a duty towards his family.
TODD: Josh always said he'd go home if his family ever needed him.
Helen suggests that they write Josh a letter straight away. They go to the computer and pick up the computer games Josh left for them. On the top is one titled "Play this one first". It has a message from Josh on it and they feel a lot better after reading it.
Lou creeps out and starts pretending to sleepwalk into Madge's room(!) But she's already up and tells him off.
MADGE: You must think I came down in the last shower!
She sends him back to his own room.
A tent
Jim and Doug are trying to get down to sleep, but most of their food has floated away(!) Luckily Jim has a tin of beans. He cuts himself on the tin and Doug gives him the first aid kit. They are quite enjoying their adventure.
The Pub
Brad is just closing up when Tony comes in.
TONY: How's business, Goldilocks?
He goes behind the counter and starts smashing bottles. Then he throws Brad to the ground and walks out.
<<1656 - 1658>>
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