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Neighbours Episode 1656 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1656
Australian airdate: 13/04/92
UK airdate: 19/03/93
UK Gold: 08/03/99
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ray Stafford: Paul Smythe
Amy Robinson: Sheridan Compagnino
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug tells Paul that he knows Ray Stafford - he's a thug and Paul should watch his step.
Todd is sad that Josh is going back to his parents - he'll really miss him. Phoebe comes in and tells Todd off for forgetting to go to the library. Phoebe's mother has already headed home after the funeral. Todd isn't impressed with Phoebe's mother for leaving her with all the paperwork regarding her father.
Amy asks Caroline to try out a bit of her makeup. While Caroline puts some makeup on, Amy tells her that she likes Toby. Caroline suggests asking him to walk to school and she excitedly runs off.
The phone rings and Paul demands Caroline gets to the office ASAP.
Dorothy suggests that Madge gets Reverend Richards round for a chat about the strange goings-on, if only to reassure her. Amy comes round to ask Toby to walk her to school but he says he's having a lift with Dorothy and shuts the door on her(!)
Madge shows Lou the neckerchief.
LOU: Well, I didn't see anyone. No moans, no clanking of chains!
MADGE: Lou, it's not funny!
Madge is upset and is beginning to think it is Harold after all.
The Office
PAUL: I did some checking and there's no doubt about it - Stafford is as crooked as a dog's hind leg!
Caroline rolls her eyes and says she knows about Stafford - he usually buys properties dirt cheap after some union action. Paul is worried - he's stitched into a contract with Stafford now. Caroline advises him to get out of the deal ASAP - Stafford has a long history of criminality - even murder, but noone can prove it.
Josh, Todd and Phoebe have come to talk to Cameron about her father's estate. He opens the Will.
JOSH: I hope you don't have to leave school and get a job.
PHOEBE: Well, if I have to, I will.
Phoebe reckons that the Will was made ages ago when he was still together with Phoebe's mother. But Cameron says that her father must have had a change of heart - there's a new Will and Phoebe is the sole heir. Everything will be Phoebe's on her 21st birthday. There's no mention of Phoebe's mother.
PHOEBE: Poor mum.
JOSH: Poor mum? Poor you! What are you going to live on until you're 21?!
But there's more in the Will - there's a clause about a trustee to hand out money to Phoebe until that time. Cameron thinks there's a chance that Phoebe's mother will contest the Will, but at worst, Phoebe will still get half - the assets will set Phoebe up for life.
CAMERON: Your father had quite large assets.
PHOEBE: How large?
CAMERON: You're a very wealthy lady. Congratulations.
The Office
Paul and Caroline are talking over Amy's love life troubles with Toby(!) Apparently Amy is settling in well at school and Paul thanks Caroline for being so good with Amy.
The Stafford contract is watertight, unfortunately. Just then, Ray himself comes in. In the inner office, Paul tells Ray that Caroline isn't too keen on the deal. He offers to dissolve the partnership. But Ray doesn't like to - he kind of likes having his name linked with Erinsborough's Businessman of the year. It might be just the thing to convince people that he's not shady after all(!)
The Pub
Lou is looking through the paper for jobs. He hasn't found anything, but he has found the number of a spiritual medium(!)
MADGE: I've been thinking. Maybe if you were to move out...
LOU: Oh, fair go!
MADGE: That place is not big enough for you and Harold. And as Dorothy pointed out, I can hardly evict Harold!
Lou is upset and insists there's no such thing as ghosts. He offers to stay up with her tonight.
MADGE: But...what if it is Harold?
LOU: Then it's high time he and I had a talk about you - man to ghost!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phoebe and Todd are having a celebratory ice-cream. Phoebe is still in shock about the money.
Josh comes out with champagne and orange juice. Phoebe looks a bit unsure, and when Dorothy comes up Josh quickly hides the champagne. But she's already seen and takes the bottle off him! She says they can have a glass at home with her later - just one.
TODD: Bet you she has more than one!
They laugh and agree to go out on the town tonight.
PHOEBE:(holding up her glass of juice) To Dad.
TODD AND JOSH: To Mr Bright.
Lou is helping Toby with his maths homework, but his mind is fixed firmly on ghosts. Lou advises him not to say anything to Madge - she's upset enough as it is.
Amy comes round dressed up in a pink dress and jewellery.
TOBY: Are you playing dress-ups or something?!
He laughs are her make-up and says she looks like Freddie Kreuger!
AMY: Mangel - you're a mongrel!
She storms out.
Paul is trying to comfort Amy, saying there's plenty of other boys out there. But Amy insists that she only wants Toby. Paul suggests Plan B - the way to a man's heart is through his stomach(!) Caroline offers to help her to bake a cake.
Paul and Caroline talk about Ray Stafford again - Paul may be in a lot of trouble.
CAROLINE: Face it, Paul. If Stafford does live up to his criminal reputation, he's going to drag you down with him.
Caroline and Amy are attempting to make the cake.
CAROLINE: Toby Mangel is a gonner!
The Pub
Paul is looking for Christina. He sits down at a table with Dorothy who has been to a council meeting. Ray is skulking around the pub and tells Paul that he's promised a mate of his that he can take over as the pub supplier. Also he wants a hotel suite made permanently available for him and his friends - they need somewhere private for the odd game of cards.
PAUL: My answer to both requests is no.
RAY: That's just not acceptable.
Ray warns Paul that it's in his best interests to do what he tells him - they'll talk about it again tomorrow.
PAUL: I won't change my mind.
RAY: We'll see. Paul - be careful driving home tonight. Some of the roads around here are death-traps after dark.
Paul looks rather worried.
Amy has brought her cake around and Madge and Lou are admiring it. Unfortunately, Toby has gone away for the weekend with his family. She goes off home, sadly.
LOU: Poor little tyke. Toby doesn't even know she's alive.
MADGE: Oh well, the path of true love never ran smooth!
Lou suggests that they get a good night's sleep tonight - they can sit up and wait for "Harold" tomorrow night instead.
Josh, Todd and Phoebe are home from their night out raging. Cameron comes round to tell Phoebe that her mother won't be contesting the will - all she will take is half the proceeds from the sale of Phoebe's father's house. He'll draw up the papers tomorrow.
Phoebe suggests that they have a farewell party for Josh.
Madge is creeping about the house in the dark.
MADGE: Harold?
She creeps into the kitchen and turns on the light. She gasps in surprise.
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