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Neighbours Episode 1655 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1655
Australian airdate: 10/04/92
UK airdate: 18/03/93
UK Gold: 05/03/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Ray Stafford: Paul Smythe
Tony: David Glazebrook
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge and Toby wonder if they've been visited by Harold's ghost.
Willises (No.28)
Pam is looking through the paper and wondering if she'll take a course to learn a new skill. The rest of the Willises think that Pam still wants to go back to nursing, but feels unappreciated.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Dorothy and Madge chat outside the Coffee Shop. Madge pours out the story about Harold's hymn book coming back, and footsteps being in the house. Lou and Toby both saw her put the book away in a box, and the footsteps are unexplained.
MADGE: Toby seems to think it might be Harold's ghost.
DOROTHY: Fiddlesticks!
MADGE: You don't think so?
DOROTHY: There's some perfectly normal, logical explanation.
MADGE: So you don't believe in ghosts?
DOROTHY: I can't categorically say that. But I don't accept that Harold is haunting you.
She explains that the mind plays funny tricks - if the book hadn't belonged to Harold, Madge would have dismissed its appearance.
MADGE: If there is a logical explanation, I'm going to find out what it is!
The Office
Brad has come to ask Lucy for advice about his girl - apparently he blew his date last night. Lucy is busy and tells him to ask someone else.
There's a phonecall for Paul from a Mr Ray Stafford, enquiring about the house. Paul tells Lucy to say he's in a meeting and take a message. He makes an appointment to come and see Paul at 1pm.
Some flowers have arrived from Pam from Mrs Harris - one of her patients who is missing her terribly (she doesn't like the new District Nurse!) Doug tries to talk her into going back to nursing, but Pam doesn't want to. Just then, a Mr Egen calls for Pam. He is also in the "Get Pam Back Into Nursing" club (it looks like Doug and Gaby have rung around!)
Doug tells her that her patients really appreciate her, and they're the ones who really matter.
The Office
Mr Stafford has arrived at the office. Brad charges in and Lucy gets rid of him by saying she'll meet him after work.
Paul comes out and shows Mr Stafford and his associate in.
Paul is telling Mr Stafford that the property is very important to him because he's building a house for his mother on the land(!) He says he's willing to sell, but only for $450,000. Mr Stafford says he doesn't like being held to ransom - and he always gets what he wants. Paul says that once work starts on the new house, he won't sell at any price.
Mr Stafford and his associate look like very shady people!
Ramsay Street
Brad has asked Lucy to reenact his failed date with him. She instructs him to open the door of the car for her - it's more polite. Brad is oblivious to her exasperation and drives away.
The Office
Mr Stafford and his associate barge into the office. He tells Paul that he needs to drastically improve his terms. He's found out that Paul's mother is dead. Paul knows that Mr Stafford's company doesn't normally deal in real estate. Paul suggests a partnership, but Mr Stafford says he doesn't need a partner.
MR STAFFORD: OK. We'll play it your way. For the moment. But you have to understand there are ground rules.
PAUL: Such as?
MR STAFFORD: Such as, if you don't play straight with me, you'll regret it.
PAUL: Ray, I have no intention of cheating you. I'll get a contract drawn up and you can have your legal people check it out. I take it we're in business then!
MR STAFFORD:(not shaking his hand) For the moment.
Brad's car
Brad is driving Lucy home after having dinner at a Mexican restaurant. She hasn't had a very good time.
LUCY: It wasn't so much the taco falling in my drink as the way you were trying to get it out with your fork.
Suddenly Brad stops the car - this is where the car conked out last night(!) Apparently Brad asked the girl to get in the back and she slapped his face! Brad just wanted her to pass out the tools while he checked under the bonnet(!) but Lucy explains that she probably thought that Brad was coming on to her. She flagged down a taxi and made a quick getaway!
LUCY: You're a really nice guy, Brad. You take everything and everyone at face value and I really like that.
BRAD: You do?
LUCY: Yeah! These days people are too cyncial.
Lucy suggests that they pretend everything had gone OK with Brad's date - what would Brad have done? He doesn't know.
LUCY: Show me what you would have done and I'll tell you if you go wrong.
BRAD: Well, I suppose I'd put my arm around her.
LUCY: Go on!
They hug.
BRAD: Oh, Sharon.
LUCY: You rat!
BRAD: What did I do?
Lucy starts to laugh.
Madge can hear footsteps again and has got the willies. She flings open the front door but finds Dorothy there. She sighs in relief.
Madge has decided to stay up all night and Dorothy offers to join her.
MADGE: Why are you being so nice to me?
DOROTHY: To tell you the truth, if anything spooky is going on, I want to be part of it. I've always been intrigued by this sort of thing.
MADGE: Yeah, I knew it. Couldn't have been out of the goodness of your heart.
DOROTHY: Do you want company or not? Or are you going to wait up for the ghost alone?
MADGE: Sit down.
Dorothy says it's a lot of nonsense - nothing will happen, but she supposes there's always a chance. The lights flicker and Madge shivers.
(The following morning)
Madge wakes up Dorothy who has fallen asleep on the sofa. Apparently the pair of them dropped off.
DOROTHY: I had to do something to block out your snoring.
MADGE: I do not snore.
DOROTHY: Huh! That's what you think!
Madge gets up to have a look around and finds Harold's Scout neckerchief on the kitchen table - complete with woggle. She starts to cry.
DOROTHY: Someone must have put it there while we were asleep.
MADGE:(fearfully) Harold?
DOROTHY: Or Lou, or Toby! This could be some nasty practical joke.
MADGE: No, they wouldn't do a thing like this.
Dorothy allows that she's right - she wonders if they should keep an open mind towards the supernatural.
MADGE: If only we'd stayed awake!
DOROTHY: Perhaps it's just as well we didn't.
Brad is laughing to Pam about the re-enacted date with Lucy. Pam looks at him knowingly, saying that Lucy is a nice girl.
Apparently just about all Pam's patients have rung up now(!) She's thinking about going back to nursing after all.
PAM: To hell with all those people who didn't believe me - I'll show them!
The Willises are very pleased.
Dorothy is just leaving. Madge is in a right state and tries not to look at the neckerchief. But then she picks it up.
MADGE: Harold? Oh, this is ridiculous. But if you can hear me. I just want you to know that because I put your things away, it doesn't mean that I'll forget you. I love you. I always will.
She cries into the neckerchief.
Ramsay Street
Doug and Gaby are pleased to see Paul back on his feet. Doug goes over to talk to him. They get talking about Ray Stafford and Doug knows him - he took over a building job. Apparently he's nothing but trouble and he didn't get paid - all he got was threats. He also had threats against his family.
DOUG: Paul, the bloke's a thug. I didn't want to tell you mate, but I think you're getting involved with a very dangerous man.
<<1654 - 1656>>
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