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Neighbours Episode 1654 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1654
Australian airdate: 09/04/92
UK airdate: 17/03/93
UK Gold: 04/03/99
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Amy Robinson: Sheridan Compagnino
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Amy shows Andrew something she brought back from the old house. It's a hand grenade.
Willises (No.28)
Lucy comes round to see Gaby and moans about the fact that she has to work today when everyone else is having fun. Pam and Gaby are going to spend the day doing something "expensive and indulgent"! Pam is still unsure about returning to work - she feels her colleagues were very unsupportive when she was on bail.
Brad is off to the beach. Pam is worried about Brad ever finding a job he likes and is good at.
PAM: I suppose Brad's Brad.
LUCY:(with a longing look) You never know...
Amy is playing with the hand grenade while Christina feeds Andrew. Christina is concerned about the house Paul has bought - why hasn't anyone else snapped it up?
Christina tells Amy to get ready for school. She is forced to hide the hand grenade in Andrew's cot.
Toby is getting ready for school but can't find any socks. When looking through the washing basket he finds Harold's walking socks and Madge looks at them wistfully.
Lou tries to kiss Madge but she pulls away - it seems strange in front of Toby and Harold's walking socks(!)
MADGE: He was such a large part of my life for so long. It's hard to let go.
LOU: You have mourned Harold. It's time to bury the past and get on with your life.
MADGE: Yeah. you're right. From today I'm going to put it all behind me. Once and for all.
She does not look convinced.
Willises (No.28)
Faye has come round in a very good mood because she's made up with Cameron. Doug has got a letter from Cody, all about her latest boyfriends. She wants them to send them a recent photo of them to show her new friends. Pam isn't keen - she claims not to be very photogenic. Faye offers to take the photos and Gaby suggests that they go to a beauty parlour today so they're looking their bests.
DOUG: The only thing is - will Cody recognise you?
Lucy is cooing over Andrew and telling Caroline that she still hasn't got a man. She tells Caroline that she's got the best person for the bar manager's job right under her nose - Brad! He's efficient, punctual and the customer love him. Caroline counters that he's a bit "slow".
LUCY: He is not!
Caroline just doesn't see Brad as management.
LUCY: Everyone confuses the fact that he's good-natured with thinking that he's stupid and he's not.
When Caroline and Lucy have gone, Amy retrieves the hand-grenade from Andrew's cot. She tries to pull the ring out, but it's gone rusty.
AMY: I wonder what's inside?
She gets a hammer out from under the sink, but just as she's about to hit the grenade with it, Christina comes out. Amy hides the grenade in her school-bag.
Coffee Shop
Lou is off to see about a new deal on a car franchise.
FAYE: Hello, Marge!
MADGE: What?!
Faye has come to look for a nice cake for Cameron. She then taunts Madge for living with Lou.
FAYE: I was thinking about a cheesecake.
MADGE: Don't you think a tart would be more appropriate?
FAYE: I'm quite aware of your reputation as a bossy, loud-mouthed obstinate woman. Well, the rest of the neighbours may let you get away with it...out of pity I dare say. But I'm warning you, tangle with me and you won't know what's hit you!
Beauty Parlour
Gaby and Pam are having facepacks, hairdos and makeup done. (Gaby looks like she's stuck her finger in an electric point!)
The Office
Lucy is asking Caroline about the job for Brad again. Caroline is still very unsure.
CAROLINE: I wouldn't be able to stop worrying.
LUCY: But why? Has he done one thing - one thing to make you believe that he can't do it?
CAROLINE: No, but the warning bells are ringing and I've learnt to trust my instincts.
LUCY: Well, I could always ask Paul what he thinks...
Caroline warns Lucy not to go over her head - she's in charge of hiring and firing anyway. Lucy change tack and begs. Caroline finally agrees to give Brad a one-week trial.
LUCY: Don't worry, Caroline, you will not regret this!
Lassiter's Lake
Amy is wondering how to get the ring out of the grenade. Bouncer comes along and Amy plays with him a bit. Then Toby comes along. He sees the grenade and is horrified. They struggle a bit as Doug comes along. The ring comes out in the struggle.
TOBY: Mr Willis, she's got a grenade!
Doug seizes the grenade and throws it into the lake. As it explodes in the water, he pulls the children down to the ground.
Madge is putting away Harold's old scouting things and reminiscing about him saving Toby from a flooded river.
Toby rushes in and pours out the story about the hand grenade. Suddenly he notices Harold's things on the table and gets a bit sad. He wanders off with Bouncer.
LOU: I always had a soft spot for old Jelly-Belly. I remember when we were kids back in QUeensland. He really spat the dummy, challenged me to a fight after school. It was stupid. We both knew I could wipe the floor with him, but he wouldn't back down. Strewth, I beat the living daylights out of him. He kept getting back up, though. In the end I wouldn't fight anymore, I just walked away. I've never forgotten that. He had a lot of guts.
Madge looks upset.
Outside the Waterhole (evening)
Caroline tells Brad that she'll give him a one-week trial for the bar manager's job if he wants it.
BRAD: Nah, can't see it.
LUCY: What?
BRAD: Well, it's not my scene.
LUCY: I thought you said you weren't satisfied with what you were doing?
BRAD: When? Oh, this morning. Nah, I was just saying I'd rather be out surfing. I'm not up to the responsibility, you know.
CAROLINE: I totally understand, Brad, don't worry. I don't want to pressure you into something you don't want to do (glares at Lucy)
When Caroline has gone, Lucy tells Brad off. Brad is oblivious to her feelings and then makes things worse by telling her that he met a gorgeous girl at the beach this morning - and he's got a date with her after work!
Lucy is very disappointed.
Faye is taking a very old-fashioned posed photo of Doug, Pam and Gaby. Brad arrives and looks very grungy compared to the rest of them, but says that he's not changing because Cody will want to see the real him(!)
PAM: Do you notice anything different about Mum?
BRAD: Oh yeah, new dress!
PAM:(dryly) Thanks, Brad.
BRAD: Oh, and she's done something to her face!
Faye takes the photo and cuts the bottom half of Pam's face off!
No.24, the following morning
Madge hasn't slept very well, claiming she could hear noises and footsteps. But neither of the others heard anything. Madge suddenly notices Harold's songbook on the sideboard and is surprised - she thought she'd put it away in the garage with the rest of his things.
MADGE: If neither of you brought it back, who did?
She looks petrified.
Christina and Amy are talking through the hand-grenade incident and agree to put it behind them.
The phone rings for Paul but Caroline answers it - it's someone enquiring about the property Paul's buying. But they hang up.
Madge is looking thoughtfully at Harold's songbook. She asks Toby again if he brought the songbook in from the garage, but he says he didn't. Toby wonders if it could have been Harold himself.
MADGE: Oh, don't be silly, love. Granddad's dead.
TOBY: Maybe he's come back to haunt us.
MADGE: And maybe you've been watching too much rubbish on television.
TOBY: Lots of people believe in ghosts.
MADGE: I don't. No, there has to be some rational explanation.
TOBY: What?
Madge doesn't have an answer for him.
<<1653 - 1655>>
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