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Neighbours Episode 1653 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1653
Australian airdate: 08/04/92
UK airdate: 16/03/93
UK Gold: 03/03/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Amy Robinson: Sheridan Compagnino
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cameron tells Helen that Faye is trying to run his life.
Faye is putting the final touches on the dinner. Jim arrives, and Helen is on her way.
Cameron comes out wearing shorts and T-shirt and offers Jim a beer. Faye is speechless with horror - she is dressed up to the nines!
Paul tells Christina that Caroline is upset at moving over for him at the office. Now he reckons he's going to look for new deals. He's noticed that someone is buying up land around the Grand Prix track.
Christina tells Amy that she's invited Toby over tomorrow as company for her. Amy is pleased.
Toby doesn't want to go over and play with Amy, saying she's a little kid. Madge tells him that sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do in life!
Lou wants Madge to come out with him tonight: he'll get Dorothy to baby-sit. But Madge doesn't want to "complicate" things between herself and Lou. Lou tells her that he'll go over to see Faye instead(!)
Cameron is telling Jim and Helen that he works for Legal Aid. Lou pops round and Faye tells him that she's not interested in Lou's business venture with the car yard.
Toby asks Madge how Phoebe's dad died. He knows how she feels - when his mum died he didn't want to talk to anyone.
Lou comes back and tells Madge what an interesting woman Faye is.
MADGE: Oh yes, very interesting. Claws like a cat and a mouth like a radio.
Lou says that's just a woman's point of view - she's very attractive to a man!
LOU: You don't want me, so I might as well go somewhere else.
MADGE: Yup, you may as well.
Jim and Helen are laughing at Cameron's stories about his law practice. Faye does not look pleased, and is even less pleased when Cameron tells Jim that he's not interested in another job.
When Jim and Helen have gone, Faye rants at Cameron, saying he's made her the laughing stock of Ramsay Street. Cameron says he dressed the way he did because Faye was so rude to Nikki on the phone.
CAMERON: I should have known better. You're never going to change. There's no point in me hanging around. I'm out of her tomorrow morning.
No.22, the following morning
Madge has dropped Toby off for the day. He chats to Amy and she tells him that she's allergic to ice-cream. Then she shows Toby her roller-blades.
Paul tells Christina that land-prices are going through the ceiling at the race-track. He's seen an old house on the site and wants to go and have a look at it. Amy and Toby beg to come with him - they'd love to see the Grand Prix track.
Faye finds Cameron in the kitchen and wants to know what she's done wrong. He tells her that he's an adult and wants to make his own choices. Also, he believes Faye blames him for his father's death.
CAMERON: I only studied law to make the two of you happy, but it wasn't enough. Nothing I could have done would have been enough!
FAYE: Your father only wanted what was best for you. Like I do!
CAMERON: And I did my best! And if you can't accept that...look, I'm going to pack.
Madge's iron is broken and Lou offers to fix it. Madge asks him if he's really serious about Faye. Lou thinks that Madge is jealous.
LOU: You're just afraid of letting Harold down. Well, I don't blame you for that, you loved the man. But he wanted you to live your life. Now am I right or am I right?
MADGE: Of course he wanted me to live my life and I am.
LOU: Really? Look, I know I'm different to Harold. I'm loud, I mess around and well...I'm a bit of a con-artist. But there's more to me than that. I like to take life head-on. Always have a go. I like to be happy. I like other people to be happy. That's not all bad.
MADGE: No. I know that.
LOU: And there's another thing about me, Madge. I have been in love with you for a very long time. Ever since you came up to Brisbane and we met up again. But, you married Harold and that was that. Except it isn't any longer. Now you just say the word and I'll forget about Faye totally. But you've got to make a decision. You've got to tell me yes or no. You've got to make a commitment. Or let me go somewhere else.
Madge knows she has a lot to think about.
Cameron's bag is packed and he says goodbye to Faye.
FAYE: I'm sorry!
Cameron says there's no point going on the way they have been - they've tried to get along but failed - they're just different people. Faye says she never wanted Cameron to grow up - she loved him as a little boy, but she can't go on like this. She apologises profusely for ever thinking that Cameron contributed to his father's death.
FAYE: I know I'm not easy to live with, but I can change!
CAMERON: We've tried that. We have.
Faye starts to cry and begs Cameron for another chance - just for a couple of weeks.
FAYE: Is that too much to ask?
An old house near the racetrack
Paul has brought Jim and the kids to see an old house. He's thinking of buying it - if he buys the last plot he'll make a fortune.
Amy and Toby explore the house and find and old chest under the bed (the owner recently died) They open it.
TOBY:(shocked) Wow!
Lou is fixing Madge's iron, but he claims it's Japanese made and doesn't understand him(!)
MADGE: Lou, I've been thinking about what you said.
LOU: Oooh, that's a start!
MADGE: And you're right. To my own shock and amazement, I am jealous. So I suppose something might be possible.
LOU:(pleased) Well, thanks for the ringing vote of confidence!
MADGE: Lou, I do like you a great deal. But I don't want to rush this, it's strange.
LOU: I know.
MADGE: And I'd rather nobody else knew, not until we're comfortable...until I'm comfortable.
LOU: I can understand that.
MADGE: You can?
LOU: Of course I can!
MADGE: Thanks Lou.
LOU: You have made me a very happy man. A very happy, patient man!
The old house near the racetrack
Amy and Toby are going through the contents of the chest which is full of war souvenirs. There are old photos and Amy finds a samurai sword. Then she finds a gun.
Jim comes in and is shocked. He puts it down carefully, saying old war souvenirs can be very dangerous - they are subject to lots of things even changes in temperature. He'll call the Army and get them to dispose of it.
Cameron comes to apologise to Jim for the odd atmosphere at the dinner party last night. Jim says it's fine - he really does have a soft spot for Faye.
CAMERON: Hmm, from what I've heard you've got a soft spot for most women. It's only what I've heard around the place.
JIM: It's all lies, rumours and innuendo!
Paul comes in and tells them all that the Robinson Corporation is "back on track" - he's bought the house.
When Paul and Christina are out of the room, Amy shows Andrew something she's brought back from the old house - it's a hand grenade!
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