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Neighbours Episode 1652 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1652
Australian airdate: 07/04/92
UK airdate: 15/03/93
UK Gold: 02/03/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy tells Phoebe that her father has died.
Phoebe struggles to take this in. Apparently there was a blood clot on her father's brain that they couldn't remove.
TODD:(gently) I'm really sorry, Phoebe.
JOSH: If there anything we can do...
PHOEBE: Thanks. I guess I'd better call Mum.
She goes off to use the phone in Dorothy's bedroom.
DOROTHY: The poor child. It's a terrible shock.
TODD: What's she going to do now? I mean, her mother's useless and she was all she had.
Faye is moaning to Helen and Jim that Cameron should be more dynamic in his career. Jim says he could help Cameron to get into private practice - he knows a local firm who is looking for a junior partner. Faye is very excited and asks Jim to get Cameron an interview. She invites Jim and Helen for dinner tomorrow night at No.32.
Paul is up early to go into the office. Caroline is surprised that he's going in on a Sunday, and not particularly chuffed. Paul raves on about the Grand Prix deal and Caroline is upset about him stealing her thunder. Paul insists that he was the one that closed the deal. She shouts at Paul that she's worked like mad and saved the Corporation - she won't stand for him swanning back in like nothing has happened.
Faye serves Cameron alphabet spaghetti for his breakfast (looks yukky). Faye moans about the type of people Cameron is working with (poor people) and brings up him getting a proper commercial practice. She tells him about a wonderful opportunity she knows of and Cameron is not pleased - they agreed when he moved in that Faye wouldn't try to run his life.
Todd and Josh have come round to see how Phoebe is. Todd asks if Phoebe has been to see her father's body yet - Madge thinks it might be a good idea. She couldn't say goodbye to Harold and felt she couldn't say goodbye. Phoebe doesn't want to and tells them firmly to stop deciding things for her - like cancelling the barbecue. The boys have already rung everyone up and cancelled, but they say they can have a small one just for them, if that's what Phoebe wants.
The Office
Paul tells Caroline that Lassiter's is still his baby. Caroline counters that Paul nearly sent Lassiter's broke. Paul says he's back in control now and Caroline is not pleased. She tells him she's worked miracles these last few months and Paul should appreciate her.
Paul goes to look at the books to see if what she says is true.
Garden of No.30
Josh is cooking sausages while Phoebe puts out the salads. She is bottling everything up - she still hasn't been able to get hold of her mother.
Todd asks Phoebe cautiously where she's going to live now, and Dorothy tells her that she's welcome to stay with her for as long as she likes. Todd is worried about Phoebe and wants her to start talking about her father.
TODD: He's dead. Look, you've got to come to terms with it. We're all here to help.
PHOEBE: Then just leave me alone.
The Office
Paul is nitpicking over the books but Caroline has just about everything accounted for. He has to admit that Caroline has done a terrific job. Caroline tells Paul that she's gone above and beyond the call of duty - she wants more of a say in the business. Paul says he's not giving away any shares in the business.
CAROLINE: I deserve something!
PAUL: I'm ready to talk about pay and conditions.
CAROLINE: No, this time, it's not good enough.
PAUL: Well, then - you're free to leave!
PAUL: Fine!
Just then, Jim comes in. He suggest that the three of them pop across to the bistro for some food.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Cameron and Faye are having lunch. Faye calls Jim, Paul and Caroline across. Paul hasn't met Cameron before, but he feels that he recognises Cameron from somewhere.
Garden of No.30
Phoebe has finally started to cry and Dorothy comes over and sits with her. She tells her not to be embarrassed about crying. But Phoebe says that she can't cry for her father - she feels like there's something wrong with her. Dorothy says there are no rules about grief - it could take a long time. She offers her support.
Faye is cooking up a roast dinner. She has been taking Cameron's calls and putting girls off him(!) specifically one called Nikki. Cameron is not impressed. He heads off to the shop to get some wine.
FAYE: What does this Nikki person do, anyway?
CAMERON: She's a professional mud-wrestler.
Phoebe is looking at a photo of her father. Josh and Todd come in and sit with her. Some of her father's effects have come back from the hospital, and amongst them is her father's engagement ring. Phoebe thanks Todd and Josh for their support.
Josh gets a bit thoughtful and tells them that he won't be around much longer - he's moving back to Mildura in a couple of days. He's decided that he wants to go back to live with his parents.
The Office
Caroline and Paul are having a conflict about how to proceed with business. Paul says that to get back to where they were before, they have to take bigger risks. Caroline thinks Paul is crazy. He says that over the next six months, things are going to be big and he wants Caroline's support.
CAROLINE: I think I'll regret this.
PAUL: Only if you regret getting rich.
Ramsay Street
Cameron introduces himself to Helen. They chat about the junior partnership, but Cameron says that he's happy where he is. He doesn't think living with Faye is working out - she keeps trying to run his life.
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