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Neighbours Episode 1651 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1651
Australian airdate: 06/04/92
UK airdate: 12/03/93
UK Gold: 01/03/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Josh rings his mother and asks to come home.
Cameron has called - the murder charge against Pam has been dropped. Doug and Pam are very relieved and hug each other tightly.
PAM: I can't believe it! I was convinced I was going to go to jail.
Pam decides to go into town - she's got something she wants to do.
Helen is putting some clothes together for Lucy to wear to a bad taste party. Jim is thinking about going camping and asking Doug to come with him.
Josh tells Jim that he's going back to live in Mildura. Jim is shocked but realises it's down to his argument with Todd and Phoebe. Jim advises Josh to think about it carefully.
Helen is off to the physiotherapist. She asks Todd to wrap Dorothy's birthday present and take it over to her. Todd wraps the bad taste party clothes!
Phoebe's father is having surgery today - and afterwards she thinks she'll move home to take care of him. Dorothy is sad - she'll be in an empty house again.
Pam comes home with a brochure for a Pacific Cruise - she's booked one for them and they leave next week. She's been saving up and she wants to do something crazy for once. Doug protests that he has work lined up - he can't just drop everything. Pam is very disappointed but says she'll cancel the booking.
Dorothy has given Dorothy a nice blouse for her birthday. Josh has given her a book. Pam and Doug arrive with a classical CD for her, and finally she opens Helen and Jim's present.
JIM: Helen chose it. And she insists you wear it this afternoon when the two of you go out together.
Dorothy looks into the packet and grimaces in dismay, but covers, saying she'll try it on later.
When everyone else has gone, Dorothy shows Pam and Doug the clothes Helen has given her.
DOROTHY: Would you want to be seen in that?
PAM:(laughing) Not even dead!
Phoebe is struggling with the computer and Josh offers to help. They give him the brush-off. Josh tells them he'll be well out of their way soon.
Pam's boss has rung up to offer to ask the Board to give Pam her job back. Pam is still disgusted at her colleagues' behaviour - not one of them stood up for her. Now she's not sure that she wants to go back to nursing at all - she feels differently about a lot of things now.
Garden of the Robinsons
Todd and Josh have another row. Jim comes out and tells them to come inside for a talk.
Helen has come to pick Dorothy up. She groans when she sees that Dorothy has the bad taste clothes on.
DOROTHY: I love it! Thank you!
Helen explains the situation and starts to laugh.
Jim is telling Todd and Phoebe that Josh was going to shop Trish, but Toby got in first - Josh gave Trish up for them, but lost their friendship too. Jim tells them that Josh really cares about both of them, and besides, he's been Todd's best friend for a very long time. He advises Todd and Phoebe to make up with Josh.
Dorothy is telling Helen how much she's going to miss Toby and Phoebe around the house. They head off for afternoon tea at a new hotel.
The phone rings and it's a caller for Phoebe. Dorothy looks a bit shocked at what the caller say.
Pam is still thinking of giving up nursing. Doug says it's not the right time to be making decisions, but Pam says she wants to get out of the rut she's in. She feels like she's got a second chance after what's happened and she doesn't intend to waste it.
Todd tells Josh that he and Phoebe want to make up with him. There is a bit of an awkward silence, then Josh accepts.
TODD: I'm glad it didn't take a man-eating dog to get us back together this time!
They tell Josh he's now invited to the barbecue and Todd and Josh shake hands.
Dorothy tells Phoebe that she's been trying to get hold of her. There was a call from the hospital - it seems that Phoebe's father was much sicker than he told Phoebe. He didn't tell her because he didn't want to worry her.
PHOEBE: He is going to be alright, isn't he?
DOROTHY: I'm really sorry. Your father died during the surgery.
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