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Neighbours Episode 1648 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1648
Australian airdate: 01/04/92
UK airdate: 09/03/93
UK Gold: 24/02/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Smithy: Robert Kemp
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug suggests he and Pam skip the country. Pam says there's nowhere to run.
It turns out that Bouncer has only wrecked Dorothy's slippers - not eaten the cat! Just then, Jim comes round having found Fluffy in his garden.
When Faye has gone, Dorothy gets Jim a drink and tells him that Toby is coming to stay with her.
Cameron has been going through the names on the list and ringing them up. Smithy has an answering machine, so there's a slim chance that Garth might have left a message on it.
Coffee Shop
Brad sees the light on in the Coffee Shop and finds that Madge is there! She's glad to be home, but she had to return early due to Brenda and Guy doing a flit. Madge offers Brad a smoothie, but he tells her he's better go home - he hasn't been sleeping well lately. She asks him what's been happening while she's been away. Brad tells her that Faye has moved into No.32 and taken Fluffy with her. Madge is not impressed - Fluffy is her cat!
Dorothy and Jim are talking about Faye again. Jim says he regrets the way things turned out between him and Faye - but he can't complain, his family are back and things are looking better.
Garth's flat
Apparently Smithy got back about an hour ago. He's surprised to see Doug. They pour out the story about Garth to Smithy - and ask him to play his answerphone.
There is indeed a message.
I've been with Pam...and Doug. It's been great. But you know me. A coward. I'm scared of dying. But I'm more scared to live through this. It's hell, mate. I managed to get hold of some pills. And I'm going to...pull the plug. Tell everyone...I'm sorry. Bye.
Cameron takes the tape out of the machine.
CAMERON: This completely exonerates you.
PAM: You think I'd be over the moon about it. But I'm not.
Willises, the following morning
Cameron tells Pam that everything will be fine and Doug puts the tape in the cupboard for safe-keeping.
Cameron doesn't have a place to stay, so he goes off to organise somewhere. They all decide to go over to Faye's to tell her about the bail money.
Faye is spoiling Fluffy the cat when Doug, Pam and Cameron arrive. They tell her the good news and they invite her to a party they're having tonight.
Cameron stays behind to talk to Faye. She apologises for shouting at him the other day - she's been under a lot of stress lately. She wants Cameron to move in with her. He says he can't - they'd argue too much.
Toby has arrived home! Bouncer and Dorothy are very pleased to see him.
Toby has come round to see Brad. Brad invites Toby over to the party tonight and tells him that he's been having trouble sleeping lately. Toby suggests thinking about a place he really likes. Brad thinks it's a good idea - he'll take his Walkman to the beach and record some waves. Unfortunately he takes the evidence tape and puts it in his Walkman!
Faye is trying to repair some lino with a hammer when Jim comes round. He tells her that he wants them to still be friends, but she mustn't try to come between him and his children. Faye tells him her troubles with Cameron - she thinks it might be time to give him up as a lost cause.
JIM: That doesn't sound like the Faye Hudson I know.
FAYE: Maybe you don't really know me, Jim.
JIM: Maybe not. But it's unlike you to give up on something that's so important to you.
Jim has finished Faye's repairs. Madge comes round as Jim is leaving.
FAYE: Well, what can I do for you, Marge?
MADGE: You can stop calling me 'Marge' for starters!
Madge has come to get Fluffy - she says Faye has stolen him! She picks up the cat.
FAYE: That cat is the only company I have!
MADGE: Is it my fault that noone will have anything to do with you? If you made an effort to start remembering people's names, maybe you wouldn't be so starved for company!
The party is in full swing. Pam is very relieved that her legal battles are over. Doug talks to Jim about getting a second-hand car for Brad.
Madge comes in and hugs Toby. She's surprised to hear that he's staying with Dorothy.
Faye comes round wearing dowdy clothes and tells Cameron that if she was a down-and-out who came to his office he'd care about her a lot more!
Toby tells Pam that Brad has been having trouble sleeping, but everything will be OK because Brad recorded the sounds of the sea on his Walkman today, to help him sleep.
PAM: But he didn't have any tapes...he asked me to pick some up for him.
TOBY: Luckily he found one of Gaby's spares in the sideboard.
Pam and Doug freeze in horror.
DOUG: Oh no! I don't believe this! He's recorded over Smithy's tape - that's your evidence destroyed!
Faye is trying to persuade Cameron to move in with her but he says they've tried it before and it's always been a disaster. Faye says she's determined to make it work - she needs Cameron. He agrees to consider moving in for a month, as long as there are some ground rules - like no interfering in his life or being bossy.
FAYE: Oh, Cameron, you're going to love living here!
He does not look convinced!
Pam is crying but Brad says that he checked the tape first - and didn't record over it. Pam and Doug are very relieved.
TOBY: Lucky you checked!
BRAD: Little white lie, mate. The batteries were dead, so I just went surfing instead!
Doug proposes a toast to Cameron and all the work he's done for them, and to Pam as well.
Just then, Dorothy arrives. She sits down on the sofa with Madge. Madge tells her that now she's back, Toby will be moving in with her.
MADGE: He belongs with me, surely you can see that.
DOROTHY: I'm sorry, Madge, I can't see anything of the sort. If you want Toby you're going to have a fight on your hands!
<<1647 - 1649>>
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