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Neighbours Episode 1647 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1647
Australian airdate: 31/03/92
UK airdate: 08/03/93
UK Gold: 23/02/99
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Prince: Alex McClean
Doorman: David Robinson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy and Gaby wait to meet a Prince who is visiting Lassiter's.
Amy is resting in her room. Paul is worried about her - she must be feeling very unloved. He tells Christina that they must go out of their way to make Amy feel welcome, and a part of the family. He suggests a family day out.
Helen has come to see Dorothy who is waiting for a call from Joe.
They talk about Phoebe, and Helen still can't believe that Phoebe stole the exam papers.
Faye rushes in, looking for Bouncer, who she claims has been terrorising her cat.
FAYE: People who let their pets wander the streets out to be locked up!
Then she rushes out again!
Pam is upset - her supervisor at work has been snubbing her.
PAM: Seems like the whole world thinks I murdered poor old Garth!
Pam says she'll have to go back to cab-driving to make ends meet. Just then, the phone rings - it's a crank call. She puts the phone down.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Paul, Christina, Amy and Andrew are having lunch. Lucy comes over and tells them excitedly about the Prince.
LUCY: Do you think he's married?
PAUL: Oh...I'm certain he's not!
LUCY: Thank goodness for that!
Paul grins to himself.
Gaby comes up and says that Caroline needs her in the office now - Gaby will have to meet the prince on her own. Lucy asks Paul to fill in for her, but he won't.
PAUL: Lucy, get in the office now. I am still your boss, remember!
She slinks off.
Dorothy is telling Helen that Bouncer has been acting like a puppy since Toby has been gone.
The phone rings and it's Joe. Apparently the local high school up there has been closed down. He wants Toby to come back to Erinsborough to go to school - he can go back to the country on the weekend. Dorothy is very pleased.
DOROTHY: I'd better go and find Bouncer and break the news to him!
The Office
Paul tells Lucy that he has another job for her - he needs someone to cover in the Coffee Shop. Lucy isn't pleased, but Paul says that Gaby will just have to meet the Prince on her own.
Paul asks Amy what she wants to do today and suggests going to a toy store. Christina clearly thinks Paul is spoiling Amy, but doesn't say anything.
Helen is visiting Pam. They chat about the court case and Pam insists that she didn't kill Garth. She just hopes she doesn't go to jail.
Coffee Shop
Gaby is crowing over Lucy about meeting the Prince without her.
GABY: It's going to be so romantic. A European prince, all to myself! Who knows, it might be love at first sight!
Lucy says he's probably betrothed to a European princess!
GABY: Princess Gabrielle. It sounds so regal!
LUCY: I'm sure you'll do Australia proud.
GABY: I'll do my best!
Lucy is considering doing a runner from the Coffee Shop. Then suddenly she thrusts her apron into Gaby's hands and runs out!
Outside No.22
Paul has gone ahead to take Andrew into the house. Amy is complaining about having to go to school. Christina explains to Amy that she's not going to treat her like a baby, they should just talk to each other when they have a problem from now on. Christina gives her a hug.
Just then, Faye runs out, shouting at Bouncer and Christina and Amy giggle to themselves.
Outside Lassiter's
Gaby has managed to get away from the Coffee Shop and is standing with Lucy waiting for the Prince to arrive.
GABY: Aren't you glad I made it?
LUCY: Thrilled to bits(!)
The Prince arrives in a large black car. His chauffeur opens the back door and the Prince steps out - he's a little boy of about eight!
Pam has received another crank call and shouts down the phone at the perpetrator. Doug is appalled and says they'll get the number changed. Pam says they have to fill the kids in.
PAM: No-one believes me, how is the jury going to? We have to face facts. I'm going to prison.
DOUG: Pam...we said we'd only talk about it if and when...
PAM: I'm just being practical, Doug! The sooner I accept the fact I'm going to prison, the easier it'll be to cope with it when the time comes.
Gaby and Lucy are telling Christina about what happened with the Prince. But they are going to have to entertain him anyway. Christina warns them that the Prince is allegedly the biggest brat to ever draw breath.
AMY: You never came to see me. So I didn't think you cared.
PAUL: Oh, Amy, of course I did. I always cared, I love you very much, Amy, you're my daughter!
AMY: What about your other kids? You don't see them either. Do you care about them?
PAUL: Yeah, sure I do.
AMY: I don't understand then. Why don't you ever see the people you care about?
PAUL: Look, Amy, it's very, very complicated, but I'll try to explain. See, it's all a matter of priorities. You remember when I said I practically lived at Lassiter's? I wasn't kidding. See, all I ever thought about was my business and making money - work, making money the whole time. I didn't care about my family. I mean, I loved them - I loved them dearly. But I put the business first, always. But now I've changed.
AMY: But why?
PAUL: Well...see not long ago I had a pretty hard time of things. But that made me realise just how wrong I was. See, now I know that people are the most important thing to me - especially my family.
AMY: Don't you miss working?
PAUL: No, not at all. listen, I know I've been cranky lately and I was wrong. I do love you very much, Amy. I guess I just haven't been showing it the right way.
AMY: The toys were OK. But I'd rather be with you.
PAUL: Well, you've got me. From now on, I'm going to try to be a much, much better Dad. Cross my heart!
AMY: And I'll try to be a better daughter. Cross my heart, too!
They hug.
Faye rushes in looking for Bouncer again.
DOROTHY: Isn't there another person in the street you could harrass?!
Faye tells Dorothy that she can't find her cat and reckons that Bouncer has frightened the cat away.
DOROTHY: Do you honest believe that Bouncer could 'run your cat out of Ramsay Street'? This isn't the Wild West!
Just then, Bouncer comes in with fur around his mouth.
FAYE: That awful animal! He's eaten Fluffy!
She faints into Dorothy's arms.
Doug tells Pam in desperation that they could skip the country. Pam says they can't do that - there's nowhere to run.
DOUG: There must be something we can do! I can't let them take you away.
<<1646 - 1648>>
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