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Neighbours Episode 1646 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1646
Australian airdate: 30/03/92
UK airdate: 05/03/93
UK Gold: 22/02/99
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Amy Robinson: Sheridan Compagnino
Trish Longley: Susan Ellis
Cameron Hudson: Benjamin Mitchell
Kim White: Damien Richardson
Mrs. Cunningham: Pauline Coutts
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul shouts at Amy saying she's going to school in Erinsborough.
Paul running Amy over with the car.
Outside No.22
Paul rushes out of the car to see Amy lying prone on the ground. She's not breathing and Paul sends Caroline to get an ambulance. Kim rushes over and attends to Amy, giving her mouth-to-mouth.
The Office
Lucy and Gaby are bemoaning their lack of dating action.
GABY: I don't want much. Jus someone tall, dark and handsome. Oodles of charm. And a bank balance to match!
They place a bet on who can find a man first!
Ramsay Street
Amy is being loaded into the ambulance - it seems that she has started breathing again. Caroline thanks Kim profusely and tells Pam what's happened. Paul is practically beside himself and Kim offers to drive him to the hospital. Caroline goes off to track down Christina.
Pam says she's beginning to feel like a criminal, having to report to the police every day. She's trying to be positive, but the incident about Garth's funeral has really shaken her up.
Cameron refuses to take payment for taking on Pam's case - he wants to get on with thrashing out the pros and cons of the case.
Gaby comes in and Doug tells her that Faye wants her to house-sit for a while - she's expecting an important call.
Lucy and Caroline haven't heard any news about Amy yet. Lucy has brought Caroline some faxes from a Mr X - apparently he's arriving from Europe on a diplomatic mission. In fact, he's a Prince! Lucy is very excited when Caroline asks her to welcome him to Lassiter's tomorrow. Lucy panics about what to wear - she wonders if she could afford a dress she's seen.
Cameron is going through the finer points of the case. Doug offers to testify, but Cameron doesn't think that's a good idea - the word of a husband isn't worth an awful lot in court. Pam says that Garth must have stolen the pills from her bag. She's not even sure if she put the pills back in her bag, though. Cameron says they need some new evidence - something to throw light on what happened. He doesn't know what, though.
Lucy is moaning to Helen that she doesn't have any decent shoes to wear to meet the Prince. She also tells Helen about the dress she's got her eye on. She rushes off to check out the sandals in her wardrobe.
Kim comes in and tells Helen that they're keeping Amy in overnight, but she's OK - just a few bruises and scratches. Helen is very grateful to Kim for helping out.
HELEN: I've been told that you saved Amy's life. That's no small thing. Kim, I know I haven't been exactly been a good patient, but I do appreciate how hard you've tried.
KIM: It's a pity you couldn't have let me know that a little bit earlier.
Pam, Doug and Cameron are wondering if Garth might have left a note, but the police turned the place upside-down and didn't find anything.
DOUG: So where do we go from here?
PAM: Straight to solitary confinement by the sounds of things!
Cameron says that now they've finished on the negatives, they can start on the positives. They'll talk to all of Garth's friends for a clue. Doug says maybe Smithy would be worth a go - he was surprised he wasn't at the funeral because he was one of Garth's best mates. Doug suddenly remembers that the last time he saw Garth, he was going to give Smithy a call.
CAMERON: This is more like it. He could be the witness we need!
Doug suggests going over to visit Smithy straight away - this could be the break-through that puts Pam in the clear.
Lucy has caught up with Gaby, who is house-sitting. She tells him about meeting the Prince - he's single and loaded!
Gaby says she can't let Lucy have the dress she likes - she simply can't afford it.
Smithy's Place
Cameron knocks but there's no answer. A neighbour tells them that he's been away for 3 weeks - which means that Garth wouldn't have been able to get through to him anyway.
PAM: What now?
CAMERON: I don't know. I'm afraid talking to Smithy isn't going to help us.
No.22, the following morning
Gaby is showing Caroline some designs. Caroline is shocked that Gaby knows about Lucy meeting the Prince - it was meant to be kept secret for security reasons. She asks Gaby to help out as well though - she is excited and will wear her orange dress.
Amy and Paul arrive home and Caroline is very pleased to see her. Paul apologises to Amy about the fax machine - it was Christina who broke it all along.
PAUL: I think we got off to a bad start and I want us to try again.
AMY: Why? You don't even like me!
PAUL: Yes I do, I do a lot!
AMY: You wanted to send me to school to get me out of everyone's hair. I heard you say so. Mum doesn't want me. And Chrissie hates having me around. Nobody wants me!
Caroline is waiting for Lucy to be ready. She's wearing quite a short dress and Caroline tells her how nice she looks. She's not pleased to hear that Gaby will be there too though, particularly wearing the orange dress!
When Caroline and Lucy has gone, Helen apologises to Kim for her appalling behaviour. She wants to make amends. But Kim says he's moving out today - Helen is stronger and will be able to cope now. Besides, Kim has got a job with Erinsborough hospital.
KIM: This has been a very...interesting experience. No hard feelings on my part.
HELEN: Or on mine.
They shake hands.
HELEN: Good luck, Kim.
Doug, Pam and Cameron are still racking their brains. Cameron is going to ring round Garth's mates to try to get lucky.
When Pam has gone to get changed, Cameron tells Doug that they've got a real fight on their hands. It doesn't look good for Pam.
Outside Lassiter's
Gaby and Lucy are bickering while waiting for the Prince to arrive. But then they start to laugh.
LUCY: You're the pits, Gaby!
GABY: I know, but I'll make a great princess!
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