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Neighbours Episode 1645 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1645
Australian airdate: 27/03/92
UK airdate: 04/03/93
UK Gold: 19/02/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Guy tells Caroline that he knows she's tried to get rid of him.
Caroline has to admit that she used her influence to get him the job, but she thought he'd be really happy in the job. She didn't want to hurt him, but they did only agree to a casual agreement - he got too heavy.
CAROLINE: I was trying to help as a friend.
GUY: Well you don't need to anymore. Thanks for nothing, Caroline.
Dorothy's garage
Phoebe denies stealing the exam paper, but Dorothy has to investigate further. She sends Todd home.
Dorothy checks Phoebe's bag too - there were two test papers taken but so far she's only found one. The paper is indeed inside Phoebe's bag. Phoebe is shocked.
DOROTHY: Why don't you just admit it?
PHOEBE: And why won't you admit that I might be telling the truth?
Dorothy says that the evidence against her is too strong - she'll have to put Phoebe on immediate detention, and it may eventually lead to Phoebe being expelled.
Kim puts some chilli in the dinner he's cooking while Helen moans on about not being allowed to do anything. He ignores her and continues cooking.
Todd tells Kim not to worry - Helen is just touchy at the moment. Phoebe comes round to tell Todd that she's been grounded. She's crying a bit and tells Todd that she's been suspended.
PHOEBE: Who's doing this to me?
They hug, then Phoebe has to head home.
Paul tells Amy off for playing with the fax machine and then sends her off to bed. Amy says goodnight to Caroline, and then sulkily says goodnight to Paul. Paul thinks that Nina must have really spoiled Amy, but Caroline advises him to give Amy some more leeway.
Caroline and Paul discuss the Guy situation - he won't take the job now, his pride is too strong. Paul tells Caroline that she shouldn't have been under-handed - it always comes back on you.
Phoebe has sneaked out because Todd has found a letter on the Robinson computer - it contains the letter tipping Dorothy off about the lockers. Todd says it must have been Josh. Phoebe can't believe that Josh would do such a thing. She'll have to confront him in the morning.
Robinsons, the following morning.
PHOEBE: Why did you do it, Josh?
JOSH: Why did I do what?
PHOEBE: Write a letter to Mrs Burke and then put test papers in my locker and in my bag.
JOSH: Come off it!
TODD: Josh, we know it was you. We saw the letter on the computer.
JOSH: What are you two up to? Some clever little plan to give me a hard time?
TODD: Don't be stupid.
JOSH: Look, if there was a letter written to Mrs Burke on that computer, I did not write it. You two are the only other people who use it.
Phoebe begs Josh to own up before she's expelled, but he insists that he hasn't done anything. Todd offers to knock his block off, but Josh continues to insist that he didn't do it.
Helen comes out when Phoebe and Todd have gone and Josh bemoans being blamed for something he didn't do.
The fax machine is broken and Paul shouts at Amy about it. She says she didn't do it and runs off to her room. Just then, Guy comes round to pick up some tapes that he lent Caroline. Paul advises him to take the job - otherwise he's cutting off his nose to spite his face. After all, there's nothing keeping Guy in Erinsborough now.
Dorothy has popped round to see Helen for a cup of tea. She asks Kim to make a cup of tea.
Helen moans to Dorothy about Kim but admits she's been very grumpy lately. Dorothy advises her to give herself time to get herself back to normal.
They chat about Phoebe and Helen can't believe that Phoebe stole the papers. The phone rings and Dorothy answers it - it's a lady called Lois that Helen met while she was in hospital.
In the kitchen, Kim tells Dorothy that he's going to clean the whole house to impress Helen.
A road
Trish tells Josh that she's done something to get back at Phoebe and admits that she was the one who wrote the letter on the computer. Also that she planted the papers in Phoebe's locker and her bag.
TRISH: I got her back for the both of us, Josh!
Coffee Shop
Caroline creeps in rather sheepishly to see Guy. She apologises to him, but he's still quite upset. She handled it badly, but Guy is right for the job. Guy tells her that he called the manager in Broome back and took the job after all - he's leaving this afternoon.
GUY: So do you reckon I rate a goodbye kiss?
CAROLINE: Of course you do!
They kiss and have a hug.
GUY: There's a lot of things I'm going to miss about Erinsborough.
Helen is dozing on the sofa when Dorothy comes in. She's got some shopping for Helen that she wanted. Helen says she's feeling a bit better this afternoon. They go into the kitchen and Kim shows them how he has rearranged the cupboards to make it easier for Helen to reach stuff.
HELEN: Yes, if I'm ever allowed to do any cooking again!
However, she's pleased. But then she sees an old rag - it's from a shirt that was in the laundry that was covered in paint. Helen is not pleased that Kim has torn up her favourite painting shirt for rags. She storms off (well, as much as you can when on crutches)
Caroline asks Paul how he's getting on with Amy. He tells her about the fax machine and says he's decided to enroll Amy in Erinsborough primary school. Christina isn't getting on with her very well either. Amy overhears this and is upset.
Caroline tells Paul off - it must be very frightening for Amy to be in a strange place. Paul says he can't cope with her at the moment.
Kim tells Todd that he refuses to admit defeat with Helen!
Josh comes in.
JOSH: Phoebe...do you really think you'll be expelled?
PHOEBE: Probably...thanks to you.
They go off to Todd's room
In the kitchen, Josh tells Kim that he's in a rotten situation - he either has to dob in his girlfriend, or Phoebe will get expelled. He doesn't know what to do.
Caroline is just leaving for work. Amy is moaning to Paul that she doesn't want to go to school in Erinsborough - she's meant to be on holiday.
PAUL:(half-shouting) You are going to that school with me, whether you like it or not!
As Paul gets the car out, Amy tells Caroline that no-one here likes her. Caroline explains that things are just new at the moment, but once she starts school, she'll love it.
AMY: No, I won't! I won't!
She starts to run out, just as Paul is backing the car out of the garage.
CAROLINE:(screaming) AMY!!!
But Paul has hit her with the car.
<<1644 - 1646>>
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