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Neighbours Episode 1644 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1644 (Paul Robinson's daughter, Amy, comes to visit)
Australian airdate: 26/03/92
UK airdate: 03/03/93
UK Gold: 18/02/99
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Amy Robinson: Sheridan Compagnino
Trish Longley: Susan Ellis
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul returns to Ramsay Street. He tells a startled Christina that his daughter Amy is coming to live with them.
Christina is shocked to hear that Paul has arranged all this without telling her. Paul says he went to see Nina in New Zealand(!). He decided that he wanted to get to know his daughter.
CHRISTINA: I can't believe that you couldn't find the time to come and tell me you're OK but you found the time to go and look up some old flame!
Paul said he went to New Zealand to see his daughter, but Christina doesn't want to listen - she's too upset. Paul says that he regrets a lot about his past, and having no contact with Amy was one thing he could do something about. Christina comes round a bit and says she can see why Paul wants to see her. Apparently Amy's mum and stepfather are going for a bad patch and want some time on their own to patch up their marriage.
CHRISTINA: Well, there's a lot to do to make room for her, when is she arriving?
PAUL: Tomorrow.
Christina rolls her eyes.
Robinsons, the following morning
The atmosphere is still icy between Josh and Todd. Jim tries to get them to settle their differences, saying they've been mates for such a long time and they shouldn't throw that away. Todd apologises to Josh for moving in on Phoebe, but he couldn't help himself when he knew that Phoebe felt the same way about him.
Phoebe arrives and asks Josh and Todd to walk to school with her, but Josh doesn't want to.
When Phoebe and Todd have gone, Josh tells Jim that Todd was supposed to be his best friend - why should he ever forgive either of them?
Christina is trying her best to be excited about the arrival of Amy, but she's clearly still upset. She tells Caroline that she's not sure if she likes the new Paul - she would have thought that Paul would want them to have some time together first. Caroline says that at least Paul's showing concern for his kids and also that he hasn't mentioned work once - which has to be a good sign.
CAROLINE: Give him time, Chris. The new Paul is a much nicer person.
Outside School
Todd and Pheobe are sitting on the steps reading through some class notes. Todd keeps trying to kiss her, but Phoebe pushes him off, saying they need to study! They chat about the history exam - apparently someone has stolen the paper!
Dorothy walks by.
DOROTHY:(suspiciously) What are you two talking about?
TODD: Nothing. It wasn't about you.
DOROTHY: I'm bitterly disappointed!
Josh sees Todd and Phoebe from a distance and grimaces. Trish comes up and tells Josh that she feels his pain. Josh tells her that he dropped Phoebe, not the other way around. Josh says that he made a big mistake dumping Trish and asks her for a second chance. She agrees, as long as there's no double-dating with Todd and Phoebe!
Coffee Shop
Jim is having a coffee and chatting to Guy. He tells Jim about his job offer in Broome, but he hasn't decided what to do yet. He's not sure what to do about Caroline - he doesn't want to end their relationship before it's had a chance to get going.
JIM: I thought Caroline went for the more mature man...no offence!
He advises Guy to take his time and think it over - but that's the problem: Guy has to decide today.
Paul has arrived back from picking Amy up from the airport. He introduces her to Christina. They get off to a bit of a rocky start when it turns out that Amy is allergic to cream so can't eat the cakes Christina has made. Also, Christina is nervous about her holding Andrew.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy meets Jim and sits down at a table with him. Jim tells Dorothy that he's sorry for avoiding her - Faye has made a bit of a fool of him. Phoebe comes up and asks Dorothy if she can go out with Todd tonight, and Dorothy agrees, providing she's finished studying for the History exam.
Jim has come round to see Paul - he's chuffed to see him back. He's surprised to see Amy there.
PAUL: Amy...this is your grandfather.
JIM:(pleased) Amy? From New Zealand?
They shake hands.
AMY: Nice to meet you.
JIM: And you, Amy. And you.
Paul assures Jim that he's back to stay and they go off to the Robinson place for a beer.
When they've gone, Christina and Amy are a bit awkward around each other. Christina suggests that she keeps an eye on Andrew while she hangs out the washing.
outside the Coffee Shop
Guy tells Caroline that he's been offered a great job as Activities Officer in a large resort in Broome. Caroline is delighted for him. She says she'll miss him, but she doesn't seem that sincere. Guy tells her that he's decided not to take the job so he can stay in Erinsborough with her!
Andrew is crying and Amy tries to give him a chip in case he's hungry. Christina rushes in and grabs the chips, telling Amy that she's been silly.
AMY: I didn't want to come here anyway. I hate it here!
Paul is telling Jim that he played golf when he was away, which is another personality change for Jim to get used to! Todd and Phoebe come in and are chuffed to see that Paul has returned. Josh and Trish are in the living room.
TRISH: Oh look, Todd's got a new pet...what is it?
TODD: Shut up, Trish. Noone speaks to my friends in my own home like that. Especially not a bimbo like you.
JOSH: Excuse me, don't you talk to my girlfriend like that!
PHOEBE: Girlfriend? What, she's the best you could do?
JOSH: Shut your mouth, Phoebe!
Jim calls to them to stop arguing. Phoebe and Todd head back to the school to get Todd's forgotten history notes.
JIM: Don't slam that door, they don't grow on trees!
PAUL: Actually they do, Dad!
Paul returns home and Christina tells him what's happened - first she tried to feed Andrew potato chips, then she mixed up the washing so now the colours have all run together. Caroline comes in and introduces herself to Amy, who is kind of surprised to see she is a double of Christina(!)
Amy tells Caroline that Christina doesn't like her. Caroline suggests a trip to the shop, so Paul and Amy head off.
When they've gone, Caroline tells Christina that the situation with Guy has backfired - Guy's decided to turn down the job. Christina tells her that she must tell Guy how she really feels.
Dorothy is searching lockers when Todd and Phoebe come along. She looks inside Todd's locker but it's clear. But when she looks in Phoebe's locker, she finds the test. Phoebe can't believe it.
Paul and Amy have brought Christina a lolly back from the shop. They go out into the garden to eat them.
Meanwhile, Guy has come round to see Caroline to tell her that he turned down the job. Apparently though, the manager said that he gave Guy the job on Caroline's personal recommendation. He wants to know what's going on.
GUY: You deliberately set this up to get rid of me, didn't you?!
<<1643 - 1645>>
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