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Neighbours Episode 1643 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1643
Australian airdate: 25/03/92
UK airdate: 02/03/93
UK Gold: 17/02/99
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Ian Watson
- "Suddenly" by Angry Anderson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad warns Lucy that the CD players she's selling might be "hot".
Lucy says they can't be stolen - not everything that goes through pubs is dodgy. Brad advises her to dob Pete Jones in.
Pam has taken refuge at Dorothy's. She tells Pam not to be too hard on Doug - it's probably a misunderstanding.
Doug arrives and Dorothy opens the door to him. Pam is very angry and tells him to go away, saying she needs to be with people who trust and support her. He slinks off.
When he's gone, Dorothy says she can understand Doug's confusion - anyone could see how Pam might be tempted, but that doesn't mean she did it. Dorothy believes Pam's word that she didn't do it.
Willises, the following morning
Gaby is mad with Doug for not beliving Pam.
Cameron comes round and walks straight into the middle of a row. He's come to talk about the case, but Doug has to explain that Pam spent the night at No.30. Cameron tells Doug that Pam needs his support, but Doug says that Pam didn't want to talk to him when he tried to make amends.
Lucy tells Christina that she's on her way to the police station - she's gone round everyone she sold them to giving them refunds.
Just then, Faye comes past, jogging. She gives Christina a message from Caroline that she's got a surprise waiting for her at home.
Pam has made breakfast for Dorothy while she does some lesson preparation. The phone rings and Dorothy answers it to a Diane Hinkley calling for Pam. She tells Pam that she's being suspended from her job until after the hearing.
PAM: Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?!
Pam says that reputation is everything in nursing, this could ruin her career.
Gaby and Cameron have come to take Pam home, but she doesn't want to go. Cameron says she has to - the conditions of her bail is that she lives at No.28 Ramsay Street.
GABY: Come on, Mum, what's it going to be? Home to Dad, or off to the slammer?!
Christina and Andrew have arrived home. Christina calls out to Caroline, but the house is quiet. But then a voice comes from the kitchen.
PAUL: She's gone out for a while. But I'm home.
CHRISTINA:(rushing to him and hugging him) Paul! Oh Paul!
Lucy is back from the police station but is worried she might get into trouble. There's a knock at the door and it's Faye, looking for Helen. Brad tells Faye to make up with Cameron for kicking him out. Faye is incensed and tells Brad to mind his own business.
The phone rings and Lucy answers it.
Pam has come home but tells Doug she's only there because it's a better option than jail. Pam says she's going to Garth's funeral this afternoon, but Cameron and Doug don't think that's a very good idea.
DOUG: I don't think it would look good, hun.
PAM: What wouldn't Doug? The murderer turning up at the funeral?!
Doug tries to apologise to Pam and says he doesn't for one moment think that she killed Garth, but she tells him that words are cheap!
Christina is bringing Paul up to date with the latest action at the hotel and the home. Paul doesn't sound too interested, saying that wheeling and dealing don't interest him anymore - his priorities have changed. He's vague on where he's been and what he's been doing. But he says he's figured things out now and feels a lot better.
CHRISTINA: Please, darling, don't shut me out.
PAUL: Oh Chrissie, I wouldn't do that.
CHRISTINA: You are. You're acting a bit strange. I want the old Paul back.
PAUL: Well, you can't have him. Chrissie, I've changed. And I like myself a hell of a lot better for it. And I think you will too.
Outside the Willises
Pam is off to the funeral with Doug and Gaby. Cameron still doesn't think it's a good idea, Garth's family could get difficult. But Pam says that Garth didn't have any family.
When they've gone, Brad and Cameron talk about Cameron's grudge against Faye and Brad encourages him to talk to her. He wanders off to see her. As he's about to leave, Lucy comes up and Brad introduces them.
LUCY:(surprised) You're related to Faye?!
When Cameron has gone, Lucy shouts at Brad that he made her blow the best job she's had so far - the CD players weren't stolen after all!
Cameron has come to see Faye. They each wait for the other to apologise, but it seems that Brad has set them up. They decide to have a chat anyway. Faye asks Cameron when he can move in, but he says he doesn't want to. Faye flies off the handle and says that his father worked himself into the ground for him. Faye rants on and shouts at Cameron to leave.
CAMERON: I'm going. And I won't be back.
Christina is upset and says maybe she's changed too. She still loves Paul, but it's been very hard for her since Paul shot through. She even had to identify a body. She doesn't think she could go through that again - she wants Andrew to have a real father, and she wants a real marriage too - one where they support each other, not run away when things get bad. Paul says that he didn't want to drag her and Andrew down with him - he left because he loved them both. They were his only lifeline to hang on to and it's family that brought him back to Ramsay Street.
PAUL: Chrissie, family's all-important to me now. I just want to do the right thing.
They hug.
Garth's funeral
Gaby, Pam and Doug have just come out of the funeral. There weren't many people there. There is an old workmate of Doug's, but he's loathed to talk to Doug. He's obviously heard the news about Pam.
FRED: You've got a hell of a nerve showing up here.
PAM: I tried to help Garth.
FRED: You help him, alright, straight into his grave!
DOUG: Pam didn't kill Garth. She just tried to make his last days a little easier.
Fred walks off.
When he's gone, Pam cries and says that she shouldn't have come.
PAM: Cameron was right, I shouldn't have come. Everyone thinks I'm guilty.
DOUG:(firmly) What everyone thinks doesn't count. We know different.
PAM: Oh, Doug.
She hugs him.
Willises (later that evening)
Lucy and Brad have recovered from their altercation about the CD players and are hanging out. Lucy gives him a present - it's a surfing T-shirt. Brad's got Lucy a present too - shell earrings. She is chuffed and starts to put them on.
LUCY: Where did you get them from?
BRAD: I bought them for this chick in the states. She gave them back when we split up.
LUCY: Oh great(!) Second-hand earrings!
She puts them down on the table. Then they start to laugh!
There's an overseas call to Paul. ("Suddenly" by Angry Anderson playing in the background!) He writes a few things down and then hangs up.
PAUL: I've got some good news, darling. Andrew is going to have a big sister!
PAUL: I didn't want to say anything until it was all arranged...but my daughter is coming to live with us!
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